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  • Bryan Perryman #US2002021676
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  • TX-065-D "No Witnesses"
  • Storyteller: Rich Czerwonky Email ST


Standing before you is a seven foot tall man with scaly like skin, and a monstrous maw of teeth that fill the entirely of his lower jaw. Earl hardly ever uses obfuscate unless its hunting for prey. In the confines of the esbet or his haven he always appears in his monstrous form.


  • Innate: "Initiated"
  • Battle-Scarred
  • Loyal
  • Loyal
  • Battle-Scarred
  • Courageous
  • Favored


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Earl is part of the Bonerot Saints Pack, based out of Austin, TX




  • "A great Cainite for sure. He just needs to stop and think about his actions before executing them sometimes." - Isterella Istya
  • "Why does he always end up answering the door? It just makes a mess. Maybe he needs a clean up crew." - Jude
  • "We are a perfect pair. If anyone fucks with our pack they soon find out what it's like to swim through Lake Placid in a zombie flick." - Sambie Zomedi
  • "He seems strong for the sword...Caine will know if he's not." - Storm
  • "I find his displays of territorial observation remarkably similar to the patterns of the Crocodylus acutus, as seen in the wild habitats in Mexico. And yet, his markings imply a different reptile altogether. Very interesting." - Corina Obertus
  • "If it is strength that your endeavor requires, Earl is a fine Cainite for the task. He is feral, like the relics of an older era that he keeps company with, Zippy and Dippy I believe he called them." - Lyaura
  • "I have shown twice that his reputation while rightfully earned will not give me a moments pause to stand up to him when he crosses the line. Thankfully each time a calmer head intervened and prevented two warriors of the Sabbat to fully come to blows. I will say this though, the Sword benefits from what Earl brings to the table." - Alexander Vitalus
  • "While entertaining by sharing a tale, Earl made the comment "White lives matter, black lives matter, doesn't matter! All lives are tasty to me." Inappropriate? Definitely! But humorous all the same." - Lyaura
  • "He is simplistic fury. A primal hunter." - Alexander Hawk
  • "He is exactly what he seems but do not let that lure you into thinking he will not end you. Earl is bestial." -Amitiel
  • "All was not lost when we stumbled upon each other on that night of the Rot Rally. We came, we saw, we kicked some major ass. We will forever be bonded." - Deuces Wilde
  • "Hey, we broke the door habit and he isn't bad in a fight. All in all, that is what I need out of him." - Jude
  • "He's a strong member of the sword and more useful than most Cainites know...don't mess with him unless you're willing to give up your life." - Storm|Storm
  • "This one..... Referred to one as "Bishop of Acquring Sammiches." Sammiches.... Diplomacy is not this one's skill." - Obsidian
  • "I..I do not know where to start with Earl, he is amusing to say the least." - Michiel Castello
  • "This mo'fucka right here is on the fucking level. I'd eat Sammiches with him any day! - His Favorite Sand Nigga
  • "Even defending oneself does not validate incapacitating another Cainite. What good is that for the Sword?" - Ekko
  • "My name is Earl..." Earl
  • "While he was not my introduction to the Sabbat, he is what brought me into the fold. I wanted to believe in what I knew, but this... Creature, opened my eyes to the crumbled ruin that was what I'd been clinging to." - Lorelei Coevera
  • "Patience is a virtue..." - Lorelei Coevera
  • "There is something comforting in a monster that does not surprise you." - Ambriel
  • "The monster of the Dark Father rose up and struck down the monsters which caused his brothers and sister harm...death to the Antediluvians, strength to the Sword of Caine. Earl became much more of a driving force for the strength and safety of this diocese than I think he knows. He will always carry my respect, my admiration, my pride...you have a brother forever Earl. Never forget that." - Storm


  • "If it has something to do with a telephone pole it was prolly Earl!"
  • "He inspired the Lake Placid films"
  • "He single-handedly took down a demon, and subsequently ate it..."
  • "It is rumored that he was held captive underneath a Mexican Prison , only released when needed to cause acts of absolute destruction and questionable morals until one day.....the cage was left open."
  • "Is the Regents Hand of destruction....or just a toy left unchecked.


Not much is known to be official information about this haunt. Some say he is a fledgling neonate just set out by his sire to see what comes of him others say they remember him at the split of the sects and at the signing of the Code of Milan. What is clarified and actual proven fact is the past hundred or so years of his activity.

He was known in the past century to have been a part of a circus freak show taking on all challengers in wrestling fighting matches for money in different fairs and circuses across the world. He has also been known to may have been on the for front of many decisive early battles and sackings of cities in the New World in the name of the sword of Caine. Ruthless and animistic , most rarely even get one chance with Earl , and those are his pack the Bonerat Saints , and those chances are few and far between when it comes to catching him on a day where he did eat. His pack know him to be feverishly loyal to them and their need for leadership, current members of the sect know this haunt to be a wrecking ball when pointed at a task that needs knocked down. To his clan , he is know more for the same but has been known to defend and help any Nosferatu in need , because family comes before anything and hell, maybe they will realize their place in Caines plan and raise up the Sword of Caine rather than hide behind the shadows of the antideluvians .