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Ethereal Albion: Edinburgh Masquerade IC

Edinburgh Masquerade - VSS IC Wiki
Our Vampire The Masquerade games operate under BNS MET rules system and our WRG addendum - see resources below.

Game Structure

Passage of Time and Time Definitions
Game/Session – 1 game session. This could be the Live Game or the Down Time.
Month – period of time between each monthly game.

Edinburgh Masquerade Session Definitions and Content

Session 1
The Live Game. Normally on the second Thursday of the month, at 8pm GMT.
The Post Game Period Players may take actions post game IC in the 24 period as part of Session 1. The VST normally needs to receive these within 48 hours of the game. These can be Individual Actions or Proxy scenes, or Proxy Email Scenes. All such scenes will be concluded within 4 days of the conclusion of the live game. This can be used to follow up on events from the live game or to follow up on events from the previous Down Time.

Session 2
The Down Time. This covers the rest of the month. During this time character are free to engage in side scenes within the Domain, travel to other games and so on.
Downtime actions should be completed using the Edinburgh Masquerade DT Form, or by email, and submitted by the deadline. Our document, Influences, Downtime and the Flow of Time – An Example, is a useful reference. Downtimes are not compulsory, but please note the default blood pool is half blood, and the most effective way of increasing this to full blood is to submit a DT with a feed action.
Downtimes will be responded to, normally at least 24 hours prior to the live game. Due to reasons of time commitment, game preparation, and fairness to all players, the VST is not normally able to manage immediate follow up actions to the Down Time response. Follow up actions can happen during the live game, or during the Post Game Period.

Additional Session. The VST may at times run Proxy Actions and Scenes as additional game sessions, or even an additional full live game. These may also be requested of the VST by Domain members. The VST is never beholden to take on the work of an Additional Session.

Refresh points
Allies, Contacts, Retainers, Resources, Herd, Status etc refresh at the start of each Session.
Influences may only be used once per month and refresh as the start of Session 1.

Game XP

Current Standard Award

  • Game : 8 xp
  • Post Game Proxy session 1-2 xp.
  • DT : 4 xp


Changes to the Addendum
New Addendum comes into play on 1st January 2016. This includes significant simplification of xp rules. Monthly caps are gone, AGR is gone, awards have been standarised across all WTG games.


Chronicle Floor When you create a character in addition to the XP you get from BNS you also get 3XP per month of Chronicle Duration.
AChronicle Floor is 96XP as of 31st December 2015 this is a total of 96 XP.

Chronicle Cap Chronicle Cap is 280XP as of 31st December 2015. It will increase by 10 every month from that date. Please see the current Masquerade Addendum for explanation of what XP counts towards Cap.

Herd and Feeding

BNS Errata (linked below) states “Characters with the Herd background do not have to spend a downtime action feeding each month,” replace “month” with “game.” Our interpretation of this is:
Herd can be used to have full blood at the local game. Herd can be used to have full blood for DT actions. Herd can be used to have full blood when visiting another game (subject of course to the local VST.
Mechanically speaking:
An Edinburgh PC may spend a dot of Herd and normally receive full blood for any game session.
Dots spent locally normally auto refresh so are available for further use.
Dots spent to visit another game refresh at the start of the Edinburgh live game.
No spend of Herd may result in the default blood pool of half blood.


You will find various useful resources and documents on our Web Site including our Masquerade Rules Addendum.
Camarilla Setting Document
Masquerade Addendum and many other useful documents
Edinburgh VSS
Edinburgh Masquerade DT Form This form is currently only for use of Edinburgh PC's.
Time Definitions and the Flow of Time
Influences, Downtime and the flow of Time – An Example
BNS Errata

Rules Clarifications


If a character has Underworld 3, that character can take 3 underworld actions. These can be any combination of the 3 described actions of Underworld 1,2,and 3. For example, that character could take 3 Underworld 3 Actions or with the right specialties 3 Underworld 4 actions.

Influences do not normally work outside of the local Domain. Edinburgh influences cannot be used in another Domain and influences from other Domains cannot be used in Edinburgh. The VST may if appropriate allow visitors to boost local influence actions.

Record Keeping

Character Sheets and XP Log

It is essential to keep an up to date Character Sheet and a record of how you spend the XP on your character, this record is called an XP log. If you used one of the electronic sheets they may have a built in XP log, which can be used for this purpose. Or use a spreadsheet or a text document. What you need to record is:-
Date the XP was earned, how much, and what for, eg 15/5/2015, 8 XP, Attending a game.
Date the XP was spent, how much and what on. eg. 16/5/2015, 6 XP, Auspex 2.
And a running total of how much XP has been earned and how much has been spent.
Please keep your Character Sheets and XP log up to date.