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Known By Awakened Society

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Adfyd a ddwg wybodaeth, a gwybodaeth ddoethineb.

Shadow Name: Elian
Sleeper Alias: Rhys Evans
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium
Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph
Notable Traits:
• Speaks with a heavy Welsh accent, salt and pepper hair and beard
Nimbus: Golden light, with hues of red and green radiate from Elian. The deep tones of Church bells can be heard echoing.


1971 - Born on March 21, in Port Talbot, Wales, UK, to Cai and Gwen Evans.
1989 - Graduated from Glan Afan Comprehensive School with honours
1990 - Spent a gap year working on an Egyptian excavation site with the British Museum. Awakens while working on the Excavation site.
1991 - Enrolls in an undergraduate course in Archaeology at the University of Wales College, Cardiff
1994 - Graduates with a Bachelor of Arts in Archaeology from the University of Wales College, Cardiff and Enrolls in a graduate program in America at Drake University.
1995 - While studying at Drake University, he first makes contact with the mages of the Mysterium caucus of the Signum Lucidium (Ankeny’s Consilium), a reclusive bunch to be sure. Much of his interest in the Consilium deals with the Delectus Eruditus, the magnificent Athenaeum.
1997 - Graduates with a Master of the Arts degree in Anthropology from Drake University. Decides to continue his education a the University of Minnesota with a graduate program in Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology.
1998 - While enrolled as a graduate student at the UofM, Rhys interns with the Minnesota Historical Society in the Archaeology and Collections departments. He also becomes involved with the local Mysterium, raising up the ranks through his work at the Minnesota Historical Society and the U of M, including both his fieldwork and research.
2000 - Upon graduation from the U of M, Rhys obtains a full-time position in the Archaeology department at the Minnesota Historical Society as an Assistant Archaeologist.
2002 - At the urging of his mentors, both Mystagogues and Sleeper colleagues, he applies for a number of Ph.D. programs, both in the United States and back in the United Kingdom. While he is accepted to a number of great programs, Harvard and University of Chicago included, he accepts an offer from Cambridge University and enrolls in a Ph.D. program in History.
2006 - Graduates with a Ph.D. in History from Cambridge University. Accepts a position at the Cambridge University Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology.
2009 - Returns to the Minnesota Historical Society as a Senior Assistant Curator.
2014 - Invited back to Ankeny to take up a position at the Delectus Eruditus.

Allies, Associates, etc.


The Other - Seeker and Mysterium Mentor

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One only knows who they are based on the lies of a mirror and their mind.


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Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (Character: Robert Langdon)

TV & Movies

Veritas: The Quest (Character: Dr. Stephen Zond)

OOC Information

Awakening PC

Player: Kyle Solberg
Path: Obrimos
Order: Mysterium •••
Legacy: Eyes of Ain Soph
Position: None
Consilium: Signum Lucidium
City: Ankeny, Iowa
Cabal: None
VST: VST Joshua Zander

Player: Kyle Solberg
MES Number: US2013010058
Location: Ames, IA
Domain: Red Queen's Race (IA-005-D)
Player of:
Elian - Mage
Joshua Wilcox - Accord
David Jungermann - Forsaken
Patrick Iles - Lost
Massamilio Sangiovanni - Requiem
Onyx Wolfrunner - Requiem