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Changeling PC

Player: Hannah Wallace
Character: Elise Fairview
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Weisse Frau
Court: Spring
Freehold: Charleston, SC
VST: Elizabeth Namiotko

Character Information

Name: Elise Fairview
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Weisse Frau
Entitlement: None
Court: Spring

Notable Traits: Striking Looks (4)
Spring Mantle (4)
Seductive Grace
Presence 5

Mask: A lovely pale young woman with blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She wears a intricately beaded white dress and is usually seen barefoot, though she often carries very elegant white shoes with jewels on them.


Mien: Her hair is a paler blonde that is nearly white. She has long delicate pointed ears, and two small silvery butterfly wings that spring from her back.


History: 1952 - Elise Fairview was a raised as a proper young woman who fulfilled the narrow vision that her parents had for her. Prim, proper, compassionate, obedient, and nurturing, and meek. Pursuant to her parent's wishes, she was engaged at 19 to a proper young gentleman. They were to be married six months later. She was nervous, but exited, naively believing herself ready to marry a man that she hardly knew. On the day of her wedding, she paced anxiously in the room where she was getting ready. When she snuck a peek outside the room, the rest of the church had become a garden. She walked out into the garden, and found herself at a fantastical castle in Arcadia.

The Lover appeared to her as strikingly handsome prince waiting for her by a large stone water fountain. The first day was like a fairy tale, everything was perfect and wonderful. After that, he deciding on her as his favorite in his harem and showering her with love and affection as long as she did everything precisely the way that he wanted. He controlled every aspect of her life, her personality, her clothing, the way she wore her hair, how she was permitted to move, what she was permitted to say, and was the most manipulative and abusive of people. Elise nearly cracked under the pressure of fitting his perfect image for her. She began to seek out others in his harem for companionship and sanity, and found comfort in helping them withstand the abuses of the keeper. She frequently tried to rescue or protect the others. There was one other captive that she protected the most, and eventually they fell in love.

Her prince discovered her romance, and her perceived unfaithfulness drove The Lover mad with jealousy. He tortured them both and threatened to sell them off to separate keepers. Elise and her love decided that they must escape. When The Lover discovered that they were gone, he called the hunt after them.

They almost managed to escape together, but Elise's lover was torn from her by The Devil. He was dragged back into Arcadia, begging Elise to keep running and survive. Elise managed to keep running through the tears until she made it to the other side. Upon exiting Arcadia, she completely forgot her lover as well as many details of her durance.

2011-2013 - Elise worked at a brothel in Indianapolis, Indiana owned by Olympia (East Queen of Indianapolis) while she adjusted to her newfound freedom. During this time, she also met Ambrose Crom Cruach and they became fast friends.

2013-2015 - Elise traveled continuously to seek out new experiences and adventures, meeting many people along the way such as: Arc, KC, and Ammon Lu.

September 2015 - Elise began to settle down in Manhattan, KS. She began reintegrating into Changeling society at large.

October 2015 - Elise travels to the Charles Towne Freehold in South Carolina and meets Vastiel. She tries to help him overcome his ideas of revenge and adjust to changeling society, but fails. Vastiel ultimately seeks revenge against Martin Weir for an insult, and perishes. Elise attends the Fallen Faire, befriends SantaAna, Jack Daniels, and *Kage*, and purchases the water of the underworld to fulfill her newly discovered desire of conceiving a child.

November 2015 - Elise and Ambrose become a couple and conceive a child. Elise travels to Puerto Rico, assists them in killing Briar wolves, and ends up adopting a Briar wolf puppy because she couldn't see it slain. Elise also becomes entrenched in the politics of South Carolina, moving there to try to help guide and protect the new monarch despite the raising difficulties in the city.

December 2015 - Elise forms a friendship and motley with Jack Daniels, *Kage*, Cordelia Cane, Penelope Sunshine, and Cerise. While she didn't know Penelope or Cerise, she trusted Kage and Jack Daniel's judgement in bringing them all together. Elise traveled back to Puerto Rico and assisted with an evasive hedge vine that was infesting mortals, she didn't have the occult know-how, but she had the medical ability. She also continued visiting Manhattan, KS, assisting them in obtaining some rare items for a needed ritual.

January 2016 - KC's reign as monarch ended two weeks before its time, much to Elise's relief as she feared for her friend and lover in a tumultuous city. Ammon, Elise's best friend, has begun to frustrate members of Charleston to the point where violence is regularly threatened. Elise is hoping to resolve the issue, as she'd like to remain in Charleston... but she won't stay where her friends aren't wanted.

Elise's personality didn't change drastically with her durance, though she is no longer obedient. She has a strong aversion to people telling her what to do or trying to control her, she avoids long-term pledges or anything that she feels is restricting. She believes in having the freedom to pursue your desires, provided your desires do not cause harm.

She is a pacifist. She believes that most, if not all, can be resolved through polite conversation or deep discussion. She understands that there are times in which violence is needed, but she won't be the one to use it. She cares about protecting people, and the thought of harming them sickens her. She sees the best in people, even the crazy, twisted, annoying, or possibly slightly evil. She is naively optimistic and hopeful, she'd likely be a Dawn courtier if not for her need to follow her desires and live her life to the fullest. She doesn't really hold a grudge, she believes in grace and mercy, though any real person, she struggles with living up to her ideals from time to time.

She's a free-love sort of person, entering into all sorts of relationships with men, women, and whatever may fall in-between. She tries to encourage people to step outside their norms and try new things, often befriending odd people along the way. (ties of all sorts welcome!)

Friends and Allies

  • Ambrose Crom Cruach - The father of my child, lover, and dearest friend.
  • Ammon Lu - I thought he was so odd at first, but he's grown to be my best friend. He's a lot of trouble though...
  • Nina Weir - A very sweet woman, a good friend of mine. People keep saying we're very similar, I take it as a compliment. I'd like to be like her.
  • KC - A dear friend and lover of mine.
  • Dreyfus Mulligan
  • DJ Radix
  • Feel free to add yourself!


  • Ammon Lu
  • Cordelia Cane - I consider her to be a good friend, but I don't know if she realizes it.
  • Penelope Sunshine - I don't know her as well as the others, but she seems so sweet.
  • *Kage* - Strong and sensitive, she's a force to be reckoned with and a great friend.
  • Cerise di Vaar - I don't know her very well at all, but I'm hoping that will change.


  • I hear she is a big hippy, who wants to start a free love commune full of orgies.
  • She's Ammon's daughter
  • I hear she once had a tea party with a True Fae and lived.
  • She adopted a Briar Wolf pup - deluded with the idea that she can tame it.
  • Feel free to add!


  • "Ran into her for a little bit in Vegas. She seems nice, might make a good leader if she set her mind to it!" - DJ Radix
  • "When I first discovered there were hu-mans she helped me out by explaining what they were. She gave me lots of books to assist me. Really I am only able to act normal in society due to her tutoring." - Ammon Lu
  • "In some ways I can really see myself in Elise... and in other ways she makes me completely uncomfortable. I am not sure if the two are related." - SantaAna
  • "Elise is a sweet young woman and she gives out kisses. Who doesn't like that!?" - Jack Daniels
  • "She is one of my closest friends and confidants, though she keeps on winking at me for some reason and she's always hugging me. Not that I mind terribly, but a simple handshake suffices. Regardless she is a true friend." - Ambrose Crom Cruach
  • "She is a lovely woman. I would not be opposed to a dalliance with her at some future interval."- Doc Opp
  • "She helped me out a long fucking time ago. It'd be nice if she'd remember." - Cordelia Cane
  • "Beautiful as she is influential...*cough* Brilliant as a Spring dawn." - Dreyfus Mulligan
  • "In the name of the Ambrose, the Elise, and the holy son." ~Ammon Lu
  • "People like Elise are the reason I started this. I'm glad she's still around." - John Vimes
  • "Elise is like the guiding light that reminds us all what we're fighting for." - *Kage*
  • Feel free to add!

OOC Information

Ties I'm looking for friendship ties and romantic ties for this character. In particular, I was hoping to one day have a PC be the man who Elise fell in love with in Arcadia.

Player: Hannah Wallace

Member Number: US2011057692

Location: Baltimore, Maryland