Dyson the Butcher

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Name:Dyson the Butcher
Faction:Panders (Formerly Loyalist)

Initiated as True Sabbat
Enforcer as Templar to Bishop of War Kita Akane
Battle Scarred by word of Ductus Sapphira Angelika
Loyal by word of Archbishop Tommy Swift of San Juan, PR

Notable traits

5'10" with brown hair and a slight build. Though not physically imposing, there is something behind his eyes that makes him truly unsettling.

Publicly Known Information

  • Dyson is criminally insane.
  • Dyson has spent years with nomadic packs, stirring up chaos and unrest in Camarilla cities.
  • Dyson is a highly skilled chemist and is believed to be responsible for multiple bomb and ricin poisoning attacks on Camarilla targets.
  • Dyson is a former member of the loyalist faction. He left the faction after accepting a post as a templar.
  • Dyson is the Priest of "The Pack with no name" a founded pack in St. Louis, MO.
  • Dyson follows the Path of Honorable Accord.


  • Dyson has an unnatural obsession with feeding upon children.
  • Dyson is infernal.
  • Dyson is really a Lasombra, but they cast him out for some reason.
  • Dyson is really a Malkavian, but left the clan because "They're all fucking crazy". ]
  • Dyson is a necrophiliac.


Ramone Hernandez
Bishop of War Kita Akane of St. Louis Diocese
Archbishop Goliath of St. Louis Diocese

Theme Music

"Trapped in a Psycho's Body" - by Tech N9ne

"Am I a psycho?" by Tech N9ne ft. Hopsin and B.O.B.

"American Psycho" by D12

"Bowling Balls" by The Insane Clown Posse

"Consume Your Soul" by Dark Lotus

"Natural Born Killer" by Dr. Dre and Ice Cube


  • This information is for the purpose of establishing character ties. For all other intents and purposes it is considered OOC info.

1973 CE - Born in St. Louis, Missouri. Dyson\'s parents are both jet-setting hedonists who leave Dyson to be raised by a hired nanny. Without true parental guidance, and hamstringed by untreated mental illness, Dyson never truly has a chance to live a normal life.

1981 CE - Dyson's mental illness begins to manifest. Playing alone in the woods behind his home, he begins trapping stray pets and killing them. He keeps the carcasses hidden in a long-unused shed on the land.

1985 CE - Dyson excels at school, testing high enough to gain admission into gifted classes. Socially, however he struggles. While other boys his age are playing sports and discovering girls, Dyson has developed other sensibilities. He begins studying such hobbies as taxidermy. More and more stray animals begin to disappear from his neighborhood.

As he works his way through high school, he finds both his taxidermy skills and his social skills improving. He soon discovers that he's considerably more intelligent than his peers. He is able to make friends easily from here on. People, it seems are easy for him to manipulate.

1990 CE - Graduates high school, his long-distant and neglectful parents are too busy partying in a drug-fueled haze in Brazil to even show up. He enrolls the following fall at St. Louis University, where he majors in Chemistry.

1991 CE - Dyson commits the first of many murders. While visiting a friend over the holidays, he meets his friends parents. For the first time, he sees what loving parents are like. It drives him mad with rage. Several nights later, he returns and murders the whole family as they sleep. He takes the body of his friend's father back to the taxidermy workshop where he skins it and sews it on to a mannequin. A macabre obsession begins that night and continues to this night.

1992 CE - Dyson kills again, murdering a couple and their newborn child. They soon join his grim gallery of art.

1994 CE - Dyson waits nearly two years before striking again. A middle aged waitress, working double shifts to support her teenage son becomes his next addition. That spring, as he prepares for graduation, Dyson is kidnapped off the street. He's shoved into a box truck with several other people. They are taken to a graveyard. He's shovel-headed that night. Upon clawing his way back up from the dirt, Dyson is told of his new fate. He was a vampire, part of an army fighting a holy war against ancient, cannibalistic monsters. He's placed in a pack with the one who turned him, a Pander named Olsen. Several nights later, he's thrown at a pack of lupines. Most of the other recruits perish. Somehow, some way, Dyson survives the battle and is accepted as true Sabbat.

1996 - Dyson travels with his sire's pack. The nomadic pack travels from city to city, creating chaos and softening the local Camarilla resistance in preparation for the attack.

2000 - Leaves the pack to join another pack dedicated to the same goals of destabilizing Camarilla domains. He uses the chaos he creates to hunt the doting mothers and fathers of these cities and create more of his macabre corpse art.

2011 - As the Camarilla offensive reaches a fevered pitch, Dyson and his pack are ambushed while working to destabilize the domain of Milwaukee. The fight is short and bloody. At the end, Dyson is the only Sabbat left standing. He flees for his unlife, heading north into Canada. He finally settles in Montreal.

2014 - After three years of solitude, avoiding cainite politics and focusing on his art, Dyson heads home to St. Louis to support the Sabbat at home.

OOC Info

  • Player: Rich Smith
  • MES #: US2007121506
  • Game: St. Louis by Night: Railroad of Blood