Eduardo Gomez

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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Accord PC

Player: Vito D'Agosta
Creature Type: Hunter
Compact: Keepers of the Source
Division: The Samaritan Group
City: Ames, IA
VST: Justin Taylor

Vital Statistics

Legal Name: Eduardo Gomez
Known Aliases: Eddie Gomez, Roberto Martinez, Jose Garcia, Jesus Hernandez, Marco Gonzalez
Date of Birth: 09/13/1977
Place of Birth: Fresno, CA, USA
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 185 lbs.
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Species: Human
Current Residence: Ames, IA
Previous Residences: Tranquility, CA; Santa Cruz, CA; many others

Personal Testament

Sometimes bad things have to be done for the greater good. I learned a lot about that during my years as a U.S. Marine. I never liked the job, but I understood the importance of it. There are some things that just have to be done with ruthless efficiency. Lord knows, it's better that I do it than trust these things in the hands of those who aren't ready or actually like doing the dirty work.

There are a lot of people who will never believe or understand these facts. Frankly, I'm pretty sure the world is better off that way. If more people accepted that dirty work was occasionally necessary, it would be done more often when it wasn't necessary.

There are plenty of people who will never understand the importance of what I am able and willing to do. Their hearts might be in the right place. They may want to help save the world, too. They just doesn't recognize that half-assed measures alone sometimes aren't enough.

I left the Marine Corps when it became clear to me that the "peacekeeping missions" and "international incidents" I was involved in were more about politics than what what was right and wrong. I left the Marines, but I didn't leave tools they had equipped him with. There were still enemies out there that needed to be fought and times when my skills were called for. I just wasn't going to let anyone other than myself and my moral conscience decide who to fight and when to fight them.

The fight to secure a better future for humanity has become complicated in the 21st century. The great evils cut across national boundaries. The greatest threat to the survival of mankind lies not from a brutal regime in one nation or another. It lies in the vast wreckage done by persons of every nation to the Earth itself. It is a struggle that will claim the life of every man, woman and child, even more surely than the possible Armageddons of the past century. It is also a war in which those in power are compromised or held hostage by economic fears, short-sightedness, and a system beholden to the very forces that must be stopped.

On top of this comes The Truth, an impossible alien force that can and will consume all of this reality if it is allowed to do so. Even more than the ecological threats that I have fought with everything from blackmail to explosives for more than a decade, The Truth must be stopped. No one and no thing can stand in the way of getting the job done. The nature of the threat is beyond existential in nature. There are no limits or boundaries which can not be violated in securing reality from this overwhelming danger.


Eduardo (Eddie) Gomez was born in the United States to two illegal immigrants who worked the farms of California's Central Valley. As soon as he was old enough, he worked the farms alongside his parents and three other siblings.

Eddie wanted more from his life though and enlisted with the U.S. Marines upon turning 18. He believed in the American Dream at the time and that this would open up new opportunities for his future. His first deployment to Rwanda and Zaire for a humanitarian mission in the aftermath of the Rwandan genocide opened his eyes to the horrors of the world. His second deployment was to Bosnia where he once again saw the travesties of post-genocidal conflict. In grappling with the horrors he had seen, Eddie zeroed in on the role of high demand for limited resources as the primary cause for the suffering. Projecting forward based on population growth and depletion of natural resources, it was clear that real hard times for the Earth were just beginning.

A few months after he was honorably discharged from the Marines, he took advantage of the GI Bill to enroll at the University of California, Santa Cruz. His studies focused on environmental and social justice issues, which quickly led him into various student groups, some more radical than others. He struggled with some of his classes because his education prior to going into the Marines was of poor quality and he quickly got caught up in the immediacy of extracurricular activities with the various groups he had joined.

After a year and a half, Eddie dropped out of college due to his increased involvement with the Earth Liberation Front (ELF). His training as a U.S. Marine came in useful in planning missions, organizing small units, and building incendiary devices. Over the next few years he traveled across much of the United States training local cells and helping them carry out acts of eco-terrorism. He narrowly avoided death or arrest more than once.

During one of his trips back to California, Eddie crossed paths with a member of the Keepers of the Source (Witchfinders, pg. 90) who had heard about him. They recruited him into the organization and introduced him to more supernatural aspects of the world. Eddie's purpose in life was clarified. While he always believed abstractly that the Earth was alive, here was proof. So too was an explanation for several of the... things he had seen over the years that never quite added up. He spent the next several years again developing and training cells for the Keepers across the United States, as well as carrying out missions with those cells.

In late 2010, Eddie and a small cell he had trained hit a construction site associated with the Church of Ultimate Truth just after midnight. The site was considered sacred to Mother Earth by the Keepers of the Source and they wanted to keep it from being despoiled. What had been planned as a simple construction disruption mission went sideways when it turned out the local Church leadership was holding a strange ritual on the site. In the ensuing conflict, several deaths occur on each side and Eddie gets his first glimpse of The Truth.

Eddie was arrested by the police the next day at a compromised safe house. In the house were several unregistered firearms and some home-made explosives. Eddie was quickly charged with numerous crimes linked to the incident the night before as well as illegal possession of various weaponry. Thankfully for Eddie, a member of the Samaritan Group (Accord law firm) seized on the opportunity to both thwart a branch of the Church of Ultimate Truth and get a potentially useful Hunter in their debt. After getting Eddie off the hook, his Samaritan Group lawyer formally inducted him into the Accord in early 2011. His debt to the firm is significant and he is in the process of paying it off through rendering services to them for both Accord and non-Accord purposes.


United States Marine Corps

  • Involvement period: September 1995 - September 1999
  • Foreign deployments: Zaire, Bosnia
  • Current status: Lance Corporal (Retired), honorably discharged

University of California Santa Cruz

  • Involvement period: January 2000 - July 2001
  • Major: Ecology and Evolution
  • Current status: Drop out

Earth Liberation Front

  • Involvement period: February 2001 - July 2013 (Death)
  • Current status: Limited activity since January 2006
  • Additional details: <Currently unavailable>

Keepers of the Source

  • Involvement period: July 2004 - July 2013 (Death)
  • Current status: Limited activity since January 2011
  • Additional details: <Currently unavailable>

The Samaritan Group

  • Involvement period: September 2010 - January 2011 (client), January 2011 - July 2013 (Death)
  • Current status: Debtor
  • Additional details: <Currently unavailable>

The Accord

  • Involvement period: February 2011 - July 2013 (Death)
  • Current status: DECEASED, Former Cell Leader, Ames, IA
  • Additional details: <Currently unavailable>