Eli Roth

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Character Information
Clan: Tzimisce
Sect: Sabbat
City: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: Jesse
Storyteller: Some Guy

Character Information

Name: Eli Roth Zantosa
Clan: Tzimisce
Born: 1890
Embraced: 1917
Generation: 9th

Known Information

  • Eli is a ruthless and extremely effective broker. He has a hand in nearly everything, and has, in the past, brutally and violently proven to overeager members of the sect that he has not "sold out", in spite of his insistence on wearing only designer clothing, and keeping his fingers in mortal society.
  • His childe, Lo, is always seen at his side, and is something of a heavy. People are hard-pressed to find anyone with a story about going tow to toe with her and surviving.
  • He was born to the Zantosa, and shares many of their predilections.



  • He's sold out and is a Camarilla informant.
  • He's gone weak, and wants to be human again.
  • Eli is the coldest and most callous adherent to the Path of Power and the Inner Voice in the world, and his opulence is meant to display his indisputable power over everything around him.



OOC Information

Player: Jesse

Location: Virtual