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Character Information
Clan: Assamite
Sect: Camarilla
City: Little Rock, AR
Player: Krista Guthrie
Storyteller: Little Rock VST
It's not my place to ask.
I believe in something greater than myself.
A better world.
A world without sin.

Honor the Eldest
Treat Mortals with Honor
Slay not the Blood
Deceive not the Blood
Judge Caine's Blood

Known to Kindred Society

Recently Elisheva, a well-spoken Emissary, was Acknowledged by Prince Alexson of Philadelphia

Previously: She was respected by the Camarilla for her adherence to her contracts. While many looked down upon the Mercenary nature of Assamites outside of the Middle East, this one was commended by Elders for her steadfast nature.

The Anarchs were more divided, some cross that she would not take a double-cross contract while others admired her ability to benefit from the Tower while remaining Independent.

The Independents were just happy she was one of their own and were certain to treat her with the respect she earned by dealing honestly with all of them.

Elisheva is normally seen in black cargo pants, boots and a black full sleeve top. Her hair is covered by a black and gray wrap that winds down her back, but doesn't interfere with the draw of her weapons. She is very obviously inhumane and has been known to publicly admit to being a monster. Despite this she has never been known to say she intends to renounce her choice of moral compass.


  • Haqim
    • Jamal
      • Bakr
        • Tariq


She is a member of House Hellgate.

Status within the Camarilla

Acknowledged by Prince Alexson in Philadelphia, PA
Elder by right of blood.
Defender by Prince O'Sullivan of Jonesboro, AR

Previously held under the Protection of the Brujah Justicar, Prince Alexson and Prince Constance Fournier due to events in Nashville, but none can say if she still enjoys this standing.


Business Associates



  • Adam Shen - Contracted by a Camarilla Kindred in Turkey. Non-Lethal punishment.
  • Phoebe Aquitaine - Contracted by Unknown Giovonni to destroy. Completed outside Camarilla domains in the Midwest.
  • Deirdre Fisher - Almost a target, Elders of the Camarilla approached Elisheva with a request to deal final death to this Toreador but Elisheva declined to instead hunt Sabbat in the area.


  • "Man being in honour abideth not; he is like the beasts that perish." - Psalm xlix. 12,20; Repeated often by Elisheva
  • "I suppose one could say she is pretty good at what she does." Margareta Sasul
  • "Uncomfortably virtuous. Also Job, Chapter 28, verses 12, 13, 18." Mr. Allen
  • "Where I am the sword, my sister is it's edge." Achilles
  • "The very soul of discretion and efficiency, and such reasonable rates." Bastien La Roux
  • "The leader of Hellgate's broodmate, no no, I'm sure you will do fine but if you want to get to her you must first get through me. Good Luck sir." Hasiq Fieldman
  • "Yes, I have a high degree of respect for the Assamite Elisheva. Why? I have seen her prowess in combat and not with all my might and magic could I fight her and hope to live." Joseph Killian overheard at a gathering
  • "Elder Elisheva has my respect and my sympathy. Neither of those imply leniency. I do not think she would want it any other way." Archon David Daniel Steiner
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  • Is a fanatic for Haqim, but powerful enough that the Tower cannot refrain from contracting her services.
  • Enraged the normally calm Margareta Sasul. It would have gone to blows, but Sasul called down lightening that could not strike Elisheva. The two have agreed to politely disagree from now on.
  • She had a shocking affair with a Nosferatu.
  • Wasn't actually contracted to kill Constance Fournier, but neither speak of it.
  • Slew a Sabbat Gangrel with a single arrow.
  • Somehow fooled Archon Steiner's blood test, or she has him blood bonded to her. It's impossible for an Assamite to not be a diablarist!
  • She fancies a young Tremere and has been seen speaking civilly to him in public. Her supposed hate for the clan of mages must be a disguise for something else...
  • Openly attacked Archon Steiner while he was attempting to apprehend the diablerist Richard Marbury.
  • Used her friendship with Prince Alexson to gain a private meeting, overpowered him and blood-bound him to herself. That's the only reason she was Acknowledged.
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Known Only to Assamites

Most recently joined the Tower, yet none of the Clan has spoken negatively about this move. It has yet to be seen if discussions will take place about her loyalty.

Assamite Warrior of some age, her skin having darkened several shades. She is known to pull lucrative contracts from The Tower, the Anarchists and fellow Independents. In recent nights she has begun to travel with a band of brothers and sisters, sharing her wisdom and experience. It seems to be working as their tithe to the Eldest has gotten larger of late.

In most recent nights her band has formed a Headquarters in Little Rock, Arkansas for Regional Operations. One of the few Independent strongholds in the South, Little Rock is controlled by a Giovonni family. The local family has negotiated with the Assamites for some territory and from there Elisheva will entertain contracts for the Assamites of the Region.

Elisheva executes her contracts with efficient professionalism. Her history shows that once a contract is signed, she will accomplish the task, but she can be extremely precise about them during the drafting process.

OOC Information

Time Line For Tie-Making Purposes Only: Time Line
Open to all ties (positive & negative) except romantic.

Player Name Krista Guthrie

MES Number US2003061667

Location Little Rock, AR


  • Maharet for her dedication to her mortal family.
  • Ziva David for her confidence and way with English.
  • Tarma for many, many things.
  • The Operative for his belief in a better world.