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Known to Lost Society

Egon Dunkle is a self centred very evil little man, who deals honestly with his freehold only because he understands the concept of 'safety in numbers', and that the gentry are still out there.


Egon's mask

Alias(es): Herr Doktor, Doktor Schlenkermann
Nicknames: Needles
Real Name: Vaclav Reznic
Age: real old
Concept: mad scientist/back-streets doctor
Entitlement: none


Mask: Egon appears as an anorexic androgynous individual with wispy fading red-blonde hair, large eyes, a long hooked nose, small lips, and a mouth full of disturbingly even teeth. He's usually seen wearing a long dark coat over scrubs and a stained lab coat. Sometimes he wears a surgical mask. If not, then his face appears very thin and badly scarred. Outside he usually adds a broad brimmed hat to shade his face. He must be sixty, if not nearer seventy.

Egon's true face

Mien: Herr Doktor is a near skeletal figure, reaching 6'8" tall when standing straight, though he tends to stoop. His skin is pallid to the point of near transparency, tight on his bones, with dark veins pulsing visibly just below the surface. His face resembles a horrific leather Plague Mask (see right), or perhaps one of the Dark Crystal Skeksis, with lots of deep scars, a long hooked nose, and large, dark, sunken eyes. His teeth are even and very sharp. His hands are bone thin, with the middle and ring fingers replaced by scalpels and antique-style syringes. His other fingers have long claw-like nails. He dresses like a medieval doctor in a long black coat and broad brimmed hat, or sometimes with a hood instead.

Mantle: deeply entrenched in Autumn, Herr Doktor's mantle brings a chill breeze, an odour of decay, a deep feeling of being followed in the dark, and a trail of decaying autumn leaves and sprouting fungi.

Relevant Mechanics: Autumn Mantle 4, Holistic Awareness, Dual Kith, Status (Doctor) 3.

Friends and Enemies

IC Quotes

From him ...

  • "Here, let me look at that ..."
  • "This won't hurt (me) a bit."

About him ...

  • "Dr. Needlefingers. Shit, that crap is creepy." ~ Arc

IC Rumors

(feel free to add)
Egon ...

  • enjoys human flesh when he can get it
  • once devoured the soul of a rival
  • was Prague's Dr Death
  • thanked his Keeper for his transformation
  • enjoys blood sports
  • keeps a pet cat named 'Dev'
  • hasn't killed anyone since returning from Arcadia

OOC Character Information

Changeling PC

Player: Morte O.
Character: Egon Dunkle
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Leechfinger/Chirurgeon
Court: Autumn
Freehold: ENTER INFO
VST: MES Virtual Lost VST

Basic Timeline

  • Born: 1958, in Ostrava
  • Taken: 2005, while in Trier, Germany, at a medical conference
  • Returns: 2008, to Trier from where he'd left
  • Comes to Prague: shortly after
  • Crosses the world: late 2013, gets word his fetch has fled to Puerto Rico, follows
  • late April 2014, arrives in Aguadilla

Current Activities

He's at a loss for something to do, having been a very busy man before coming to Puerto Rico. He's looking for work, both legal and illegal, and trying to build himself a reputation while hunting his doppleganger.

To fill empty hours, he reads, writes in his journals, and continues his medical research on available subjects, looking for lost knowledge and medical techniques.


Before his 'abduction' into Arcadia, Egon was fat (obese), rich (filty rich), and corrupt. He loved the good life a little too much, and it was killing him. He actually made a deal with his Keeper to avoid pending charges of embezzlement and malpractice, and to regain good health. Nothing goes as planned!

His durance was unspeakable, and with all such situations, he was changed unrecognisably. Where once he had a taste for the best life had to offer, now he gorges himself on the refuse of society. He takes great delight in treating the weak and poor and festering, feeding from their souls and their broken and diseased bodies, while at the same time healing them.

After learning about Fetches, he began to track his old life, to see if he had one. It seemed he did, and it had gone into hiding to avoid the same charges he'd fled to Arcadia to avoid. Late 2013 Egon learned that his fetch had fled to the Caribbean, to Puerto Rico, and Egon followed.

OOC Player Information

Player: Morte O.
WTG Number: WW1997100168
Domain: Trade Winds, WTG

OOC Disclaimer

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This wiki does not exist IC in this format, and is merely a collection of information about the character as a permanent record, and for OOC entertainment.