Elena Cassidy

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Accord PC

Player: Nycci Daniels
Creature Type: Mortal
Division: Gatekeepers
Hunter Group: Keepers of the Source
City: Hartford,CT
VST: Kevin Andrees


Character Information

Name: Elena Cassidy

Creature Type: Mortal

Title or Position: Voice

Hunter Organization: Keepers of the Source

Sacred Spaces

Elena Cassidy’s life could have been considered a tragedy – her father left her mother before she was born, and her mother, once a rich snobbish girl was disowned by her parents and left to fend for herself and her newborn daughter as a single mother. Her mother tried to do a good job, but she was unprepared for the single life. She went through men, letting them break her heart over and over until one married her. That one though would prove to start a path forward that would define Elena for a very long time, and change the path upon which she would walk for the rest of her life.

Despite her past, Elena is a mystery. Her life has changed her from a girl who was innocent and made a bad choice to someone who found enigmas in the smallest of creation, and who embraced her dark side – some would even say existing with one foot in the sunshine and the other one in the grave. Those who first see Elena wouldn’t normally recognize her as outgoing – quiet, shy and studious, Elena prefers her books and her sketch pad to social niceties. She’s more at home in a library than sitting around enjoying girl talk. It’s part of why she often gets in trouble for wandering around and finding things she shouldn’t…



Date of Birth: July 5th, XXXX
Place of Birth: Cincinnati, OH

Some people make choices, and some people make bad choices. She made a bad choice that night. She thought she was saving her mother from being beaten to near death by her Stepfather. She thought she was saving her from bruises and welts and another trip to the hospital. He was getting worse, more violent. She just wanted her to be happy, and with that asshole, she wasn’t happy, even if she tried to smile through her cut face and said she was happy.

She asked God to intervene, to get her mother out of the bad situation. She thought maybe he would get busted for the drugs or the domestic abuse. God wasn’t listening though – she wondered if he had ever listened. Lucifer was. Lucifer sent one of his minions to offer her a deal – she give part of her life for a specific time, and in three days, her wish that God wouldn’t touch would come true. They agreed upon a year…it wasn’t until her blood dripped on the paper that she realized there was fine print…she had signed for more than a year.

She tried to renegotiate the deal, but it was too late. The deal was already struck.

Three nights later, her stepfather was found dead – the coroner ruled it a suicide. There was even a note in his own handwriting apologizing for what he had done. Elena knew the truth though – she knew she had killed her Stepfather…so she ran as far and as fast as she could, hoping to escape the inevitability of what was to come. She didn’t realize until it was too late that her personal demon shared the seat with her on the bus headed out of town.

He took her that night as part of the pact. She watched from the shadows as her mother got the life she dreamed of – a multimillion dollar settlement from the insurance company, winning the lotto, and a handsome new husband who had a lakeside mansion in New England. It was a life she wasn’t part of – her mother signed her over to the state. Elena was a bleak reminder of the past her mother wanted to forget. Her personal demon held all of her cards now, and the chains that yanked her to Tucson, Arizona.

2014 – Elena begins developing strange abilities because of her association with Oscar and his demonic side. It is believed it may be something involving her blood.

2015 – The newly turned 18 year old Elena is out celebrating her birthday with her guardian Oscar when they are attacked. Elena is forced to become a Believer after the Truth reveals itself to her in the form of a servant and an abomination. Unhappy about this, Oscar realizes he can no longer keep her hidden and introduces her to the Accord in Tucson. Around the same time, she comes across a vampire who fascinates her – an intriguing relationship is struck between the two of them that is borderline dangerous and almost certainly suicidal.

During her brief foray into the Accord Elena finds her father is part of the Accord along with several relatives. She is devastated when Oscar chooses to take the Hero’s Walk, leaving her behind with nothing. She leaves Tucson, realizing there is nothing left for her but pain of a broken heart and people who despise her because of Oscar’s connection with her. A healer and inquisitive soul by nature, Elena has begun to find a place in the new world she exists in, having found interest in the various realms and the denizens of those realms. Thanks to the unique individuals she has met, her constant curiosity is almost always sated, even if it does cause her to walk a dangerous line at times. Some would call her suicidal, and others might even wonder if there is something darker that is driving her…in truth, Elena’s world ceased to be black and white a long time ago. She learned that to exist, you must not only walk between worlds, but live in the sunlight and the darkness , be both living, and unliving…love, and cautious of love all at the same time.



The people who touch lives

Pretty Thoughts

I should be afraid. I should be afraid of what I have found out there – but I’m not. I’m intrigued. I want to know more, I MUST know more. I’m willing to burn down Heaven to get that knowledge…what does that say of me?


(All sorts of ties wanted)

What People Say

"She is innocent, kind, and trapped in this world with us. She does't deserve the things, the terrible things she has to see and do. She deserves more and I hope she can find it." - August Carnegie
"She's sweet, and she's going through hell right now...actually literally...but I'll do what I can, I'm not the best mentor. But she is family." - Siren
"It takes all kinds, as they say, and I've had them. I've been turned down by saints, been turned on by sinners. I've ruined lives and I've birthed stars, and always done so in a way where I knew exactly where I stood. Elena is different. She turned me away with a laugh and a smile instead of a cross word and a glare. What am I supposed to do with that?" - Henry Clayton

Truths, Fact, Fiction and Lies

(Items here marked with a *** are not IC knowledge, but are here for the purpose of character tie buildings. All characters need to have some tragedy)

  • Elena’s mother is a Supernatural of some sort – but no one can find her to confirm.
  • Elena might become a Lucifuge one day…

Character Inspirations