Edge of Midnight

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Pack History

Pack Totem An Uktena spirit called Udeledah (Cherokee for 'secret')

This wisdom pack dedicated to learning about lores, mysteries and lost knowledge was formed out of members of the Harrier pack of Arbiter's Accord after the completion of its diplomatic mission in August 2014.

The change in focus was a surprise to many outside of the pack.

Work in progress.

The Pack

Pack Alpha is James Nathan Hunt "Lightning Strikes Twice"
Aces Dance Across the Table "Grim Tidings"
Pack Omega is Elena Kiev "Fights Fire with Fire"

Pack Members

James Nathan Hunt

James Nathan Hunt "Lightning Strikes Twice"
Adren Shadow Lord Philodox Homid

Tall, dashing, and stylishly-dressed, this man has been mistaken by many as a member of the Silver Fang tribe. This illusion is quickly shattered, as his prestigious Shadow Lord lineage is all too apparent. A successful businessman and socialite, James Nathan Hunt is somewhat of a paradox among his own tribe. Exuding cool confidence and charm, he is a man who appears to knows exactly what he wants and how to get it.

Aces Dance Across the Table "Grim Tidings"
Adren Silent Strider Theurge Homid

A member of the Ghost Riders Motorcycle Club, this Garou has an infamous penchant for vigilantism.

Elena Kiev "Fights Fire with Fire"
Fostern Shadow Lord Theurge Homid

Work in Progress.

Fostern Stargazer Galliard Homid

Work in Progress.

Former Pack Members

Erik Drake
Cliath Fianna Ahroun Homid
Tuatha de Fionn Camp

A diplomat and scholar of the Fae, Erik Drake recently attached himself to the pack to help accomplish his goals. He left the pack to deal with family concerns.

Sulayman ibn Said al-Nasser "Leechbane"
Cliath Silent Strider Philodox Homid

A reputable hunter of vampires, this Garou joined the pack to assist with a mission to destroy a vampire targeting female kinfolk. As Striders are known to do, he moved on after returning with the pack from a secret mission in the Old World.

Gillian Spaulding "Microbit DoS"
Cliath Glass Walker Galliard Homid

A celebrated blogger of environmental concerns, Gillian Spaulding's most useful tool is her laptop and her uncanny ability to blend into a variety of social situations.

Bob "Wound Knitter"

Bob "Wound Knitter"
Adren Bone Gnawer Theurge Homid

Bob is a quiet and reserved member of the pack. He is often found listening to the pack's discussions while crafting hats and scarfs for the homeless population. When not dealing with Pack business, he is found on the sept educating the cubs to be future warriors for Gaia.

Jim Williams "Big Sleazy"
Cliath Get of Fenris Galliard Homid

Work in progress.

Honored Dead

Queen's Gambit

Valyria Hunt-Morningkill "Queen's Gambit"
Athro Silver Fang Ahroun Homid

She sacrificed herself in March 2016 to ensure the success of the Caern Building at the Sept of the South Wind.

Lazarus Arch "Bleeds Truth"
Adren Glass Walker Ragabash Homid

In Progress. Lazarus was tortured and murdered by vampires in March 2016.

Rayna Ayres "Laughs at Danger" "Infinite Jest"
posthumous Fostern
Shadow Lord

A reputed mischief maker, this one-eyed Garou brought an element of surprise to the pack's activities She fell in combat against Nightmaster and his minions in July 2015.