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It turns out Eddie was a little too devoted to "suffering for his art", and it caught up to him. Justicars don't like Bahari hanging out with Scions of the Camarilla, even if they are princes. George Roger Edwards, AKA Eddie Dean 1960-2017


Eddie Dean







Personal Info

Clan: Malkavian

Lineage: Unknown

Generation: 12th


  • Aknowledged as a member of the Camarilla
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla, despite his youth
  • Authority as Prince
  • Commander as Prince
  • Sovereign as Prince
  • Favored by Elder Thackeray Van Wassanear
  • Favored by Elder Augustus Duperé
  • Victorious in a Symbel Duel
  • Praised for his handling of the Disgraced Gangrel "Gator".

Nationality: Apple Pie

Style: Eddie has dubbed his style "Neo Beatnick". He tends to wear clothes in blacks, whites, muted blues and dark greys. Much of his personal style is expressed in the easygoing, approachable way in which he carries himself.

Quirks & Personality

  • Will occasionally hum and tap his feet and/or fingers while he should be paying closer attention. He has said that this causes him aggrivation, as he sees it as disrespectful, but sometimes the music inside him just wants to get out.
  • Eddie never shoots first. Step one is always to ask politely. There's usually no need for step two.


Notable Traits

  • Eddie has not mastered all of the disciplines of clan Toreador, notably having trouble with Celerity. He claims this is because of an over-abundance of drugs in his system. However he is especially adept at influencing the emotions of others. He also has shown a keen insight, noticing things that others often overlook. Update: It turns out that this is because Eddie was never a Toreador to begin with.
  • If you're from out of town and you need to be shown a good time, Eddie is the one to call.

Information Known by Kindred Society

  • Owns several nightclubs in downtown Fort Myers. Most specialize in live music. One is high energy, featuring electronic and rock music. Another is much more laid back, with open-mic nights, poetry reading, and acoustic musicians.
  • Composes music and fronts a hard rock band, Mumm-Ra, but makes most of his money through his businesses.
  • Considers himself a patron of the arts more than an artist. He is espcially fond of large, elaborate festivals and exhibitions organized by local artists and charities.

Known Associates


  • Spent many years as a ghoul to a Mlkavian masquerading as a young Toreador in Sarasota, FL.
  • Was embraced in the mid 1980's without the approval of the Prince. In a show of mercy, Eddie was allowed to leave Sarasota with the understanding that he wouldn't return, aside from the occasional visit.
  • Settled in Southwest Florida and made connections with his extended family.
  • Was voted to the Primogen council in 2013.
  • Removed from the Primogen council after less than a year when the tyrant prince (emeritus) Gregor the Grey dissolved the council.
  • Accused of being a Malkavian at court in November 2013, however the source was highly dubious at best, and he has been confirmed as a member of House Villon by the elder Thackeray Van Wassanear, among other respected members of House Villon.
  • Restored to the Primogen council in December of 2013.
  • Continues to fail upwards by becoming Seneschal to prince Augustus Duperé in October of 2014 (at a very nice Halloween party, thankyouverymuch).
  • Experiences visions during the Week of Madness in 2016, which leads him to discover his true identity as a Malkavian.
  • Meets Raphael de Corazon in New Orleans in September of 2016, on the night of de Corazon's murder. He returns from his "bender in the Big Easy" a much more sober person.
  • Claims praxis of Lee County Florida on September 17, 2016, after the abdication of Prince AugustusDuperé.


  • Has numerous connections in the local illicit drug market.
  • Had a bad falling-out with his sire, and hadn't spoken with her for 25 years.
  • It was fairly well known in town that he didn't enjoy the position of Primogen, but still seemed upset when another kindred was chosen.
  • Eddie is an Anarch sympathizer.
  • He owns another nightclub besides the ones publicly known, but it's location is a secret.
  • He only deals with court business when he is high as a kite.

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Eddie's quotes

  • "I'm a secular Bahari. I'm still salty about the whole 'eating Rafael' thing."
  • "I took an Uber here. Shit is on."
  • "Have you tried asking politely?"
  • "Just relax. You may feel a small pin-prick. Then you'll feel much better. You may feel a slightly larger pin-prick. Then I'll feel much better."
  • "I'll give you a Submarine."
  • "All it takes is a little patience and humility."

Quotes about Eddie

  • "He's of my line, and we are all so very proud of Eddie." -Thackery van Wassanaer
  • "Oh Eddie...we had so much fun together, and I enjoyed him in so many ways. I can't wait to see him again!" -Calico
  • "Eddie and I have a mutually beneficial arrangement. I take care of the overdoses and other such problems in his clubs, and in return I get to keep the 'Research materials' as it were." -Gregori Giovanni
  • "Look, you just don't understand, and until you know him, I'm not sure you even could understand. Put it this way, there are parties, and then there are Eddie Dean parties." -Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "He's my paramour." -Calliope, Harpy of Lee County Florida
  • "When he offers you something you will simply enjoy yourself more if you take it. Don't ask questions, it only prevents you from pleasure." -Aimee Richilieu de Bisette, the Black Rose of House Silva
  • "Ladies and gentlemen, This is how it's done. Take notes. I'm serious." Scarlett Thorne
  • "A Prince that knows what entertainment is!" Lotus Adair

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