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Accord PC

Player: Mark Mielewczyk
Creature Type: Mage
Division: Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation
City: Tucson, AZ
VST: Chris Young

Character Information

Shadow Name: Elagabalus

Aliases: Charles Adams

Creature Type: Mage

Path: Acanthus


Legacy: Princes of the Many Masks

Order: Seers of the Throne

Ministry: Hegemonic Ministry

Methodology: Oikoumene

Notable Traits: Striking Looks 2. Appears to be in his 60s or 70s.

Division: Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation. Pyrite faction.

Status: Tucson Cell 2, Ministry 3

Title or Position:


Character Description

Elagabalus is a very handsome man who appears to be in his 60s or 70s. He is around six feet tall, with an average build, thinning grey hair and bright blue eyes. He usually wears expensive suits, dress shirts and ties and carries himself with an air of confidence at all times.


Murmurs can suddenly be heard in the background like a Greek chorus announcing an unhappy fate as shadowy female faces appear and look as though they are judging you.




* March 15, 1942 - Born in Tucson, Arizona.
* 1961 – Enrolls at the University of Arizona to study political science with a focus on Law & Public Policy. Shortly after starting classes, he begins to have strange, vivid dreams, some of which he would later believe to be prophetic.
* November 22, 1962 – Awakened while in college, exactly one year before the assassination of John F. Kennedy Jr.
* May 1963 – Accepted into a summer internship program by a Tucson congressman. He learns during his internship that the congressman is actually Awakened and a member of an organization called the Seer of the Throne. The congressman takes the young man under his wing after learning of his Awakening. He ends up working for the congressman after the summer on a part-time basis.


* 1964 – Joins the Seers of the Throne.
* 1965 – Graduates from University of Arizona, joins the Hegemonic Ministry. Enrolls for the Juris Doctor program at the University of Arizona’s College of Law.
* 1968 – Earns his Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree with a focus on business/corporate law.
* 1970 – Passes the Arizona bar exam. Joins a Tucson law firm, but working with the Seers of the Throne results in his developing a taste for politics. He also starts to dabble in local politics through lobbying and representing the occasional city councilor in need of legal assistance.
* 1977 – Opens up his own law practice in Tucson. His forays into local politics increases through lobbying, providing legal representation and digging up the occasional “dirty secret” to use to further his career.
* 1981 – Unsuccessfully runs for a city council position in Tucson. Continues to find ways to insinuate himself into local politics.
* 1987 – Unsuccessfully runs for mayor of Tucson. Continues to run his legal practice in the city and continues to find ways to insinuate himself into local politics.
* 1992 – With an eye towards retirement, buys property in Green Valley, Arizona and begins to develop it.
* 1999 – Moves to Green Valley, Arizona.


* 2001 – Runs for mayor of Green Valley and wins. He remains mayor until 2010.
* 2009 – The Church of the Ultimate Truth moves in and begins to infiltrate Green Valley. After a heated exchange in a city council session, he is approached by members of the C.U.T. afterwards, rejects their overtures and barely escapes the ensuing attack alive.
* 2010 – Thanks to the backing and behind-the-scenes influence of the C.U.T., he loses his bid for re-election.
* 2011 – Learns about the Accord and the truth about the C.U.T. as the C.U.T. begins to initiate their attack on supernaturals in the community. After a few encounters, he decides to flee the city, returning to Tucson and changing his name to Charles Adams.
* Fall 2011 – Meets Theodore Byron and joins the Ministry of the Immaculate Equivocation. Joins the Tucson cell of the Accord.
* Summer 2012 - Ends up at a roller derby event one night in Arizona for some reason, where Mietta de la Motte catches his eye during her game. They meet afterwards, enjoy some drinks and to his surprise, share each others' company later that night and a few times after that.
* July 2014 - Meets Amalia Iliescu at an Accord meeting in Hartford.


Admirers, Associates, Playthings & The Rest

La Fortuna.jpg

* Mietta de la Motte
* Serafina Adelina
* Theodore Byron
* Operative Intelligencer - Nephew
* Erin Swift - Granddaughter
* Dr. Lillian Cross - Granddaughter
* Amalia Iliescu


* “No, the terms were exact, to the letter, and not only am I a lawyer by trade, I am a master of manipulating fate and binding people to oaths, contracts, fates. Should said people break said contracts and deals, they pay the piper. So no, the contract is null and void. BROKEN!”

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Soundtrack: The Window to the Soul

* Pan's Labyrinth Lullaby (Music Box)
* Quiet Slumber
* Slender Man
* Fantasia - Henry Purcell

OOC Information

Player: Mark Mielewczyk

C@M Number: CA200403015

Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada