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Latsinam Suukya El Peligro.png

Shadow Name: El Peligro

Path: Thyrsus

Location - San Antonio, TX

Cabal - The Immortal Instructors

Notable Traits
El Peligro dot.png Talks to the air, if you have spirit sight, he is usually speaking with random spirits.
El Peligro dot.png When seen in Shadow, possesses features reminiscent of an Owl.
El Peligro dot.png Wears many trinkets.

El Peligro Tales.png

The Past leads to the furtue

Quotes El Peligro.png

El Peligro dot.pngQuote Here - name

The Immortal El Peligro.png

A School of Taoism that has made San Antonio, TX it's new home. The Schools LU is connected to a Spirit court of the same name
with El Peligro working diligently to increase the courts size. Currently it is a small school with three Masters and only one student.

Rumors El Peligro.png

El Peligro dot.pngIs Actually a Spirit pretending to be human
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Awakening PC

Player: Player: Michael Fricker
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Path: Thyrsus
Order: Apostate
Legacy: Katsinam Suukya
City: San Antonio, TX
VST: Michael Woodley