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EC May Game of the Month

May 2014 - GotM
Hosted by Eerie Shores Resurrected, Cleveland, OH.
Website: Eerie Shores Resurrected

When: Friday May 2, 2014- Saturday May 3, 2014
Where: AnCon--- Clarion Inn Hudson, OH
Address: 6625 Dean Memorial Parkway Hudson, OH 44236
Website: Clarion Inn Hudson- Call hotel directly and ask for AnCon special rate.
Phone: 330-653-9191

  • AnCon has a block of rooms
    • Preregister for AnCon here to get a discount off of event badges.
      • After completing registration, please send the ESR DC Jessica Stadul your name and MSTB ID# (include “MSTB ID AnCon 2014 in the subject line). If enough badges are purchased, and the information is given to the ESR DC by 12pm EST April 15, we may qualify for additional discounts.

Event Schedule

Friday Night (May 2nd):

  • 5pm - Sabbat Character Check-in
  • 5:30 - Soft RP
  • 6pm-10pm - Sabbat FGOTM
  • Event Cost: AnCon Badge + $3 game fee.
  • VST Contact Mark Stadul

A disgraced Bishop calls in what favors he can still garner to get himself out of a sticky situation in Hudson, Ohio. The Black Hand heeds his call; but when infernal powers manifest, so does the Inquisition.

During Walpurgisnacht on April 30th, Bishop Ebenezer Warchilde, former bishop of Information from Toledo, attended an ‘art exhibit’ held by the Tzimisce trained ‘Hoarfrost’. Hoarfrost and Warchilde have long been rivals in the sect, Warchilde being an ultra-conservative and Hoarfrost belonging to the Loyalist coterie. Their discussion over sect leadership became heated, and then violent. A monomacy challenge was issued by Hoarfrost. Their priests agreed to the time and place, The time would be midnight, Thursday May 14th, the place was the site of Hoarfrost’s destroyed exhibit, an abandoned factory in Hudson, OH.

Warchilde had confidence in his martial ability despite Hoarfrost’s Tzimisce trained talents, though he very much expected the ritual to be met with foul play. Warchilde has a Black Hand member as one of his packmates, and his compatriot called upon the hand to make a showing at the ritual to ensure the peace. A pair of sabers from the French Revolution as the weapons of choice, ones Warchilde had personally taken from revolutionaries he had slain.

The ritual began, and both sides demonstrated skill with steel. Hoarfrost transformed into a hulking beast, and Warchilde’s blade erupted in a gout of ichorous green flame, described as ‘demonic’ by several of the attendees of the ceremony. Despite taking several egregious wounds, Hoarfrost managed to push Warchilde outside of the sanctified circle, thus being declared the winner. Both sides shouted ‘foul play’ immediately, but the priest(s) in charge declared Hoarfrost the winner. Hoarfrost chose to strip title and status from Warchilde.

As if they had anticipated some event already, the Inquisition set upon Hudson in a matter of a few hours. Warchilde remained in the city overnight, determined to clear his name. He refused to flee despite the inquisition’s presence, claiming he would face the chopping block before running from ‘those buffoons.’ After those inflammatory remarks the Black Hand have been keeping Warchilde’s whereabouts concealed from the Inquisitors.

Saturday (May 3rd):

  • 3pm - Cam/Anarch character check in.
  • 4pm – 10pm Cam/Anarch
  • Event Cost: AnCon Badge + $6 event fee.

An Elder is awake after centuries of slumber. He has called many to discuss history – amongst so many, many things. Kindred young & old must answer his call and many will; the opportunity to learn (or steal) from one so ancient is hard to resist.

Contact Information

  • Domain Coordinator: Jessica Stadul- For logistic information.
  • Please send all character sheets no later than 48 hours prior to Saturday to the Domain Storyteller, Justin Shullick.