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The Demonic Visage of Eli Fallen, visible to Changelings or those with more enhanced sight.

Operation: Heart Of DarknessOperation:SphinxOperation: Special DeliveryCleaningCrewWarningMouth.png


Character Information

Name: Eli Fallen

Creature Type: . Changeling, Fairest - Shadowsoul, Dual Kith - Incubus

Notable Traits: To mortal eyes, or those that do no see his true appearance - he is a handsom Man with slicked back hair, well groomed and wearing a fine gray suit. To more sophisticated eyes, he is the quintessential demonic visage. A creature of temptation, desire, and dark impulses, oddly enough wearing the same perfect gray suit.

Title or Position: Cell Leader of the Hearthstone Cell of Hartford, CT.
Brother Fallen, or Brother Eli, a Pilgrim of the Endless Road, and man of the Cloth. A priest in former days, returned to his faith once more as a redeemed man. Kith Gained - Troll


The Human Visage of Eli Fallen, visible to those who can not see the real supernatural world.

Generally Known Information

Was once either a priest, pastor, member of the clergy, or reverend, but its hard to get him to talk about it. Has a mortal family he will never involve himself with ever again, was replaced by a Fetch who is a much holier man than he could ever be. Eli Gave into desire and temptation and that led him down the path to what he has become.

Became a priest again when he came back from Egypt's underworld on mission: Operation Sphinx.

Is known to give public reports on Events after being there, was one of the first to give Reports of Manchester NH when Refugee Vampires from another reality coming into this world. This later became known as Operation Special Delivery, Eli was one of the first to report on Operation Sphinx when returning from the Duat.

One of the Founders of the Division called The Cleaning Crew, aka the Cleaners or the Accord Cleaning Crew.

Turned down an invitation to Lex Talionis when Set tried to recruit him, as he was slighted/insulted by Luke watts.


  • Undisclosed time shortly After the Langley Massacre -

Brother Eli Fallen and his allies are recruited into the Accord. They form the Battery Steele Cell, in Portland Maine.

  • Brother Eli Fallen attends the operation at Manchester NH, this operation later becomes known as Operation Special Delivery. The agents lacked a frame of reference for dealing with the events at Manchester. Allies fought and argued, even the traveler vampires attacked us as they came through, leadership was a clusterfuck and agents died. Only later did we fully put together all the pieces and understand the opportunity we had just won. Brother Eli had adamantly stood opposed to the Travelers admittance to the Accord. He was proven wrong, and is very glad he was.
  • Eli joins with Vancier Magibleu and Silent Wolf to form the Cleaning Crew Division, when abominations blood and shattered brick are just left to sit out in the open, and assassinated cut body guards are left out in a field by the work of other 'agent teams' at the operation. The three are pissed off at such negligence, and declare they will clean up the evidence so that more believers won't be the result. The Division picks up some speed, growing to 16 members across the US. Councilor Red Tape eventually becomes the Patron of the Cleaning Crew.
  • Battery Steele is abandoned after agents begin going missing from Maine. Eli retreats to join the Rattle Watch for a time under the guidance of F13. Battery Steele remains abandoned by the Accord to this day.
  • Eli receives the call to attend Operation Sphinx. He enters the Duat and faces the trials and judgement of the false gods who call that realm home. He highly questions the blind faith demanded by Councilor John Smith. While recovering from the wounds in his soul from the duat, Eli makes peace with his former god. The Lust Demon recants his inner evil, and becomes a man of the cloth once more. Sworn to only eat of fish and bread and drink of wine and water, the man gives up sex, gives up lust, gives up selfishness to serve the desires of the greater good. He strikes a deal with god, and knows that if he can save reality, his torn soul will be restored. During his traversal of Heaven and Hell in this soul searching, many agents believe him to be dead, it is a surprise when he returns.
  • Eli moves to Hartford CT, and agrees to Serve as Meister to cell Leader JC. Some say Eli is summoned to Hartford due to some unknown ties with several of the other changelings there.
  • Betrayers within the Hearthstone Cell attack and exile JC and Jaq. Eli is livid. Eli highly opposes the treason and the work of the Usurper Matthew Amari and his crew. Eli reports to the Chairwoman of Parliament directly upon her request. Eli serves as point of Contact for Hartford during this time of Turmoil. Eli heavily opposes the so called Usurper's choice of Interim Cell Leader, backing Deimos as his candidate if JC can not return.
  • The Usurper with the Support of the Lex and Doctor Lillian Cross, Kill loyal Accord agents, Deo, Deimos, Mr. Black, Jack, and wound several other agents in their coup bid for power, spreading the blood of loyal agents across the kitchen of Hearthstone Citadel... Eli calls for justice.
  • The Hearthstone cell is forced to abandon Hartford for a period of three months due to the betrayals of the Usurper and his crew and his 'supposed' puppet cell leader Dr. Lillian Cross. The Cut, and the Siphon Weapon wielding Servant Amelia are left unchecked in Hartford for 3 full months to further tear down reality. Justice is dealt to the Usurper and his crew, in a declaration of Banishment from CT.
  • Eli returns to Hartford at the end of the three months, serving as Point of Contact and first agent on the ground. Along with Mrs. Reynolds, scouts and clears Hearthstone Castle.
  • Doctor Lillian Cross is killed during justice of the Accord. Eli learns of this after the fact, and crosses a name off of his list.
  • Cell Politics Elect Eli Cell Leader. Houston is elected as Member of Parliament and Aideen as Myrmidon. Together the three establish a structure and begin recon maneuvers to reclaim and catch up on the machinations of the Truth in Connecticut.
  • Eli Supports Arthur Granby Over Arch for Chairperson of Parliament, using all of his powers of persuasion he convinces the MP of Hartford to vote for Arthur, as well as convincing other MP's of other cities. Despite this work, they fail to Elect Arthur by a narrow margin.
  • Eli, and others of the Cleaners meet with Red Tape on a floating hunk of Junk in the Pacific Ocean, he finds her perplexing.
  • Eli and Houston travel to Boston to help deal with a keeper situation. They assist with the Destruction of the servant known as Twin.
  • Eli serves as Team Lead during Operation Heart Of Darkness guiding the efforts of winning certain Non-Believer Assets to the support of the Accord endeavors in the area.

Vapour (1).jpg

Known Associates

Prostitutes, Streetwalkers, Pimps, a Demon Sex Cult, Assasins etc.
Mrs. Reynolds
Tom Noir
Comm0dore Z


"He really has a presence about him. I'm happy to report to him." - Houston
"Was a competent leader during the Heart of Darkness social endeavor. I don't know about the demon thing, though we had several demons on our team and none of them looked demonic Per se, so who knows." - Ellis Kingsly
"Well, dude likes to pretend he's a demon so I didn't really have a super high bar for him. So as long as he doesn't try to emulate them, we'll get along fine." - Simon

The Reports of Eli Fallen from the Field

Manchester NH, Reported here with original report and all responses intact. The Manchester Operation later became known as Operation Special Delivery. Eli was one of the first agents on the ground.

Egypt Operation Sphinx Reported here with commentary.


  • "Don't Piss him off, he will eat your soul. No Literally... He Can do that... I'm Not joking." SugarPie HunneyBunch
  • Eli has a list, a habit from his time as an Assassin of Hell. If your name is on that list, there are only two ways to get the name off. The first, death. The second, save reality from the Truth. Both options usually bad for the person named.
  • The Usurper Matthew Amari, Linley Constantine, Levi Grace, Gabriel [BWDHSWD] are names on that list.
  • Is in some way related to Jaquelyn Clarke, and Mrs. Reynolds, has been heard calling them Sister, similarly is Related to Garret Taylor, as he has been heard to call him Brother.
  • Has been directly heard calling Red Tape boss. Scary Thought.

OOC Information

Accord PC

Player: Matthew Dobson
Creature Type: Changeling
Division: The Cleaning Crew
City: Hartford, CT
VST: RST Nathan Kelly

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