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Venue Storyteller - Chris W.


Downtimes are due at 11:59 PM on the last day of each month unless otherwise indicated, and should be submitted to Please do not copy any VST or AVST addresses.


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New Players


We use By Night Studios' Mind's Eye Theatre: Vampire the Masquerade as our primary rulebook.

The rules are modified by the following sources:

Character Records

I recommend that you use Shimon Klein's Excel Sheet as your character sheet, but whatever character sheet you use must include a detailed XP log.

If your character has any items that require Mid-, High-, or Top-Approval per the Mind's Eye Society: Vampire the Masquerade Combined Addendum , your character must be entered into the Mind's Eye Society Approvals Database and those items approved by the appropriate level of Storyteller Staff before you can play it. Otherwise, your character can be provisionally approved by the Storyteller Staff at your first game, but must still be entered into the Database before you may play it at a second game.