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“I have come to believe that the whole world is an enigma, a harmless enigma that is made terrible by our own mad attempt to interpret it as though it had an underlying truth.”

-Umberto Eco

Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Portland, OR
Player: Evonne Traffanstedt
Storyteller: Kerry Gavigan

Information Known by Kindred Society

Eileen is publicly known to be around 200 years embraced, though she has frequently been heard discussing older time periods as if she had first-hand knowledge. Despite her relative (public) youth, she is considered to be an Elder by social class. She is a scholar of many esoteric Lores, most of them relating to the Kindred condition or Kindred history.

Notable Traits
Speaks intelligently
Sometimes wears bright streaks of color in her hair

Eileen 3.png

Confirmed as Elder (Abiding)
Established as Elder (Abiding)
Privileged as Elder (Abiding)
Noble as Primogen of Portland (Abiding)
Favored by word of Elder Edward Salazar of Portland, OR (Fleeting)
Loyal by word of Archon Antonia Orsini of Washington, DC for actions taken in Detroit.
Victorious by word of Elder Mordechai of Olympia, WA for winning the "Mask" Symbel (Fleeting)
Loyal by word of David Daniel Steiner, Archon to his Grace, Shar-Sin (Fleeting)
Honorable by word of Harpy Anderson Winchester, of Seattle, WA (Fleeting)

Primogen of Portland, OR

Coteries & Societies
The Bakescu
The Circle of Ismeret



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Known Childer

Known Grand-Childer

  • TBD


  • Eileen has done work for "certain Kindred", which she "can't discuss in public".
  • She is actually far, far older than her two centuries of Embrace; after all, nobody could learn all that Lore in so short a time!
  • She is too calm to be a Brujah; she is obviously infiltrating the Clan.
  • She knows.
  • Got rumors? Add 'em!

In the Words of Others

  • "She likes to talk a lot. But if you manage to get her to actually commit to a direct answer it can be informative. Truly though, make sure what you are after is worth the headache." -Konrad Adalman
  • "She has the great knowledge and intelligence, a great benefit for her Sect, Clan, and family. Her intelligence is why she is the childe that gives me such joy. And I am amused when she asks someone: 'And what is your security clearance?'."Laszlo Bako
  • "While I'm sure she finds me in many ways little more than a cultural curiosity, this does not take away from our conversations in the slightest. It is an absolute delight, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stuffy and narrow-minded society, to converse with Eileen. It's a pleasure I hope to continue to have for a great many more years."Mina Chandler
  • "She's totally playing for the wrong team. Hell, she's playing in the wrong league. We could do so much with someone like Eileen! Maybe even teach her to dance! I always wanted a dancing Brujah... Mina said no..."Alexis Godot, animatedly, before an audience of houseplants.
  • "I do indeed know of Miss Eileen, but unfortunately she knows better than to be seen publicly speaking with the likes of me."Peter Legba
  • "Don't get me wrong, I love my sister. But we're nothing alike. I'm a glass of scotch, and she's tepid tap water. Nothing wrong with water when you thirst, but she's a bit transparent, don't you think?" - Julian Hussar
  • "A calm, mild mannered little thing much like the rest of her family. No, of course that is a good thing, but one wonders at the ramifications. When will the leviathan wake?"Ligeia Loxley
  • "I am familiar with her, yes. Her progress since her embrace has been of some passing interest. They improved their blood with her embrace but the question is: did they intend to do so?"Althea Bell-Hammon
  • "I tagged along with her sometimes when she was still a Ghoul. I think my sudden disappearances and reappearances unnerved her a bit. Plus, I like her family."Rain
  • "I wonder sometimes if she remembers me, and if so, whether she has come to forgive me or hate me for the small role I played in her story.."Rags
  • "The newest member of Laszlo's family in my city; she immediately impressed with her knowledge both of our ways and our enemies."Canaan Espina
  • "Beautifully intelligent, seemingly appreciative of my silence, and admirably accepting of my presence. I like her."Atreus
  • "We are the same yet we will always be different. She is family and I will defend her to the end."Masud Cassel
  • "I have always been intrigued by the parable of Eden and existence prior to the consumption of the fruit of knowledge. There is little wonder why the phrase 'ignorance is bliss' has lasted so long, there is a distinct price to being aware. The more perceptive one is the more the horrors and meaningless savagery of existence becomes clear. A primitive's mind makes him the center of the universe and the fictional gods he creates are concerned with his every action. The more advanced the mind, the more it must come to grips with its insignificance in the vastness of existence. Should it then be unsurprising that so many of those who seem the most successful at acquiring vast knowledge seem so very, very unstable once they do so?" – An observation from Phillip Avery Redgrave
  • "I have seen this little gem from time to time, within the halls of The Tampa Library. I do wonder what she is cramming into that precious mind of hers. I do hope she is not over educating herself beyond the means of gainful employment. I would also love to take her shopping for a lovely pair of shoes, and a nice hat to cover that sponge of a mind she has."Eddie Monsoon
  • "This lady can drive and shoot at the same time, a quality I admire." - Sterling Thorne
  • "Lovely, attractive, intelligent, charming. A testament to the good blood of her clan and the benefits of an extensive and tasteful education."Izar San Martin
  • "There is great depth behind those eyes." - Sevynn
  • "I couldn't ask for a better research assistant." - Tamberland
  • "Bright and inquisitive. An excellent example of a modern Warrior-Scholar." - Lochlann MacAllan
  • "She's strong and smart. Followed me up into the ice and snow and kept pace with me the whole time, just because she wanted to see what she could learn from the experience. Gotta give her a lotta respect for that."Kate Lockwood
  • "Miss Vargas comports herself well in formal court, being confident without cocksure and questioning without pretension. She only made the vaguest hints to the depth of knowledge she possesses, which impresses me even more." - Arden
  • "We once had a great working relationship; we lost paths over the course of time. But she allowed me to grow into the person I needed to be. For that, I will always respect her." - Erica Kain
  • " I shall keep the knowledge you grant, such as the feather in the cap of wisdom to your name." Genesis
  • "Mlle Steward, the beautiful Eileen Vargas, she is one of the most generous and patient Kindred I have ever met; her willingness to allow me to serve as a guard while on patrol is a testament to the Faith she puts in our clan." - Guilluame, a Brujah of less standing than her.
  • "It has been an honor and a privilege to work alongside Madam Vargas. She is a researcher and scholar of the very highest caliber. I look forward to pursuing future studies with her."Erasmia de Vries
  • "She is a scholar without compare. Rare is it indeed, in these nights, that one finds someone who understands that ALL knowledge is worth having." - Alexis Weiss
  • "After reading the words of Steward Vargas over the past months, I am glad I was finally able to hear the voice behind the words. And I must say, she was exactly as I envisioned, and was inspired by her voice." - Zack Snyder
  • "Eileen Vargas has impressed me - a remark I do not make lightly. She understands the importance of a unified Clan, regardless of borders, and does the Brujah of America great justice in her work."Cross
  • "All I can add to my Steward's perfect assessment of Eileen Vargas is that the clan could use more individuals like her, she is an example to follow."Jaimie Alexis Kelly
  • "Vargas... Vargas... Oh yeah! That dame introduced herself as Steward of the Brujah. Met her at Conclave. Perhaps the most well spoken and pleasent Brujah I have met. Shame they replaced her as Steward, she seemed to wear the position like a glove. Perhaps in the near future she might become someone's Seneschal?" - James Harlan
  • "This one is both smart and wise. She listens. She learns. And she watches all with a polished eye. I am lucky to have met her when I am first arriving in North America and understanding so little. She help me. Maybe one night I see way to help her."Zyanya Moctezuma
  • "She possesses an inquisitive and powerful mind, combined with a voracious scholarly appetite. A dangerous combination for our kind, to be sure, and a combination that is often unappreciated by the majority. But not by me. I do find one thing curious, however: How far must the gears and springs wind before they reset to their original configuration? I believe we shall have our answer soon, if she is any indication." - Matoxtli Pisanob
  • "She is nice, and she knows sh*t." - Rosko
  • "If you want to distract her, give her the oldest tatty book in the box...or one that most people put under the wobbly table leg and forget about. 'Cos hell, it's too hard to get her distracted otherwise." - AJay
  • "I like Elder Vargas to be entirely honest. She's an elder who not only cares for the collection of knowledge, but it's protection and propagation. How scandalous. Hehe. Joking aside, I'm glad she has her family to support her. She has mine as well, if she calls upon it." - Patrick Gimlin
  • "Shared suffering leads to shared understanding." - Edith Boese
  • "It is a shame she ended up as a Brujah. I still believe she would have made an exemplary Tremere." - Nicolas La Croix
  • "She isn't a brawler (in fact I think she detests violence), but when I have questions - and I often do - she often knows people who know people. That, and honestly, it's really nice to work with a Primogen who isn't trying to play some angle beyond doing what's right for the city."Cassandra
  • "A SLAVE since her life. Knowledge accumulates like water dripping in a pool, but provides no INSIGHT, no FREEDOM. Her EYES do not SEE. Her EARS do not HEAR. Her MIND does not UNDERSTAND. The MOTHERS and FATHERS direct the ANCIENTS who PULL the STRINGS of the ELDERS who slave everyone in the TOWER with DEBT and SCHEMES. And now she is ONE, an ELDER made to bring more MEAT to the chessboard, and SHE DOES NOT SEE!"Din
  • "She embodies 'ipsa scientia potestas est,' or 'knowledge is power.' No really, I watched her hit a guy with a book once! Honestly, I couldn't ask for a better mentor. Her presence is a beacon of calm in a sea of storms." - Jeska Deltish
  • "Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?"AJay "They both contain inky quills." - Eileen
  • "When one believes that Knowledge is Power, one realizes the potency of a Warrior Scholar."Antonia Orsini
  • "She taught me almost everything I know. Hopefully I live up to her expectations." - Raven
  • "Your Quote Here."You


  • 1816: Embraced in Boston, MA.
  • 1817: Southern FL.
  • 1850: Lake Oswego, OR.
  • 1860: Cleveland, OH – She meets Michael and Gabriel Temple, during a tussle with a nomadic Sabbat pack.
    • Later that same year, she meets Martin Bennett during an encounter with yet another nomadic pack in the area.
  • 1868: Virginia - Spent time studying with Liam Warden.
  • 1870s: ??? – Saved The Architect, a Malkavian misled by the Sabbat, by proving he'd been tricked and getting his death sentence commuted to Banishment.
  • 1890s: ??? – Traveled with Margareta Sasul.
  • 1897-1899: Washington and Alaska - Explores the Klondike Gold Rush with Kate Lockwood.
  • Early 1900s: East Coast of the US.
  • 1905: Meets a Malkavian named Rhys in the Washington, DC area; they have a very intense discussion about the role of certain Lores in the Tower.
  • 1925: San Francisco, CA – Has an "adventure" with Thomas Edwin Thayne and Heinrich de Luxembourg.
  • 1930s: Baton Rouge, LA – Meets Peter Legba during a visit to Eddie Monsoon.
  • 1935: Rescues a minutes-embraced Scar, and provides him a basic education.
  • 1940s: Fredericksburg, VA – Meets a Gangrel later known as Elise.
  • 1944: Early in the year, she Meets Paddy O’Neill and helps him locate his mortal family.
    • Later in the year, she travels to San Francisco.
  • 1946: Boston - Conclave
    • Meets Hector, the Nosferatu, after the Conclave.
  • 1955: Huntsville, AL – Embraces Joseph Aaron.
  • 1969: Northern California - Her plans to attend a rock concert with Sterling Thorne are interrupted by a car-chase with the Sabbat.
  • 1980s: Denver, CO – Forms an alliance with Edgar Clayton over a mutual desire to fight the Sabbat.
    • 1988: Louisiana – Meets Vitalia Giovanni at an occult bookstore.
    • 1989: Austin, TX – Spends two years doing research with Tamberland.
  • Early 1990s - Takes on a Ghouled research assistant.
  • 1995: Los Angeles, CA - Assists in saving valuable texts from a library during a Sabbat attack.
  • 1998: Canada – Accompanies Servire Albert Bernstein on a mission for Archon Juliette Margrave.
  • 1999: Washington, DC – Makes the acquaintance of Phillip Avery Redgrave, and then loses track of him under mysterious circumstances.
  • Early 2003: Seattle, WA
    • Portland, OR - She meets, and is told stories by, her Uncle Andrei.
  • 2010: Pheonix, Arizona – Along with a Brujah named Atreus, spies a bit too closely on a Sabbat Pack. Inevitably, they have to fight their way out of an attack.
  • 2011: Tampa, FL – Present during part of the Sabbat war.
  • 2012: Philadelphia, PA – Assists the Camarilla in retaking the city.
  • 2013: Returns to Portland, at the request of her Sire, Laszlo Bako.

Allies, Enemies, & Associates

Bernice Harris Simon Bridge Genesis Mina Chandler Atlas Edith Boese Character Associate
Masud Cassel Sydney Faust Peter Legba Tamberland Jeska Deltish Character Associate
Margareta Sasul Opal Smith Alexis Weiss Matoxtli Pisanob Character Associate Character Associate
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Music You Might Not Expect

  • Bastille: Pompeii - And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel like nothing's changed at all? And if you close your eyes, does it almost feel you've been here before? How am I gonna be an optimist about this?
  • Lorde: Team - I'm kind of over gettin' told to throw my hands up in the air. So there. I'm kind of older than I was when I reveled without a care. So there.
  • Florence and the Machine: Shake It Out - And I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't. So here's to drinks in the dark at the end of my road. And I'm ready to suffer and I'm ready to hope. It's a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat.

OOC Information

Player: Evonne Traffanstedt

Location: Portland, OR