Elias Webb

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Description and Notable traits

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Autarkis
City: San Antonio, TX
Player: Troll Sandoval
Storyteller: Adam Smith

Name: Elias Webb

Clan: Malkavian

Sect: Autarkis

Appearance: Elias usually wears black cargo pants and a black, button down, short-sleeved work shirt. He wears a pair of combat boots and gloves. His face is covered with a hard, plastic black mask. His hair is long and black and usually unkempt and dirty. He wears a dingy, floppy hat and a black over coat. Some times, he carries a small ruck sack that itself has a stench of decay to it.

Notable Traits: Elias is a seer. He uses various bones and other remains of both human and animal alike to scry on scenarios, places, or people and discern their possible futures. These visions though are not free and he's known to collect favors from others for the information he obtains.


Pending Approval on some things.

Otherwise, Elias has been moving throughout the US since 1770 as a Ghoul with his Sire and since 1863 as an Autarkis.


  • Unknown to Elias
    • Arthur Pendleton
      • Elias Webb


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