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In the Masquerade Camarilla/Anarch/Independent venue continuity, this city is run within Ethereal Albion, the UK on line Domain, part of Worldwide Theater Games. PC's from other member clubs may visit and players from these member clubs may make PC's for this VSS with the appropriate approval of the respective ST chains.

This is the venue page for Ethereal Albion: Vampire: the Masquerade in Edinburgh, UK.


ST Contact: Ashley Perryman
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Edinburgh Library
Edinburgh OOC Wiki


A city of science, culture and art, home to the largest international arts festival in the world. A proud, brave, independent city. Just as Scotland is striving to break from England, so too the Kindred who are steeped in the history and tradition of Scotland, in wars and struggle. A city of tolerance and enlightenment, welcoming to visitors and migrants, tolerant of independent and radical ideas, considered home by many, the Camarilla, family Dunsirn, and others. A city of Highland Clans, traditionally of Toreador and Gangrel, of art, passion and blood.

Edinburgh Now

Eagle of the Ninth

Game Dates:

Games are normally held on 2nd Thursday of the Month
Next game, Thursday 8th December at 19.00 UK time.
DT deadline 4th December. DT’s received by the date will be processed, DT’s received after this date may be processed and conflicting actions may fail.

OOC room is #tradewinds-ooc
Sheets go to: ST Contact: Ashley Perryman

IC Premise:

The storm gathers, darkness comes.

The Gossip - Words from the Harpy and others

So, has the Camarilla finally woken up? And what is going on in Canada?

Kindred of Edinburgh

The Prince, Primogen Council and Court Officers

Prince Brantley Zulauf (Ventrue)
Làmh Dheas Isobel Macleod (Elder Toreador)
Madadh Mab (Elder Gangrel)
Brujah Primogen - Nkosi Mungisi (Elder)
Gangrel Primogen - Mab
Malkavian Primogen - Christopher Crispen
Toreador Primogen - Cassandra Black
Ventrue Primogen - Domhnall Boyd
Harpy Jack
Sheriff Mab
Seneschal Vacant
Keeper of Elysium Vacant
Please note. Làmh Dheas is a combination of Seneschal and Keeper of Elysium. Madadh of Sheriff and Scourge. These roles (in English the Right Hand and the Hound) are largely ceremonial and held by Elders. It is common and established practice for others to fill the more traditional roles.

Elders of Edinburgh

Mab (Gangrel)
Isobel Macleod (Toreador)
Colla Og (Gangrel)
Julian Hussar (Brujah)
Nkosi Mungisi (Brujah)

Others of the Camarilla Court

Thomas MacGregor (Toreador)
Jack (Toreador)
Lyra (Nosferatu)
Duke Ewan Stirling (Toreador)
Christopher Crispen (Malkavian)
Lukas Collingwood {(Malkavian)
Christian Porter (Tremere)

Dunsirn and Giovanni - Resident, frequent visitors and otherwise Tolerated since 1945

Alasdair Dunsirn - Don of Edinburgh
Breanainn Dunsirn
Alistair Montgomery Douglas Dunsirn
Vittoria Giovanni
Sully Putanesca
Fionna Dunsirn - Consigliere and Emissary
Alan Dunsirn - Mook and Protector
Bruce Dunsirn

Others not of the Camarilla

Angus Galloway (Malkavian) Ambassador from the Anarch movement

Kindred of Scotland (those from Scotland who may now be elsewhere)

Got a Kindred from Scotland? Please leave a link here.

Places of Edinburgh


Edinburgh Castle Gate House
Palm Houses, Royal Botanic Gardens

The Princess Suites

The Princess Suites
In accordance with the culture and tradition of Hospitality these suites are set aside for visiting Kindred, wity places to meet and places to rest securely during the day. Whilst not Elysium it is asked that the Princess Suites be treated with utmost respect and the guests with utmost privacy. The Princess Suites are owned and supported by Elder MacLeod.

The Library of Edinburgh

The Edinburgh Library is now open and may be accessed by all upstanding Kindred of the Domain and other kindred upon request.
The library contains our collective knowledge including but maybe not limited to; The Camarilla, The Sabbat, The Anarch Movement. The Kindred City of Edinburgh, Kindred, and our knowledge of the following Clans, Brujah, Gangrel, Toreador, and Giovanni.
Kindred are invited to offer further contributions to the Library.

The Castle of Scholars

The Castle of Scholars is a privately held castle in the area around Glasgow Road. This castle may be accessed by any Brujah in good standing with the clan. Maintained by the new Brujah Primogen Nkosi Mungisi this castle is a place of refuge, relaxation, and business. Much like the Edinburgh Library.

Ways of Edinburgh

On Elysia

Elysia is strictly enforced. Active use of any Discipline is not allowed. It is not permitted to wear a mortal in Elysium.

On Language

In modern nights whilst the official language of Formal Court is French, commonly English is used for reasons of convenience. Officers, especially Elders are likely to be fluent in Scots Gaelic and may at times favour this tongue.

On Clans

In Edinburgh clan has more than one meaning and both are very important. Charles De Anjou claimed to be of Clan Wallace as often as Clan Brujah. Whilst the dominant clans, MacLeod, Wallace, Frazer, Macdonald, may not have always agreed on everything, they do appear to have agreement on their positions regarding the English.

On the Giovanni and family Dunsirn

The presence of the Dunsirn family in Edinburgh and the Lowlands is tolerated. By tradition and custom those resident Embraced Dunsirn upon presenting themselves to the Court of Edinburgh are tolerated. It is said that debts are owed to the Princes of Edinburgh for this recognition. Family Dunsirn act as guarantors for any of their family visiting the city, and for any visiting Giovanni.

On the Old Ones

The Old Ones are a small cabal of ancient Gangrel and others including a Malkavian prophet. They walk the Highlands. The Old Ones come to Edinburgh at times, at times act as mentors and teachers. It is said that it is a very bad idea to go into the Highlands without their permission. The Old Ones can normally be reached or contacted at Loch Lomond, a place shared by them and the Kindred of the Great Glen.

On Tolerance

Edinburgh is welcoming to Kindred of the Camarilla and has a long tradition of hospitality. The city provides safe and secure accommodation for visitors. Traditionally tolerance within Edinburgh extends beyond the Camarilla to Anarchs and those of independent Clans, on the provision they abide by the rules of the Domain, do not act in such a way as would reflect badly on the Domain, and actively assist in fighting the enemies of the Camarilla.

History of Edinburgh and the Surrounding Area

From prehistoric roots to the Kingdom of Scotland, from a centre of commerce to one of science and intellectualism. A city of science and culture, of learning and industry. A city fought over by the Scots and the English, a home to Kings, rebellions, uprisings, over which the Castle looms. Through it all Edinburgh has endured and grown. In modern night, host to the largest international arts festival in the world, capital of Scotland, a thriving diverse city, listed by UNESCO as World Heritage and considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Please note: For history of Scotland please refer to historical source, for Kindred history prior to the below dates please refer to WW source material.

Up to and including the Great War

Praxis of James Harris from 1861. Colla Og becomes Madadh for the second time, taking over from Mab

Between the Wars

Isobel MacLeod rises to Làmh Dheas and becomes a major sponsor of art and science.

World War II

Like many cities in Great Britain there were attacks by the Luftwaffe. Compared to some Edinburgh was lightly damaged. Under the Praxis of Prince Harris the city was largely evacuated, court was moved to Stirling. Death of Prince Harris following a bombing raid in 1942. Praxis taken by Prince James Wallace of Clan Tremere.

Post War Years

Kindred returned to the city after the war. Prince Wallace mounted a campaign against the Sabbat in Scotland. Defeat of the Sabbat and capture of Bishop Pavlov on 4th April 1984. Growing unrest against the Praxis of Prince Wallace peaked a year later amidst claims of his obsession with the Sabbat and security. Prince Wallace declared an infernalist and diablerist, and destroyed 5th May 1985.
June 1985, Praxis of Charles De Anjou of Clan Brujah and Clan Wallace, widely held to be supported by the standing court officers, most notably Isobel MacLeod and Colla Og.
1987 Charles De Anjou rejects the Council of Elders of Albion and along with other Princes in Scotland recognises a council of Elders of Alba. Following this declaration there is a long political struggle between England and Scotland, between Clan Ventrue in England and Clans Toreador and Gangrel in Scotland.
2010 Agreement is reached to form a Council of Elders of Albion and Alba.
March 2013 Prince Charles De Anjou walks into the sun. The Harpy Baldrik of Thurso disappears somewhere in France.
July 2013 Isobel MacLeod claims Praxis, reaffirms French as the official language of Court.
November 2013 Isobel steps aside in favour of the claimed Praxis of Adalyn LaChapelle

On Glasgow

Sister city to Edinburgh. Edinburgh has art Glasgow has industry. Edinburgh has opera, Glasgow has football. The careful measured tones of Edinburgh clash with the vivid, bright, almost aggressive tones of the larger and younger sister. And these nights, the Anarch city of Glasgow is quiet.

On the Highlands

They say there are old things there. There are the Old Ones, a group of Gangrel and one or two others including a Malkavian. Some say the Old Ones have been there since the dawn of time. Some say they are not alone. All agree on one thing, the Highlands is not a place most Kindred should walk. It is a place where even the weather is hostile, and a place where death stalks the peaks. A place of wolves and darker things.

Words on the Domain of Edinburgh

From the Court

Please do not attend court wearing a mortal. Tongues might wag. Baldrik of Thurso - Former Harpy.

From Visitors


Colla Og and Mab do not like each other.
Someone is attacking MacDonalds Restaurants.

Contact and OOC Details

Important rules and OOC information can be found at

Please note: The City of Edinburgh is a Camarilla Domain within our Masquerade Great Glen VSS. Characters of Independent Clans playing in the Cam/Anarch venue may attach to the VSS and would normally be placed in Edinburgh. Characters of other Sects may attach to the VSS and be placed in another city, in all probability Glasgow. Anarch characters may elect to be placed in Edinburgh but in so doing would be held accountable for their actions by the Domain of Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Masquerade games are held on a Thursday Evening GMT.
WTG games are in the same continuity as MES games and PCs sanctioned in one game may freely travel to the other, with the usual proxy rules applying.
For more information about this game and game rules please visit our Edinburgh_Masquerade_OOC Page, or contact Edinburgh VST

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