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“The world is in perpetual motion, and we must invent the things of tomorrow. One must go before others, be determined and exacting, and let your intelligence direct your life. Act with audacity.”

– Madame Clicquot, 1860



Elder Harpy of the Tampa Bay Area

Praetor -Ventrue


Acknowledged within the Camarilla

Influential as a Harpy

Established as an Elder

Venerated as an Elder

Resourceful by Prince Avery Gunn

Well-Informed by Prince Isabella Andreas

Dignitas: 8 -Ventrue

Eddie Monsoon

Notable Traits

  • His humanity is high for an elder. Perhaps it is because he spends a great deal of time hanging out with local A-list mortals.


Monsoon1.jpg Eddie, is always dressed in the latest of couture fashion. He is a self proclaimed Buddhist: “I almost practice it religiously, darling."

Ventrue Lineage

Ventrue, Founder of the Clan Ventrue

Veddartha 4th,
Maltheas 5th,
Nicolai Tezeri 6th,
Randall Sin Clair Tzeri 7th,
Eddie Monsoon 8th

Known Progeny

William Davenport 9th

Raven Constantine 10th
H.W. Hayes 11th

Caitlyn Ash Tezeri 9th

Simone Teszari 10th
James Mason 10th
Vince Black 11th
Julia Hamby 11th
Willow Mason 11th

Weston O'Reilly 9th

Amelia Evens 9th

Known History

Paulbull.png Born in 1551 into the Gobline family of Dyers Paris France
Paulbull.png In 1571 purchased a title of nobility, and became Chancellor of the Exchequer
Paulbull.png Held the title for 5 years, then in 1576, absconded with a huge sum of money and disappeared into the night
Paulbull.png Was Ghouled in 1577, put into service by Zahra Blanc(Dawn Lloyd US2002022740)
Paulbull.png 1577-April 1600 Worked with Zahra as a ghoul trainer/taskmaster
Paulbull.png 1600 (May) He was embraced by Randal St. Clair-Teszeri
Paulbull.png 1605 Resurfaced in London, embraced as Ventrue
Paulbull.png 1620 Sold a ghoul to Agapito Acosta
Paulbull.png 1630 Joined Agapito Acosta to be part of his Dunkirkir fleet. Sailed the high seas for a few years
Paulbull.png 1800 Embraced William Davenport in an effort to free him of guilt, and take a bit of control within the Catholic Church
Paulbull.png 1802 Eddie returns to the UK with William Davenport
Paulbull.png 1805 Eddie slips into torpor at his haven in the UK. William watches over him
Paulbull.png 1810 Eddie wakes
Paulbull.png 1811 Reestablishes contact with Zahra, puts William to work, training ghouls
Paulbull.png 1815 Embraced Caitlyn Tezeri
Paulbull.png 1835 Eddie loses touch with his favored child, William
Paulbull.png 1926-1960: Edwin Monsoon becomes the Harpy of Baton Rouge, LA
Paulbull.png 1936 Heard about a social guild that was formed to assist in refining, defending, and maintaining the social structure of the Camarilla
Paulbull.png 1936 Traveled to the NE to meet with Rinadlo Amadeo De Medici, in regards to becoming a patron to the Order of the Silver Flame
Paulbull.png 1937 became a Patron, offering up the powers of Dominate, and Lores for those who the guild master saw worthy
Paulbull.png 1964 (February) Washington DC: Met the Malkavian palmist Sonya Boswell at the first Beatles concert. Within a few days, she became his personal palmist
Paulbull.png 1972 Met Occam, at the 1972 opening of John Water’s Pink Flamingos in San Francisco
Paulbull.png 1992 Eddie starts his Public Relations company, A-list Public Relations
Paulbull.png 2000-2002 Worked as the Influential Harpy under Prince Occam of San Francisco
Paulbull.png 2003 Moved to New York
Paulbull.png 2004 Worked as a Lesser Harpy in NYC
Paulbull.png 2007 Moved to Tampa, FL
Paulbull.png 2007 Eddie Monsoon Hires Cam.Net to assist with the online security of this company
Paulbull.png 2009 Eddie is approached by Alexander Grant in search of the Tremere known as Anon, who helped with his company's security back in 2007. Eddie hadn't spoken to Anon in almost 3 months, but the last he knew, he was in Cleveland
Paulbull.png 2009 Eddie Monsoon is contacted by Alexander and Anon and hires Cam.Net, to secure of his online profile, and the kindred side of A-List Public Relations
Paulbull.png 2009 Met THE_HeathYr and began marketing her line of Skanque products
Paulbull.png 2010 Takes on Gabriel Tavaasche as a boon broker. If people require teachings of Lores, Disciples, or Skills, Eddie refers them to Gabriel Tavaasche
Paulbull.png 2011 petitioned the Prince of Tampa to also become a Patron of the Order of the Silver Flame
Paulbull.png 2011 Hired Shame as a personal assistant
Paulbull.png 2012 meets Jacob Hastings, a Brujah playwright, and began marketing his plays under the surname of Solomon Drake
Paulbull.png May 4th 2012 Eddie hosts a gathering as a celebration for the ending of the war. He brings in a Tremere caterer, Elizabeth Ann Astor who specializes in creating kindred food. As payment, he promises to solicit her services to other parties he hears about till the end of the year.
Paulbull.png September 9, 2013 Eddie hires Elleanora Carscaddin as his personal concierge.
Paulbull.png September 9, 2013 Eddie hires Amalia Iliescu as his personal concierge.
Paulbull.png September 9, 2013 Eddie hires Juice as his personal concierge.
Paulbull.png September 9, 2013 Eddie hires Alexander Peterson as his personal concierge.
Paulbull.png September 10, 2013 Eddie hires Eddie Dean as his personal concierge.
Paulbull.png September 10, 2013 Eddie hires Josefina "Jodi" Parloni Thorne as his personal concierge.

Allies and Coterie Mates

Eddie is a patron to both Cam .NET, and The Order of the Silver Flame


Paulbull.pngEddie has had love affairs with prominent kindred across the United States.
Paulbull.pngEddie lost his mind when he encountered the Beatles in the United States.
Paulbull.pngEddie is rumored to be bound to the Tremere higher-ups.
Paulbull.pngThe only Ventrue Eddie associates with are from his immediate family.
Paulbull.pngEddie talks trash about his children. Rumors has it, if not for them, Ventrue elders would have put him to death many years ago.
Paulbull.pngEddie is rumored to be behind national celebrity breakdowns.
Paulbull.pngEddie recently has developed a crush on a Prince.

Eddie’s Favorite things

Monsoon2.jpg Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/eddie.monsoon.50

Designers: Chanel, La Croix,Dior, Givenchy, Lagerfeld,Gucci,Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs,Prada,Hermes,Armani

Families: Kennedy,Ruttenstein,Vanderbilt, Rothschild

Celebrities: Jackie O.,Lindsay Lohan,Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen,Mike Tyson,Justin Beiber, Gloria Estefan,Betty White,Miley Cyrus

Models: Charlize Theron, Ru Paul, Naomi Canbell, Twiggy, Cindy Crawford, Tyra Banks


Paulbull.png "I never knew I had an uncle till I accepted money from Eddie. One simple business deal and all the sudden I'm part of the family. Sheesh!"Juice
Paulbull.png "What can I say of Eddie? He is the type of Kindred, who, if he is thrown out through the door, will enter through the window."Eileen Vargas
Paulbull.png "It's been nearly two centuries since I last laid eyes on my sire. The only reason I know I'm still capable of love is because of the hate that gnaws at my soul for him. Do not ever mention his name to me again." The Right Reverend, William Davenport
Paulbull.png"I have found Mr. Monsoon to be a man of exquisite taste." - Peter Legba
Paulbull.png"Allies all have their uses, and I would seldom turn down the opportunity to work with someone. But there are few I enjoy working closely with as much as I do Harpy Monsoon." - Zahra Blanc
Paulbull.png"A very charming man who is in much need of direction towards Destiny’s path. He is one of my most loyal customers." - Sonya Boswell
Paulbull.png"Harpy Monsoon is one who understands fully the nature of this position both of us occupy. It is not just about appearances; It is also about effectiveness. He does both so very well." - Arden
Paulbull.png"I would prefer to come to head with a gaggle of angry Brujah than tangle with this one. I can take a beating, but this devil will strangle you to death with your own wagging tongue. Mr. Monsoon is as dangerous as he is eccentric and as deadly a predator as any I have met; he kills without ever spoiling his attire. Don’t forget that for a single moment if you are ever having a ‘friendly’ little chat with him." - Bleach
Paulbull.png "A more colorful and personable gentleman I think I have yet to meet! (Although why in the world he would ask for *gag* Maxwell House coffee when Portland has nearly as many microroasted coffe houses as it does microbrewed beers is completely beyond me)." - Cassandra
Paulbull.png "My dear, sweet brother. How you've coasted through the ages with so much of your connection to the Kine intact will always perplex me. Were more Elders as you, Blood of mine, our Clan and Sect would be so much the better." - Samuel Harverton
Paulbull.png "He carries a cutting flamboyant wit as his sword. Need more be said?" - Raven Constantine


OOC Information

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