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Apocalypse PC


Vic Levandoski
Character: Eitri Erikson
Auspice: Theurge (Godi)
Tribe: Get of Fenris
Position: Pack Beta
Rank: Athro (Laurer)
Glory: ••••• ••••• •••
Honor: ••••• ••••• •
Wisdom: ••••• ••••• ••••
Pure Breed: •••
VST: Joe Vitale

Character Information

Name: Eitri Erikson

Deed Names:

  • Cliath - Rabbit's Bane
  • Fostern - Toes the Line
  • Adren - Rends the Wyrm
  • Athro - Burns the Wyrm

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Get of Fenris


  • Sept: None
  • Tribe: Jarl of the Great lakes
  • Pack: Beta of Heimdall's Bane

Notable Traits

  • Eitri hates Ratkin to the point of erradication.
  • Eitri is an accomplished metal smith and works at a forge when ever time allows him to do so.
  • Eitri has crafted several Fetishes for other garou in the Nation, but always requires some kind of payment.
  • Eitri works best in a pack, even if that is a very large pack.
  • Eitri loves his rites nearly as much as he loves spending time in the Umbra.
  • Eitri has been known to spend time in the Umbra assisting the Spirits in anything they may need to accomplish that he can help with.
  • Eitri has been seen giving gnosis to Spirits and not asking for anything in return from those Spirits.
  • Eitri spends much of his time learning whatever he can to increase his knowledge. Eitri's Knowledge has grown over the years and he continually looks for other things to increase his understanding of the worlds around him.
  • Eitri has the mark of Ishtara on his left cheek.
Garou nation.jpg


  • Large scar on his left side that is only visable when he is not wearing a shirt or in other forms. It looks as if something large ripped through his side with great force taking most of his lower abdomen and some of his ribs.
  • Large scar of a 12 inch wide bite mark on his left shoulder that is very visable in all forms. The bite starts at the neck and ends on his middle upper arm. It apears as if something took a bite out of his left shoulder, you can see actual teeth imprints in the scarring on both the front and back.
  • A massive scar from Balefire has burned 85% of Eitri's body. Both of his legs, the right side of his entire torso, his right arm, the right side of his neck, the right side of his chest, and his entire back are one giant burn scar.
  • Deep and twisting scar on his right upper leg and hip. While fighting multiple Bane Spirits with other members of his pack in central Illinois he was over-rum by a group of Banes. In the time that it took his pack to get to him he had already been very badly injured but had continued fighting banes to keep the Banes from getting to the "Action Bill" toys.
  • Deep and Twisting scar that looks as if something took a bite out of his left calf and it has not healed correctly (leaving a depression that still has teeth marks and a chunk of flesh missing). The little Special Edition Action Figure of Binky, the two-headed T-Rex from the Action Bill Movies took a bite out of him.
  • Eitri has two sets of deep claw marks on his right shoulder and upper arm. These were received from a corrupted Get of Fenrir Ancestor spirt that he challenged to single combat. Eitri did not want to kill the Spirit but help cleanse it, so he offered it his shoulder to beat on in the fight. Eitri put his right shoulder forward every time the Ancestor Spirit attacked him, taking its hit and offering cleansing every time it hit him. In the end, the Ancestor Spirit gave way and was contained and cleansed. That Spirit now resides on the Sept of Turtle Creek.
  • Deep Scar that looks like a rack of claws that rents into his right hip. All four claw marks appear to have healed strange and the claw rack can clearly be seen from front to back of the right hip, some seven inches long. It came from a Black Spiral Dancer that attacked him from the side while he was fighting an Elder fallen Get of Fenrir in the Hive Assault in Terre Haute Indiana.
  • Deep Scar that runs from his left eye back along the side of his head all the way to his neck on the back of his head. It even cut off the lower part of his left ear. it comes from a Fang Dagger that a Black Spiral Dancer use in the combat in the heart of the Hive in Terre Haute Indiana. After killing the Black Spiral Dancer that cut him, Eitri picked up the Fang Dagger and kept it,
  • Eitri lost his brother, Egil Erikson while fighting the Wyrm and its minions in the Amazon.

Allies and Companions

Get of Fenrir

Other Tribes

OOC Information

Player: Vic Levandoski

Location: Bloomington, Illionis