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"For with law shall our land be built up and settled, and with lawlessness wasted and spoiled." — Njal's Saga

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Black Legion Brujah
Established, Venerated,
Exalted, Famous,
Well-Known, Loyal,
Feared, Steadfast,

Very little is known about the origins of the Elder Brujah called Eirik Alexson. Not showing up in kindred society until the 1300's, but already being noted as an elder at the time, Eirik appeared as the Anarch Revolt seemed to kick off, and began to fight like a crazed madman. Eventually taking on the mantle of 'war leader' or 'general' in some instances, Eirik continued fighting the Sabbat until the Camarilla's victory in the jihad over the rebellious faction. In present nights, Eirik is an old warrior in a political world that threatens to swallow him whole. He currently sits as the Prince of Philadelphia, PA and has held the praxis since he lead the efforts to take it from the Sabbat. He also sits as the head of the Black Legion, his family line, held together with his siblings Tamerlane and Tobias. While the war is over, some believe it is not over for Eirik, and that he sits, quietly, waiting for the next great threat to the Camarilla, so that he may raise again, to glory and battle.

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General Timeline

  • 1000 - 1300 - Whereabouts unknown.
  • 1300 - 1500 - Eirik begins making a name for himself, throughout Europe, as a crazed warrior. Battling 'The Revolt' from East to West, if there's a major battle, he seems to just appear.
  • 1500 - 1595 - Seems to settle some, seen in and out of Constantinople for unknown reasons.
  • 1595 - 1600 - Is in France, but is not present for the secret conclave
  • 1600 - 1660 - Seen throughout Eastern Europe.
  • 1660 - 1665 - Attends Conclave in Venice, hangs around Venice clearing our 'rabble' where needed.
  • 1665 - 1700 - Continues war throughout Europe, starts to rack up a large body count, seen as 'war leader' in various battles.
  • 1704 - 1720 - London, England. Arrives for the Conclave, stays for the food.
  • 1725 - 1730 - Back to Venice for Conclave.
  • 1730 - 1753 - Back to London, attends Conclave.
  • 1800 - 1880 - Arrives in America, begins to wage war across the Eastern Seaboard with the 'rebellion.'
  • 1881 - 1882 - Goes back to London for Conclave, before returning to America to pick up the war efforts.
  • 1882 - 1930 - Seen in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC, and Virginia leading war parties against the Sabbat.
  • 1933 - 1934 - Spotted at the Conclave in Venice, returns to America immediately after.
  • 1934 - 1946 - Continues war efforts, a young Ventrue named Camille Clark appears, and seems to act as his right hand.
  • 1946 - 1946 - Boston, attends Conclave.
  • 1946 - 2011 - War efforts against the Sabbat become primary focus, sends representatives to Conclave, but doesn't cross 'the pond' again.
  • 2011 - Present - Leads a large war party against the Sabbat holding Philadelphia, PA. Seizes Praxis with several of his closest allies as Primogen, and his right hand as Sheriff.

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Lineage of Blood

The Black Legion claims descendancy from the Mistress of the Black Monastery. However, the apex of the line is not a member of this household. For her crimes against the Camarilla, Lady Meridie de Chancie has been struck from the records, and is not considered a part of this Brujah line. Her childer, grandchilder and other descendants proudly remain loyal to the Ivory Tower, and unified in their disdain for her actions.

"Born in blood, The Black Legion stands as a linage loyal to the principles of the Camarilla, it's progenitors standing in opposition to a sire that would disgrace them with her actions. As with all siblings, each has their strengths, and I see us as parts that complete a whole. I stand as our strength, and our law. As the head of the house, it is my place to defend my line from those that would seek to tear us down, and to deal with internal family issues that would rip us apart from the inside. Tobias stands as our spirit, or our soul. Without his wisdom and guidance, I would have fallen to the beast centuries ago. And Tamerlane stands as our mind, and our heart. She is wise, beyond even her years, and there are few who would know her, and not care for her. There are few creatures between Heaven and Hell I have claimed to love, but they both stand as examples that I do have the capability. Our children, and from them our line, stands as our future. Each with their own individual quirks, my siblings have chosen our stock well, and I could not be more proud of them if they were my own. Through them, we will see a new beginning, and it will bring about one of the strongest, and fiercest lineages the Camarilla has yet seen." — Eirik Alexson, Progenitor and Head of the Black Legion

Chandra de Soissones William Edric Alexander Konrad Mark G. Teller Camille Clark
Clarence Charles Merrick Roane Lazuli Lucien Blu
Elliot Martin Atlas Phillip Avery Redgrave Constance Fournier Torrance Fairfallen
Amaris Ingram Nicolas von Hagen Tobias Tamerlane Adeline Bellamy
Fianna McMannis Allison Grey Declan Reed Ella Foster Cyd
Anna Russell Sebastian Frost Gabriel McNally Arthur Blackwell Character Ally Character Ally

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  • "He is family by accident of circumstance. He is my brother by choice." — Tamerlane
  • "He always seems to appear when he is needed. I'm not sure how such excellent timing is accomplished, but I would like to learn." — Chandra de Soissones
  • "Memory is usually a thing of the past. Our sins and triumphs fade away whether we wish them to or not. But sometimes they are standing there in front of you suddenly and fate begins to chuckle because it has rendered you speechless." — Lazuli
  • "Prince Alexson has many times over proven his worth as a loyal Warrior in support of the Ivory Tower. Now, having ascended to Praxis, he has the opportunity to demonstrate that he is a Scholar, as well. I am certain he will exceed expectations, no matter how high they may be set." — Alexander Konrad
  • "You do not need to know what I will do for this man, but in turn what he will do for me." — Constance Fournier
  • "I used to regularly tell Eirik that only a fool fights against the inevitable. Now days I just assume that if he’s fighting it, it’s not inevitable."— Tobias
  • "Perhaps some might worry at a warrior's ability to hang up his sword and take up the Scepter. No Kindred who has dealt with the Venerated Prince Eirik Alexson could have such doubts. What made him a great warrior? His courage, his dedication, and the justice of his cause. What makes him a great ruler? His courage, his dedication, and the justice of his rule. I will always treasure the memories of my service under Prince Eirik Alexson." — Mark G. Teller
  • "It is an honor to be asked to continue to serve under Prince Eirik Alexson. His superior strategy on the battlefield has translated well to politics." — Camille Clark
  • "I do not share his beliefs. I do respect his prowess in combat and found him to be an ally on many battlefields. One day this will not be so and the books will give testament to that day long after he and I are dust." — Elisheva Hellgate
  • "Honorable, I think. I'm not good at Honor, but I'd fight with him again." - Brigid
  • "I suppose that describing him with words like imposing or implacable might be expected, but in truth, the one thing I remember most clearly from our meeting was his infectious laugh. Sure, he's still a formidable, bulwark of a man, but when he smiles, you want to smile with him." - Master Harpy Forbes, Domain of Austin
  • "He's a starer. I'm a starer. Put us in a room alone together long enough and one of us will end up dead on account of neither of us blinking." - Goodman Goring, Myrmidon of the Nosferatu
  • "Although Big Poppa has obtained much wisdom throughout the eons of his existence, at times, it seems he has a death wish. He's so fucking metal." - Cyd
  • "When you are in the audience of a Warrior of Reknown, you realize some people need a hard lesson, and some people are the hard lesson. He's not only a Hard Lesson, but one Hell of a Teacher." - Sebastian Frost
  • "I am beyond grateful how he applys his ancient wisdom in these modern nights especially when the "Blood Eagle" takes flight which offers a mulitiude of teachings." - Gabriel McNally
  • "Elder Alexson is powerful, and used to getting his way. He and I have that in common, which is why I think we came so near killing one another this first time we were properly introduced. Thankfully, we both made the right choices in the right moments. I find myself looking strangely forward to next time. It's a rush I don't get often." - Benedict Verren
  • " An impressive warrior and I must ask him who his tailor is. " - Theobald Albrecht
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Character Information
Clan: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Jeremy White
Storyteller: Michael Smyrski

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