Elias Freeman

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  • "There is not a problem, Mr. Freeman. I am only reloading." - Gal Friday
  • "If only I could induce my grandchilde to make an honest woman of his sister and join the First Estate, I would be utterly out of things to prod him about and we'd likely have to make up some other flaws." - Gwyneth Loreth
  • "I love a man in uniform. Especially when he's out of uniform." - Isnana
  • "Oh, boss-man. Alternates between high-level political Carthian shit and flirting mercilessly. I can't tell which rung he's at on the totem pole, and that's... concerning. To say the least." - Shad
  • "Your quote here." - Your PC's Name Here


  • Though Elias is the "senior partner" of the detective agency, in terms of attitude, he's the Watson to Gal Friday's Sherlock Holmes.
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Elias Freeman

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Carthian
Domain: San Juan, Puerto Rico
Player: James Foster
VST: Puerto Rico Requiem VST

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