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The Details


Name: Elena Hellenbach

Clan: Tremere

Location: Atlanta, GA

Sect: Camarilla

Position: None

Notable Traits: Her eyes look like clock faces.

Known Allies: Name, Name


Description: Presence, Grace, Power. Words that can all be used to describe Elder Hellenbach. Always dressed in dark colors, her night-black hair falling in a perfect, flawlessly straight line down her back, and sharp features distinguish this Kindred from the others around her. Her beauty is cold, refined, and unparalleled even among the most stunning Roses the Ivory Tower has to offer. Elder Elena Hellenbach is poised, as polished as cold steel, and sharper than even the most lethal of blades. It's wise to remember who and what you are dealing with when crossing her.

The Tower's Knowledge


Triumphant for destroying Allen Thorne


  • House Tremere

Quotes and Rumors

What She Says

  • "Elena Quote"
  • "Elena Quote"
  • "Elena Quote"

Everyone Talks...


  • "Her coming to San Francisco has been a blessing and I hope that her duties continue to keep her here. I owe her for all that I am." -Zachariah White
  • "She has been the perfect childe and an accomplished thaumaturge, and even in my new vision she has not left my side. What more could a sire ask for." Viktor Cantemir
  • "Your gaze is a thousand leagues away. What are you looking for?" - Ligeia Loxley, quietly.
  • "Contrary to what one cowardly, sycophantic weakling would like to think, this witch is going to be around for a very long time, and our Clan and Illustrious Sect are the better for it." - Prince Gabriel Tavaasche of Baton Rouge
  • "No mask is good enough to hide some truths, and Elena's plain truth is thus: she is remarkably efficient, remarkably dangerous. A stunning creature all in all, one that has my respect." - Arden
  • "Ms. Hellenbach proves that a sharp mind is the finest weapon." - Arden
  • "Cunning, ambitious, and ruthless.. Elena exemplifies everything that the Tremere strive for. If I were prideful sort, I would credit our blood, yet it would a lie. If such qualities were not already innate, Viktor would have never chose her." - Amaris Ingram
  • "Competent, efficient, respected, well informed, and powerful. Okay and yes 'easy on the eyes' too. But what most people don't see is welcoming, generous, understanding, patient, and kind, you know, actual leadership qualities that inspire loyalty from her followers. I wish our society didn't view those as weaknesses so I wouldn't be ashamed to tell her that directly." - Henry Fuller
  • "I have never had someone look out for me, care for me, and protect me like Regent Hellenbach. My greatest hope is that I will live up to what she believes I'm capable of, and my greatest fear is that I won't be able to. Followed closely by the fear that she'll blow the door off my room again; she's scary when she gets mad." - Isabella Marie
  • "Quite the interesting woman, and one I hope to be able to interact more with in the future." - Anastasia Martin
  • "What man can pretend to know the riddle of a woman's mind?" - Salvador Noventa
  • "Yes of course, Madam Hellenbach." - Trevor Rodgers
  • "Have you ever stared into the eyes of a superior predator and known that you were going to die? Yeah? That's how I feel every time she looks at me. Terror. Complete and utter terror. I will always do what she tells me to, because I am too scared not to." - Kendall Bailey
  • "We are going to do such amazing things together." - Maria Aigner
  • "It's rare I meet one above me in rank that I respect because they deserve it and not because the oath says too, Elena is one of those. I'd go to hell and back for her." - Shavo
  • "A Pyramid consists not only of foundation stones, but of sharp edges." - Rand Ryan
  • "Elder Hellenbach is the sort of Kindred who commands all those around her without trying. She has enough presence for a woman three times her size - it radiates out of her unbidden, commanding all those around her to pay heed. You didn't hear this from me, but I swear - once, I saw a demon look her in the eyes and flinch." - Hermes Reginald Waldenbrook
  • (In hushed tones) "Those eyes are the stuff of nightmare fuel. The clock is ticking toward something, but whether it heralds the wondrous, or utterly destructive is yet to be seen." - Grace Miller
  • ""Rare is one whose presence can effortlessly elicit both fear or calm, even amidst elders. Madam Helenbach is such a kindred, and I pity the kindred who crosses her." - Grace Foster
  • "If you notice me trembling in her presence, it's for a much different reason than you would expect." - Jayne
  • "The Backbone of Clan Tremere...how lucky am I that I have been so long associated with the Clan in such a pleasant way." - Viveka von Daun
  • "she insisted that she was a watercolour. that she would wash off. we'll see now. we'll see." -Ollie Ellsworth
  • "Add a Quote." - Name


  • She runs the Tremere in San Francisco though she never leaves the chantry.
  • If she never leaves the Chantry how did she get acknowledged? The Seneschal must have over stepped his bounds. Wonder how big the Tremere army really is.
  • Elena not only brought the gargoyles to San Francisco, she created them in the first place. She was one of the Tremere that developed the blood line. They are her private retinue of creatures.
  • Elena is the terror of the Tremere Clan.

OOC Information

Character Information
Clan: Tremere
Sect: Camarilla
City: Atlanta, GA
Player: Jennifer Rastegar
Storyteller: Atlanta C/A VST

Wiki Info: Stolen Shamelessly from Stacey, mangled by Original Bee.