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That stuff you know.


  • Edward Lewis, Mortal writer


  • Acknowledged in Austin, TX.
  • Confirmed as an Ancilla by blood and age
  • Authority, Commander and Sovereign as Prince

  • Praetor of Austin, TX

Noticeable things:

  • His trademark drink is rarely seen in recent nights.
  • Sincere blush of humanity on his skin.

Where you may have caught him

  • 1790 - formally released from his accounting.
  • 1887-1987 - Savannah, GA (approved by VST). Edward started a publishing company through a minor prominent family post-Civil War. He rode that as long as he could before allowing it to be bought out. He traveled extensively during this time, but always called the Hostess City of the South home.
  • 2014 - Austin, TX
  • 2015 - San Antonio, TX. Becomes Primogen, then Seneschal of the domain
  • 2016 - Returns to Austin on the request of his sire. Ascends to prince in April 2016.

The People




  • "Mr Porter is a man of discerning tastes, so I can't understand why he likes me at all." - Brother Billy
  • "Another Ventrue, another suit. Just a matter of figuring out what he's got up his sleeves." - Flynn
  • "For the brief time we talked, he seemed like a pleasant individual. I think I'd like to speak with him further someday." - Anastasia Martin
  • "Mr. Porter is neutral to me. We can do business for the right price." - Zaina
  • "Precise. I'm glad to see that." - Dexter Mara
  • "Monsieur Porter is a credit to the clan, and sports an impeccable face for cards. I am much more comfortable having him as an ally than I ever would be as his rival." - Marie Blackwell
  • "Mr. Porter. He was always great at delivering packages. He's overdue by a century." - Mabel Ruby
  • "He comes from a long line, this one. But, he doesn't seem to follow the line. He does not stay in the lines to color. He draws his own path." - Jupiter Lotis
  • "If all my 'friends' were as valuable and loyal as him, I would not be left wanting." - Miguel Culebra
  • "He made me feel most welcome upon my first night in San Antonio. His charm is subtle. It is the subtleties in this existence that I can appreciate. ." - Costanza Rodriguez
  • "His hospitally is greatly welcome on my first night in San Antonio." - Lazaro Aargon
  • "You can always ask Mr. Porter a question, and get a good answer. he doesn't fill your head with gibberish, he gets to the point." - Dagmuar
  • "He carries an allied house's name. It is a benefit when he visits." - Dexter Mara
  • "A remarkable lineage. Time will tell if his was a remarkable addition to it." - Serafin
  • "Sometimes we forget who are friends are, and sometimes we forget what they can do." - Nova
  • "Someday, I suspect, we will have much to talk about." - Scarlett Thorne
  • "Mr. Porter is someone who I already respected for our ability to have what seemed like honest conversations on different matters. But then I hear he jumped in the middle of this Praxis contention...that took some balls. And it paid off, as he's now Seneschal...though it stands to reason that may have been his intention from the beginning." - Zack Snyder
  • "Prince Porter knows what he wants and he does not hesitate to grab it. True to his clan, He controls his domain and the kindred inside it well. I believe a future of longstanding, mutual respect can be built between he and I."- Franc
  • "Mr Porter aint no thug, he's good people and keeps his word. The only one of this line that I ever respected or even liked. I wouldn't cross him though." -Enzo Putanesca

The Rumors

Musical Inspiration

Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Austin, TX
Player: Robert M.
Storyteller: Pending Election