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Accord PC

Player: Emily Bond
Creature Type: Werewolf - Cahalith, Iron Masters
Division: The Samaritan Group
City: New York, NY
VST: VST Matt Blank

Character Information


Name: Dylis Morgan, AKA Song-of-Luna

Creature Type: Werewolf - Cahalith, Iron Master

Notable Traits/Known Information: Dylis is in her late 20s, with short black hair, pale skin, and dark eyes usually highlighted with intensely smoky eye makeup and dramatic lipstick - Presence 5, Striking Looks 4; photographs of her are readily available on the internet. She dresses like a rockstar, usually in black and grey with lots of mixed-metal jewelry and killer heels or knee-high boots. Always wears a pendant containing a white flower pressed between small panels of glass. Primal Urge 5 - the word "fierce" shows up remarkably often in articles about her.

Fame 3 as the lead singer/songwriter of the band Wolf Fifth. She has a powerfully emotive (Inspiring merit) mezzo-soprano voice and plays a Black Metal-inlaid and heavily customized Stratocaster, though she plays piano/keyboard on a few tracks as well. Their website is www.wolf-fifth.com; they are also on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. See the press release below.

Her wolf forms have fur in various shades of grey, but her paws, her nose and ears, and the tip of her tail look as if they have been singed black. Her eyes are the color of old brass. She frequently uses Gifts to disguise her wolf form as a husky and her dire wolf form as an Irish Wolfhound, typically drawing comments of "what a gorgeous dog!", and generally retains whatever scarf and/or necklaces she happens to be wearing across all her forms.

Those who can see spirits in Twilight will find she is accompanied by an unusually human-looking one as a Familiar: Aulos appears to be a beautiful young woman in a light blue chiton and a silver laurel-crown, carrying a lyre. Yes, Dylis literally has a muse.

Accord Information: Status 3, Rattle Watch (NYC) cell. Member of the Samaritan Group. Working on forming a pack with Ingrid Madrazo and Bianca 'Blue' Mudra. The other two members of her band are Wolfblooded, and not Believers; she's made this public to the Accord in hopes of keeping them that way. She may be the single most publicly recognizable member of the Accord, and primarily serves the organization as a distraction and a headliner for bread-and-circus-style hearts-and-minds efforts, when she isn't mitigating damage and restoring morale in critical battles. She's also known to receive visions.

Dylis wolf form.jpg

Werewolf Information: Performer (Halamaaz) Aspect. Renown: Glory 5, Honor 2 (though entitled to 3 for the Conclave), Cunning 2, Purity 1, Wisdom 1; her final Glory brand and deed name derive from her lifesaving use of her powers against the Idigam Zuul Sanak and then composing and performing the Howl of the Great Cold for the Conclave. Formerly a member of the Hunters in Darkness and the Lodge of Wrath, she has stepped up to lead the quest for the new Meninna Totem, as well as helping her own Tribe's quest enormously.

Changeling Information: Ensorcelled. Dylis' reputation is beginning to spread in fae circles even beyond Accord Changelings - unbelievably, she's encountered True Fae on several occasions, and not only lived to tell the tale, but gained fame in Arcadia itself; word is, recent escapees have actually heard Them discussing her amongst themselves. Even more astonishing, she made it out of the last encounter by winning the Game of Immortals with her storytelling talent - stripping the owner of an Arabian Nights-like Realm of the Title that empowered it, and freeing herself and her companions through some pre-existing binding on the Keeper it passed to.

Wolf Fifth Press Release - June 2015

"Wolf Fifth Performs for Charity, Takes Late Show By Storm"

"Gothic rock band Wolf Fifth performed last Saturday to raise money for relief efforts related to the recent skyscraper collapse in New York City. Following local coverage of the event, Wolf Fifth was invited to perform on the Tonight Show Tuesday night and talk briefly about their charity efforts. In addition to dazzling the crowd with performances of their new singles, the band announced that anyone who donates $10 by texting "donate" to [#####] will receive exclusive footage from the charity concert. Lead singer, Dylis Morgan, also appeared in TV spots sponsored by the Samaritan Group, and was thanked publicly for her efforts by Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Wolf Fifth consists of lead singer and guitarist Dylis Morgan, drummer Mikhail Ivanovitch, and keyboardist/programmer Tom Scott. Ms. Morgan and Mr. Scott both hail from Massachusetts and attended UMass Amherst, and the two met Mr. Ivanovitch, originally of Connecticut, while he was studying at Hampshire College. Wolf Fifth has recently been signed to Cleopatra Records, and their new album "Quarantine" drops July 3. The first two singles from the album, "Never Was" and "Won't Stay Silent" have already hit numbers 15 and 12, respectively, on the Billboard Top 100. The band has released three previous albums independently, all of which are available though their website, www.wolf-fifth.com.

The band describes their musical style as "gothic rock", though critics have also classed it as alt metal or nu metal, and cite grunge, darkwave, and trip hop influences. Their sound is often described as being similar to Evanescence, though comparisons have also been made to The Crüxshadows and Garbage. Ms. Morgan's look, with her fierce, classic rock style and short hair, has also drawn comparisons to P!nk and Joan Jett."

Auspice-cahalith.png Tribe iron masters.png Accord250px.png RattleWatchSmall.png The Samaritan Group Operation: Radar Operation: Old Peculiar Operation: Lightbulb Operation:Suicide King

Dylis's familiar, Aulos

Known Associates

  • Black - Dylis lives in the Union Square hotel. Considering Dylis is an Iron Master who used to belong to the Lodge of Wrath, messing with the Union Square hotel is probably not a wise life choice.
  • Naveed Weiss - if Naveed hadn't moved to Boston, there's a good chance they'd be packmates.
  • Dani - they've been friends over their common interest in music for a while, but after her first trip to the Hedge, Dylis named her eren dur (non-Wolfblood kin).
  • Shkira Kushnir - another Changeling who's gotten himself named eren dur, an ally to the Iron Masters generally.
  • Eric Barrett - Wolf Fifth's lawyer and president of their fan club.
  • Rhys - these two have weirdly similar outlooks sometimes.
  • David Shattuck - Turns out her bandmate Tom is a cousin of his.
  • Badger - this is the man responsible for modifying and enchanting her guitar.


  • "No, she's a werewolf, she has to be in a band." - F1R3W@LL, "explaining" to Axel "AC" Holmes why Dylis staying famous is important
  • "Dylis, you just missed the BEST story." - a text from Rhys
  • "It's not like there's any way to get on ClearChannel networks that doesn't involve a pact with a demon." - to Feris_Septimi, discussing possibly making a deal
  • "When she was pissed I mostly got it. I mean, I'm pissed most of the time." - Marilyn St. Paul
  • "I was a fan of her's back in my mundane days. Now that I've had the pleasure of hearing some of her best "unpublished" material I like her even more. I hope we get the chance to speak again. I am sooo gonna get her autograph!" - Ellis Kingsly
  • "She's grown from someone I thought would get herself killed to someone who adeptly handles her skillset. I'm more than relieved - I'm impressed." - Ingrid
  • "Dylis has gone through a crucible and come out of it stronger and better than she was before. I deeply respect her for coming into her own just as her people needed her most." - Simon
  • "Her guitar's unreal. I can't handle how hard it makes me." - Shkira Kushnir
    • "I am a courtier of Autumn, a Magus, and a musician. I sing the stories told too deep in the land of faerie for most of my kind to reach. I'll write the story of your cell's deeds and perform it in the two great cities I've bound myself to."
  • "Don't be a bard, they said. Bards are lame, they said." - A Certain Internet Meme That Says Otherwise
  • feel free to add!


  • Shit, dude, have you seen that huge-ass dog they keep in the van?!
  • Dylis sometimes gets visions, and when she does the gibbous moon reflects in her eyes - even if it's not there to reflect or in another phase.
  • Dylis and Dani sometimes play together. No one knows why this doesn't happen more often.
  • Left her former Tribe and Lodge shortly after her first encounter with a True Fae.
  • Has a Changeling brother, who she suspects is Dylan Nix. killed his Fetch during her First Change.
  • She's actually pleased that she has a reputation among the True Fae.
  • Scheherazade. Just... Scheherazade.
  • feel free to add!

Werewolf Only Rumors

  • Earned her Glory 4 brand by running with an unheard of number of City-hunter spirits (coy-wolf/wolf-dog/wolf-Lune children of Red Wolf) during her Initiation Rite to the Iron Masters. The singe-marks on her wolf form appeared as a result.
  • Her Primal Urge jumped an equally unheard of amount at once, probably thanks to whatever the hell it is she and the City-hunters ate.

OOC Information

Player: Emily Bond

MES Number: US2009054113

Location: Domain/PC location: NYC; player lives in no-domain CT

Other Info: Ties wanted - Are you involved in the music scene/a fan of the band? A distant relative or former lover of her or her bandmates? Are you something focused on cities (Lodge of Ilia, Lodge of Stones, House of Ariadne)? Are you a Changeling who might take interest in those highly implausible stories?

Image is actually Kristen Stewart as Joan Jett.

Character Soundtrack:

  • Beware of Darkness, "Howl" (Wolf Fifth plays a cover of this song).
  • Pink, "So What"
  • Evanescence - for Wolf Fifth's musical style
  • The Crüxshadows - for Wolf Fifth's musical style
  • Garbage - for Wolf Fifth's musical style
  • suggestions welcome!