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When a dove begins to associate with crows, its feathers remain white but its heart grows black -German Proverb

Edward James Crowe, MD

Dr. Crowe in his traditional Victorian attire


Edward James Crowe was born the second-son of Lord Edmund and Lady Katherine Crowe of London in 1802. Historical records show that Edward's life was wrought with tragedy as his family members all unexpectedly died from seemingly-random and unfortunate circumstances. After the death of his father in 1819, Edward became executor of the Crowe estate at the age of seventeen. He presided over the family's affairs until his departure for the University of Edinburgh in 1820.
Edward studied physiology and mental philosophy at the University of Edinburgh. Although he was a trained physician, receiving a medical degree, he was fascinated by the inner workings of the psyche. He graduated in 1828 and began his work as a resident medical physician at a sanitarium for the mentally insane. His life had been closely monitored by his sire, who decided to embrace Edward in 1832.
While he was trained as a mental philosopher (psychology has not yet been formalized as a science), Edward was ultimately influenced by both Doctors Freud and Jung. He was present for a series of meetings of the Psycho-Medical Society of London in 1913 and 1914 and began formulating his own theories on the psychological condition of kindred. The Menders Movement was born out of these theories.
Doctor Crowe fled the United Kingdom at the outset of the First World War in 1914. He feared that war would either expose or end kindred society. He had his estate moved brick-by-brick from London to Houston, procuring the services of Elder Equinox of Clan Gangrel. He brought with him his grandsire, childe, and grandchilde from London. Dr. Crowe has been the Malkavian Primogen of Houston since 1914.
Once settled at his estate in Houston, Doctor Crowe was granted permission by Prince Jacob Bourghgrave to establish a sanitarium. The facilities were expanded during the 1950's after Dr. Crowe and his clan rendered assistance in containing infected humans and tracking down a Nosferatu plague-bearer.
Throughout the 1950's - 1970's, Dr. Crowe spoke out against the established medical practices of lobotomy and electroshock therapy. He insisted that psychological maladies could be cured through rigorous psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy instead. However, he also argued that mental illness was usually best left to work itself out since the mind and body were self-regulating systems. He has similar viewpoints of modern psycho-pharmacological treatments, arguing against drugging and forced medication of patients. It was during this time that he met Dr. Walter Rook, whom he educated in the ways of madness in the early 1950's. The two have recently renewed their friendship after Dr. Rook's decades-long disappearance and re-emergence.
In modern nights, Dr. Crowe has become increasingly more consumed with his psychological studies. He often isolates himself in his office at the asylum, going over psychological profiles and other bits of research. The long burden of caring for family and clan hangs heavy in his mind. Dr. Crowe served as clan Steward under former Clanhead, Lucius Catallus. In March 2014, he campaigned for the position of Malkavian Clanhead after a group of Elders voted to effectively replace Clanhead Catallus. Dr. Crowe failed to attain the position of Clanhead, but continued to work towards his goal of clan unification.
In March 2015, Marus (Sheriff of Houston), Wagner (Sensechal of Houston and Myrmidon of Clan Toreador), Equinox (Clanhead of Gangrel), Steiner (Archon to his Grace Pieterzoon), and Benecio were dispatched to Dr. Crowe's estate to place him under arrest for sedition against the Praxis. He was torpored, but in a body bag, and taken away in front of his friends and family members. His fate is unknown, though he was later proclaimed blood-hunted by the Ammarrah, Prince of Houston, later that evening. He is presumed dead.

Family Tragedies (a matter of historical record)

The Crowe Family, Edward with his father Edmund
  • Jonathan Crowe (brother) - died from massive blood loss after his left leg was lopped off in a tragic tree-trimming accident.
  • Timothy Crowe (brother) - burned to death in a fire when his bedside candle toppled over whilst he slept.
  • Elizabeth Crowe (sister) - poisoned from mercuric sulphide and lead oxide contained in her face makeup.
  • Lady Katherine Crowe (mother) - overdosed on opiates prescribed to her for fits of depression.
  • Lord Edmund Crowe (father) - trampled to death by his carriage horses.

The Menders Movement

Doctor Crowe is the founder and leader of a charitable mental health movement known as "The Menders Movement". The Menders are primarily concerned with promoting mental health awareness and respect for psychological diversity. The symbol of the Menders is an unshattered mirror; This is in contrast to the image of the shattered mirror of the Malkavian clan.

The group's basic practices and tenants are:

  • Regular study of the nature, cause, and manifestation of derangements
  • Acceptance of derangements as promoting psychological diversity
  • Promotion of psychotherapy and ego integration to overcome negative aspects of derangements
  • Opposition to psycho-pharmacology or physical alterations of the brain
  • Promotion of mental health awareness and patient rights


Crowe's Original Sanitarium

Derangements as a Result of Psychological Trauma

Doctors Crowe and Rook are currently conducting an experiment to determine whether or not psychological trauma during the embrace can cause derangments to manifest. The two will observe the psychological transformation of a healthy human subject through stages as human, ghoul, and kindred. Doctor Crowe hopes to validate his theory that certain derangements are caused by the traumatic transition from life to un-life during the embrace. A complete data set will take years, if not decades, to compile.

  • Stage One: Acquire subject (completed)
  • Stage Two: Complete full psychological profile of human subject (in progress)
  • Stage Three: Transition human into ghoul (pending)
  • Stage Four: Complete full psychological profile of ghoul subject (pending)
  • Stage Five: Embrace ghoul as kindred (pending)
  • Stage Six: Complete full psychological profile of kindred subject (pending)
  • Stage Seven: pending...

The Return of Dementation and its Psychological Mechanisms

  • Stage One: Compare manifestations of dementation and dominate as they are commonly known (completed)
  • Stage Two: Compare mental activity of test subjects affected by dementation and dominate (pending)
  • Stage Three: pending...

Clan-based Psychological Characteristics

  • Stage One: Gather psychological profiles of individual kindred (in progress)
  • Stage Two: Aggregate psychological profile data by clan (pending)
  • Stage Three: Identify statistically relevant patterns in the data (pending)
  • Stage Four: pending...


Kindred Society

BNS Status

Acknowledged in Houston
Abiding: Confirmed, Established, and Privileged as Elder
Fleeting: Courteous (conversion), Honorable (conversion), Honorable (Harpy Forbes)

Malkavian Faction: None

The Coronati Lineage


  • Lily Flatford - Dr. Crowe took over Lily's singing patronage after the death of his father, Lord Edmund Crowe. The two have maintained their friendship before either of the two were embraced. They are often seen enjoying each other's company. Lily is Dr. Crowe's mother's favorite performer. She can often be seen at his manor at least once a month.
  • Walter Rook - Doctors Crowe and Rook began their association during the 1950's. Being "birds of a feather" they are often seen studying strange phenomenon together. Dr. Crowe's sister is supposedly very fond of Dr. Rook and his peppermint candies.
  • Belle Anne Hurst - Dr. Crowe first met Belle Anne Hurst after she introduced herself to him after one of his lectures. Dr. Crowe took her on as one of his students and she became his personal assistant for a brief time.
  • Donnie Parish - Doctor Crowe is Donnie Parish's mentor and teacher. Through their association, Donnie became part of the Mender's Movement. It is unclear why Doctor Crowe has taken such a keen interest in the young Malkavian.
  • Orenna - Doctor Crowe first met Orenna in London sometime before the turn of the 20th century. Their friendship was recently re-kindled after Doctor Crowe visited Atlanta.
  • Leigh Ignotus - Doctor Crowe encountered the wayward Malkavian childe during a visit to the domain of Waterloo, Texas and most generously took him under his accounting. Doctor Crowe was named honorable for taking Leigh on as his new ward.
  • Matthew Alright - Doctor Crowe first met the Toreador Elder in London in 1910 before the Great War. He commissioned the gifted poet to write several poems and limericks for his little sister to enjoy. His work must have been impeccable since Dr. Crowe has the pieces framed inside his estate.


  • His tea parties are unforgettable. Have you met his family?
  • He once touched Jung's Red Book using powers of the blood. What did he learn?
  • He recently made a beautiful Toreador Harpy cry. What did he say to her?
  • insert rumors here


  • "A thought just occurred to me! Rook and Crow, both carrion birds, both black in color...it seems fortuitous that the two of us would meet...being that we are 'birds of a feather', so to speak." - Walter Rook
  • "I had an interesting thought about Doctor Crowe... I imagine that he sees our gatherings in his mind's eye as taking place inside an asylum, and that all the Kindred within are patients under his care..." - Karl Richter
  • "I am sure you are incorrect. It is seditious for you to suggest that the Revered primogen engages in the forbidden disciplines of the Sabbat" - Benjamin Sharp
  • "Watching him conduct a bit of research was both intriguing and eye opening into his movement. I have always been very skeptical of psychology and psychiatry as it was believed to be a pseudoscience when I was a kine. After having seem a small part of his study I find myself intrigued by the theory he spoke of, and I look forward to reading more of his findings as they are made available." - Prince Joseph Phibbs of the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  • "I find it hard to adequately describe my grandchilde. You can see his purpose in everything that he does, if you look carefully. While some may have a distaste for what he does, you can not ever say that he has no purpose. Keeping those with the Camarilla who might find fault with it, is in fact a full time job." - Orelia Taipetra
  • "Dr. Crowe? He is my teacher, he has opened my eyes to a field of study in modern sciences to explain the complexities of kindred and kine mental conditions. His lectures have been the cornerstone of the diagnosis and treatment of my patients and their disorders." - Donnie Parish
  • "Crowe's Old Land British, but has been away from the Queen and Country for a bit of a spell. It's quite right that even for one who went over on a ship quite a few turns ago still manages a proper muster. I bet he makes a damn fine cup of tea, too." -- Swagger
  • "Dr. Crowe supplements his insight with quick and reasoned action. He has my attention." - Rain
  • "An organized mind is one that has weathered the maelstrom of stimuli and randomness remaining whole and functional still. It is one that rests at the heart of the storm and believes itself to be made safe and orderly. The difference between genius and madness is how that mind reacts when that illusion is shattered into meaningless truth." — An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "Dr. Crowe is a rather humorous gentlemen, though we often forget that just because something is humorous, it can also be quite dangerous." - Einhardt Wagner
  • "It's fascinating, how he's always searching for answers to the mysteries within Kindred and mortals alike. I can't help but to respect him for such dedication." - Lydia Sterling
  • "Studious, he is, yes. Quite. A delight to spend time with, nearly addictive. Just watching him watch them. Blessed are we who approach and listen, while ignoring the jealousy and petty, inane prattle of the bored, rotted sour-grapes. My sister claims his blood, but only because her side of the family found him before I did." - Prince Orelio Taipetra of Baton Rouge
  • "He's creepy, and kind of shifty as fuck, but in a pinch he can be pretty solid. He's growing on me." - Alexis Levasseur
  • "A brilliant mind, a gentle heart." - Orenna Komnenos
  • "Doctor Crowe has shown his dedication to our clan and our family. He is often misunderstood due to the rigidity by which he must conduct himself, but I have learned much from him." - Cedric Wadsworth
  • "The man has some utterly fascinating theories. I appreciate someone so dedicated." - Mr. Allen
  • "What an interesting man. He wears a strix on his fingers and says he is part of a parliament. I would like to know more about him I think." The Gambler
  • " I have learned and relearned much from his experience and vast knowledge. He is very traditional,true, but tradition can keep all of us with a a sense of purpose and meaning." Candice Caine
  • "Not all danger takes a form you can force into submission. Unfortunate creatures will learn this truth." - Equinox
  • "As dapper and well dressed as they come. I have been introduced to him on the arm of one of his family, and it struck me how important family was to him. I value this because I was without one for so long." - Chloe Pavlis
  • "I thought he was unkind when I first met him in Houston. But now I've seen a softness beneath the rigidity of propriety." - Harper Gray
  • "I enjoy my time with the good Doctor. His insights into the human condition are remarkable and exemplify the belief that the Children of the Moon see beyond the rational." - The Broken
  • "After having witnessed Dr. Crowe undertake a risky, benevolent endeavor for seemingly no gain beyond the elevation of self-worth inherent to bold altruism, he is elevated in my eyes." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Waterloo
  • "What can I say, I owe everything I am to Dr. Crowe. My life is his. When he stepped up and took accounting of a bastard unaligned Malkavian, he put a lot of faith in me. I can't and wont fail him - Leigh Ignotus
  • "With his help, I'm becoming the Kindred I wish to be." - Candice Caine
  • "Most certainly an interesting one. I'd appreciate more glimpses into his character." -Dexter Mara
  • "One of the few of my sisters spawn that impressed me. Intelligent, witty, and focused are a dangerous combination for any kindred; more so for one of our blood." - Dr. Daniel Thornvick, Prince of Colorado Springs
  • "Some call Dr. Crowe mad, but what exactly is madness? I believe that true art, true expression comes from deep inside, from a place of where reality is perhaps not what we believe, but what we think it to be. There are none better at this craft than the good Doctor." -Matthew Alright

Favorite Musical Compositions

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