Elijah Boone

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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Little Rock, AR
Player: Jonathon Hammond
Storyteller: Little Rock VST

“If you want to keep a secret, you must also hide it from yourself.”

– ― George Orwell, 1984

Sorting Secrets

Elijah Boone

This kindred of diminitive height, unruly appearance, and soft speaking voice can easily blend into the surroundings. While some figures leap out at you, Elijah can go unnoticed. Yet, perhaps it is his associations with certain Brujah that cause vocal eruptions at the worst times, perhaps it is the madness that comes tangled in the immortality of Clan Malkavian, whenever this Kindred speaks, he nearly always dissents to something. His antagonism is nearly as reputable as his attention to detail.

It is unknown when Elijah Boone was embraced. What is known is that he was present at the Convention of Thorns, and is a formative member of the Camarilla, despite standing as an Architect being somewhat less of a conversational point these days. He has been seen in the company of a variety of Kindred, having friendly ties in all of the pillar clans and all of the social stations. With Elders, he speaks fondly of ancient happenings and remembers events long past with a detail that convincingly implies his own elder standing. With Ancillae, he speaks respectably, seldom lording over them absent another bone of contention between them. With neonates, he can be friendly, perhaps too friendly, as if each one were to be cultivated to the Malkavian's long term goals.

Notable Traits

Investigator Camarilla loyalist

Information Known by Kindred Society

Elijah Boone offers his services as an investigator, which by the measure of mortal means is a service at the pinnacle of the craft. It is also known, that unlike many of a century's age or more, he has not cultivated the blood gifts of his clan to any great degree. This eccentricity has not seemed to hamper his movement through the Kindred ranks, but coupled with his habit of wandering, has kept him from attaining any noteworthy reputation at all.


The Marbury Lineage

Known Childer



Elijah is a diablerist, like his sire.
Elijah is really a Caitiff, unhinged enough to pretend to be a Malkavian.
Elijah Boone isn't really his proper name. Some say, he ate the original, and in desperation, stole another.
Elijah was Anatole's lover in Sarajevo.
Elijah was Jaroslav Pascek's lover, during his term as Justicar.
Elijah is Archon Steiner's lover now.
His fondness for Nosferatu is so well known, perhaps he is one?
Perhaps it is reciprocated, and that is why Prince Marcellus of Little Rock seems to favor him so.

OOC Information

Cam Number: US2002066296
Home Domain: Little Rock, Arkansas
VST James Kiddie: camanarch.vst.ar012d AT gmail DOT com
Approval number for Elder Status: USA-SC-VC-1504-025137

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