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"And rise with me forever,
Across the silent sand.
And the stars will be your eyes,
And the wind will be my hands."

- Brett and Ronnie Sparks

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Rumors About Ebony

  • Apparently trained in the mysteries of crafting Moon silver....
  • Has spoken openly about knowing how to appease Fire Spirits....
  • Organizes the Golden Door Talen Armory....
  • Has been a mentor to more than 20 Garou...but what did they learn?
  • "Nothing to see here, move along. Totally innocent. Yeah... innocent!" -- from an unnamed Shadow Lord

Quotes About Ebony

  • "A wise woman. Perhaps a little too wise, if anything. She seems as devoted a servant of Gaia and Pegasus as ever I've seen, despite her inability to walk on four legs." - Tiercel Twice-Sworn, shortly after meeting Ebony for the second time.
  • "Talent is talent. I don't care if she's Kinfolk, she is talented. She's also been through as much as any Garou, so remember that she's tough and fierce, and got her share of scars. Also, she's a Forakis...that should be warning enough." - Returns the Faith
  • "My sister and my kin. I'd offer to cuff you if you cross her but I suspect she wouldn't need the assist." - Damian Tears-of-Laughter
  • She sees what others do not. She knows what others should. She remembers what her purpose is. Her Maat is balanced. Let it not become unbalanced. - Archer's Paradox
  • "Ebony and I understand one another. We've been through the same kind of shit...and we both have more reason than most to hate Garou. Luckily for them, we've both been able to overcome our past, at least enough to be part of the Nation. There isn't anyone in the world I'd rather have as my future sister-in-law." - Alaska Hayes
  • "This one...she makes me think of a Sammy Kershaw song. She works in so many different media, stands up and fights fights that by all rights she ain't gotta and shoulda killed her. Ain't turned her away from Gaia or the Nation yet, and she thinks she ain't special or somethin'. She don't know she's beautiful...and that's a cryin' shame." - Jax Hightower
  • "Upon meeting Ebony, I truly believe she is Brigid given flesh upon this world, blessing the guardians of Gaia with gifts from her hearth." - Kieran O'Donnell
  • "She's *so* polite. I kinda want to see what happens when she loses it. And don't. And do... Yeah... Definitely leaning toward do! Mount St. Forakis!" - Scarlett Jones
  • "Upon meeting her, I was shocked by her strength and her resolve. Then, I come to find out she is a klaivesmith. She has uses that must be preserved and protected at all costs. Plus, she is willing to listen before she tells you that you are wrong." - Ray "Serpentsbane" Fullbringer
  • "I could make a lot of jokes about the way she weilds a hammer, but as a Black Fury kin, she may not find it so funny. Then again, she does have a great sense of humor..." - Cozzie Plays With Fire
  • "She knows things and not just a few things, but all sorts of things; things you would not expect for a Kinfolk to know."- Ethan
  • "A master of her craft, and herself. One day I hope to present the same mastery of my skills and self that she shows."-Apheru
  • "Have you Eaten?" Archer's Paradox
  • "Smart and resourceful, I am glad to call her friend and ally." - Bella Dent
  • "Strong, intelligent, and resourceful, Ebony is one of the first people to make me wish that I had Kin of my own. I would dearly love to have that kind of passion and dedication in my life." - Sarah
  • "She's wise, and I hope others see that in her. Moreover, I admire the skill she has...creating such wonders as she does is such a rarity." - Aella Kriptikos
  • "I could say the drink brought me to her doorstep, but my time in Arcadia has taught me that there is no such thing as coincidence. She has become one of the few things that brings light to my life. And I'll die to protect it." - Seamus Stones Unrelenting Resolve
  • "For the love of Gaia, whatever you do, don't sneak up on her, or even make her think you're sneaking up on her. She will pull a knife on you." - Stormseeker
  • "An example of Honor and Tradition. One who understands us so well. Worth more than many two-legs." - Blood-fang
  • "Never have a seen a Sept willing to go to war over the condition of a Kinfolk... but there is something about this one... " - He Who Shines the Way
  • "Trust me, she's smarter than she looks... and she looks pretty smart to begin with. Don't even think about fucking with her, got it?" - Death from the Trees
  • "Ebony was one of the first I met here, in the sept. That makes her one of the reasons I stayed." - Fairlight
  • "I really like Ebony. I have a lot of praise to give her, her worth, value, capabilities. A strong woman. Never doubt her." - Journey's Trial
  • "Her skills are beyond question, as is her intelligence. Her kindness, though - that took me by surprise." - Mina Yellow Deer
  • "Fuck. She found my secret weakness. Should I be worried? Probably. Am I going to do the thing anyway? Fuck yes." - Kat
  • "Art, sparring, incredible baklava... I'm a fan." - Lara Radic

From Ebony

  • "i wasn't entered into the silver record for my muffin recipes"
  • "I'm never really sure when I stopped dreaming, all I know is this, not all dreams are worth pursuing. There are some I wish had never come true."
  • "Tradition tells us where we have been. It is not always a good guide to tell us where we should be going, however."
  • "My worth as a person should not be measured by my beauty or lack thereof. My worth as a person should stem from my deeds, not from my appearance."
  • "To destroy your opposition, use the tools of deceit and doublespeak. Force your allies to suspect one another so that they destroy themselves within. Use a source whom has indisputable integrity and respect. Even I know those rules, and I am not a strategist. The big question is now....what to do?"
  • "My Tribe has an obsessive tendency to only concentrate on the evils perpetuated on women in the past, not realizing .... the battle for women is settled in the Western world. They won't tackle the problems in other lands where new measures are needed. I see a lot of finger pointing and claims that the 'patriarchy' is keeping females down. Except, there hasn't been an active patriarchy since the Edwardian age." Ebony shrugs. "The point to all of that is ... we are all fighting the same force, but none of us are perceiving it as the same. We are fighting indifference and greed. We are all wanting the same outcome, but we have discrete ideas on how to accomplish this task. Even the Kinfolk desire the same thing you Garou want. So, allow me a question full of cheek, if you will. How do WE aid you? Are we just a tool? Or are we sentient creatures in our own right who can aid in the ways we are best suited? Where do we fit in?"