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The Accord

Divisions and Groups

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A Division is a widespread group of Accord agents that are bound together by a common element. This can be a specific focus, such as research or resource procurement. Alternatively, a Division may be made up primarily of one type of supernatural. Divisions don’t take the place of being in a local Cell, but may provide a support structure to those who are looking to associate with other like-minded agents. Below are some of the player-created divisions in the Accord Venue. Some other groups require Special tracking of their membership as well.

Accord Corps of Engineers [ACE]

Formed to help fulfill the logistics needs of the Accord, The Accord Corps of Engineers provides an extensive array of services to cities under the protection of the Accord including but not limited to:
  • Weapons, Armor, and Equipment Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Evacuation Services
  • Technology, counterintelligence, and Covert Ops Assistance
  • Resource and Influence Administration
  • Medical and Bio-Engineering Services
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Accord Investigative Services [AIS]

AIS provides investigation services for matters of Accord justice. As an independent and unbiased organization, we do not cast judgements or pronounce sentences. We evaluate a situation, acquire the truth, and present our findings to any and all relevant parties. We don’t beat the bushes for cases, and we aren’t ambulance chasers. We only go where we’re wanted. Our work is not to condemn or exonerate anyone, but to provide information for others to determine Justice. One of the reasons for forming this service is for the betterment of the Accord. We solve problems and disputes, in the open and for all to see.
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Bureau of Other Realm Affairs (The Gatekeepers)

The Gatekeepers
The Gatekeepers were the first division, recruited by John Smith just days into the Accord.
The membership of the Gatekeepers form an Accord Division that specializes in realms beyond the material plane. Investigating breaches of the barriers between worlds and states of being, engaging powerful entities in diplomacy or in combat, researching forgotten lore in the universe's hidden corners the Gatekeepers bring to bear all of their formidable assets against the largest threat to reality, the Truth.
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Chobu Mutual Aid Task Force

The Chōtokubetsu Sōmubu is a secret police organization with a history that extends further back than its association with the Accord. It was founded in 1911 alongside the Tokubetsu Kōtō Keisatsu and the group was invested with a similar purpose. While the Tokkō investigated all matters related to subversive ideologies in human society, the Chōbu was tasked with rooting out similar ideologies in supernatural communities.
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Lex Talionis

Lex Talionis
Founded by a group of vampires who escaped into this dimension from another, Lex Talionis is their response to gaining a new homeland only to face its imminent destruction as well. Not all members are from this group - they welcome native supernaturals who are willing and capable of taking on the Division's Mission - but all display a greater sensitivity to the desperate consequences of defeat. All are willing to do whatever it takes to prevent that defeat. They have looked into the void and refuse to look away. Their hands are bloody, and do not shy from the foulest task. They are not trusted, and speak uncomfortable truths.
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Quicksilver Knights

Quicksilver Knights
A motorcycle club at its heart, the Quicksilver Knights are transportation specialists. There are a lot of situations where Accord members need to move from here to there, or the Accord needs something moved from place-to-place. However it needs to get there (over-the-road, plane, train, otherworld transport), the Knights are there to make sure that everyone and everything gets where they're going safely without making a mess along the way (credit to F13 for parts of this write-up).
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The Cleaners

The Cleaners
The Cleaners, aka Cleaning crew serve a simple purpose. Prevent new believers by destroying/altering/removing evidence after operations or incursions. They work much like the mobsters of old, cleanup up any evidence that could hint at the truth.
The cleaning crew has one main goal, hide/remove/destroy/ alter evidence ... Just like the mob we exist to control and deny evidence of any kind that would lead to there being more believers.
Proof creates believers. Sometimes when shit hits the fan you end up creating evidence all over the place.
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The Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation

The Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation
If one loses oneself to The Truth by acknowledging that it is real, the best possible defense for the non-Believer is to never acknowledge that anything is real. That is the motto of the members of the Ministry who jokingly refer to themselves as Liars. While most agents of the Accord are content to fight Abominations and close Tears, the Liars believe that such actions are merely treating the symptoms rather than the root cause.
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The Samaritan Group

The Samaritan Group
While other Divisions focus on dealing with and destroying the consequences of Belief, members of the Ministry spend their time actively trying to prevent Belief in the first place. Essentially, members of the Ministry are an ounce of prevention to the rest of the Accord's pound of cure. Liars very seldom see the glory that members of other Divisions might see after a massive siege or research breakthrough, but they don't care. Members of the Ministry are among some of the most zealous agents of the Accord, willing to sacrifice far more than their own lives to win the Reality War. For the Liar, no price is too high to prevent the spread of Belief; after all, a Liar's soul is already forfeit -- they have nothing left to lose.
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The Vault

The Vault
We delve deeper into the secrets that the Truth would rather left buried. Every passing month, we advance the technology and understanding of the Accord to new heights. As diverse as the Accord itself, our operatives are showing that Knowledge is the Power required to beat the Truth. Contact us if you are ready to join the premier research and investigative division of the Accord.
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