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World of Darkness the Accord Venue Style Sheet (EC Region)

Assistant Regional Storyteller, Accord: Brian Ward
Contact Information:

VSS Physical Boundaries: Encompassing the states of Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, and Washington, DC.

This VSS supersedes and adds to all VSS's under it in the EC region; if a local VSS and the Regional VSS differ the Regional VSS takes precedence.


Being the region that contains such powerful cities does have its perks. The regional council was one of the first to organize itself when John Smith and Red Tape revitalized the national council. However, as well, the Church of Ultimate Truth is also very powerful in the region, reaching out to places that the Accords cells just do not have the manpower to effectively reach all the time.

The high point of the Regional Council is its organization of the simultaneous destruction of major incursions in 3 locations in early November 2004. From 2004 - 2008, Incursion activity almost ceases within the region, which is why a not-insignificant number of Agents from around the region, including 1 representative to the regional council, joined Agent Frank Langley in jumping into a Tear to try to fight the Truth at the source. A number of other events happen between 2008 and 2013 to include the destruction of the regional council headquarters via a betrayal within the Cells and the growing strength of the Church of Ultimate Truth. Finally, in January 2013, members of the Church of Ultimate Truth manage to acquire the former regional council headquarters despite concerted legal efforts to stop them. In February 25, 2013, the site of the former regional council headquarters and the site of the largest regional fuel storage facility vanish without a trace.


Intrigue: 2 Domestic Focus: 2 Interspecies Cooperation: 3 Graphicness: 3 Scale of Stories: 4 Action Level: 3 Enigmas: 4 Corruption: 4 PvE: 4 PvP: 2

  • General Focus of most plots: Most of the regional plots will involve a combination of investigation action along with a high chance of corruption. Regional stories will almost always be epic in scope, and will be resolved over the course of months.
  • Focused Realm: Regional plot will target each realm and will generally require characters to work together to resolve the plot.

Venue rules

Character Restrictions

  • Target RQ: PC 50, VSS 500/1000
  • Template Restrictions: Templates allowed per the Accord Combined Addendum

Venue Specific Notes

  • The Player should provide the ST access to the materials related to their character sheet - books, rules, etc. if the ST does not have access to them on their own.
  • Powers do not always quite work as they should - the ST has ultimate authority in the case of rules calls. Remember that the ST may not have every access to every book to help in cross-venue madness. They are given the benefit of the doubt by the ST chain in most cases.

Storyteller Jurisdiction

An ST with jurisdiction must be present for death scenes. (The ST cannot have a Conflict of Interest if presiding; e.g. one cannot oversee one's own character's death.) In the EC region, for these purposes, jurisdiction is defined as an ST who is either in the venue's approvals chain or is an appointed assistant of an ST in said chain. At no time are Officers from other regions permitted to run scenes in the EC without the VST's approval. The only exceptions to this rule are the EC RST, the US NST, and the MST -- and even those officers are expected to report the incident to the VST in a timely manner.

Kill Boxes

Any time you enter a kill box you accept the possibility of a time freeze. This is especially true in regards to the weekends preceding conventions when time is most crucial. Death scenes are often contentious issues, and players should be aware that choosing to get involved constitutes agreement to accept all consequences of that choice.


  • Per the Accord proxy guidelines, players are required to give the ST at least 48 hours’ notice before a proxy will be accepted. Proxy to any dark place within the region will need to be run through the office of the ARST Accord.
  • Any proxy may be denied entry to a scene at ST discretion.

Regionally Affecting Events

World altering events -- comets, large bombs or fires, earthquakes, any natural or unnatural disaster on a scale that would be reported on a regional or larger scale -- must be approved by the EC RST Prior to the plotline being run. Player-driven action that would make regional, national, or international news requires RST notification within 48 hours so that the regional office can apply appropriate consequences and/or spread the information in a timely manner.

Check In Rules

  1. All players will need to provide proof of membership and proof of MC class. Character Sheets must have signature of the player's Direct ST, as must the XP log. If distance makes a physical signature impossible, a digital signature or email stating that a character is approved may be substituted.
  2. Anything that is RST or higher approval must have the database approval code or the signature of the approving ST.
  3. Members of a venue must have Character Sheet on file with the VST.
  4. All item cards must be signed by the appropriate ST.

Visiting Characters

Aside from the restrictions already listed, players are asked to notify the local VST of their attendance at least 24 hours prior to the game when practical; 48 hours is preferred if the PC you wish to portray is of High or Top approval. (Please submit a copy of the character and its approval numbers and XP log with the notification.)

Gadgetry, Weird Fetishes, Etc.

Things that belong in a James Bond movie (e.g., spiritually-awakened Apache helicopters and the like) will generally not be allowed. The focus of the game should be on your character, not his or her stuff.

Player Advisory

The World of Darkness is not a happy place. From time to time, the Storytellers may use adult themes, vivid descriptions, and contentious social issues to bring the World of Darkness to life. For those familiar with the White Wolf tabletop material, some plot elements or themes could be considered "Black Dog" in flavor. Such themes and issues may include racism, sexism, bigotry, prejudice, sexual assault, and extreme violence. If at any time a player feels uncomfortable with a scene, the player should immediately inform the Storyteller running the scene. The Storyteller will either tone down scene so that the player is once again comfortable participating in it, or will excuse the player from the scene and hand the PC to a Narrator or other designated representative to finish out the scene without breaking continuity.

Please direct all questions about this Regional Venue Style Sheet to the office of the Regional Storyteller.

Reference Material

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