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And although I may die , you, my children will live on, Open thy Eye and see the world truly, and know that what you do now goes on to heal another generation. -Saulot's Words, The Book of Nod

Character Information
Clan: Salubri
Sect: Sabbat ••
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City: Austin, Tx
Player: Kimberly Holt
Storyteller: [sc.austin.sabbat@gmail.com Kevin Whiteside]

What You Need To Know

Name - Elisheva Cohen, only goes by Elisheva
Sire - She has never mentioned it
Clan - Salubri Antitribue
Pack - Keepers of the Eclipse
Position - None
Status - Initiated; Loyal
Notable Traits - Eerie Presence - dry whispers on the wind; Obvious Predator
Path - Path of Caine
Faction - Orthodox

What is known..

"Know you are made to be unmade, you are the white lamb, the gentle sacrifice" - Saulot's Words, The Book of Nod

  • She isn't the talkative type, unless it's about the Book of Nod or ritual based.
  • She is very obviously Israeli and very blunt and to the point.
  • She is also strangely protective of a certain Harbinger, though no one is really sure why.
  • She is always wearing either a hoodie or a robe with a hood that obscures no less than half her face.


(Strictly OOC Knowledge for use in making ties)

  • Born 1981 Israel - Father was the son of Holocaust survivors, Mother was Israeli National
  • Was brought up to be a proper Jewish girl, but she always had a penchant for more violent steps
  • April 1999 Conscripted into IDF as all 18 year olds are. She took to the training very quickly and was soon being groomed for Mossad.
  • approx 2000 Sire found her and embraced her
  • March 2002 - Hamas suicide bombing at the Park Hotel, Netanya Israel kills Parents and sister .
  • TBD Released and illegally came to the U.S.
  • TBD Joins Nomadic Pack (work in progress)
  • still working on ties - Met Pack members; Took a serious mama bear attitude to Michiel Castello
  • August 2016 joined Keepers of the Eclipse pack.


"I cried tears of love as I, with sharp things,
sacrificed that which was the first part of my joy, my brother." - The Chronicle of Caine, The Book of Nod

"Elisheva, oh what a muse she can be with her anger and her blades. But seriously, I am always happy when I spend a night around her and get to keep all my bits." - Jude

"Her and her pack were respectful enough to not give any one a hard time in the Diocese...that's good, she'll have help as long as it stays that way." - Storm

"Destruction is in her midst; Oppression and deceit do not depart from her streets." - Umyrk

"A clever, yet respectful clanmate. I will be watching this one closely to see how she hunts." - Alexander Hawk

Feel Free to add!


She feeds off the blood of the innocent only, anything else causes her to unleash a violent side that destroys whole cities.

OOC Instpirations

  • Soundtrack

"B.Y.O.B." ~ System Of A Down
"Under And Over It" ~ Five Finger Death Punch
"Stand My Ground" ~ Within Temptation
"The Reckoning" ~ Hailstorm
"The Foetus Of A New Day Kicking" ~ Cradle Of Filth
"The Heretic Anthem" ~ Slipknot
"I Miss The Misery ~ Hailstorm
"I Am The Fire" ~ Hailstorm
"Her Ghost In The Fog" ~ Cradle Of Filth
"Epic" ~ Faith No More

  • Fictional Character Inspiration

Ziva David - NCIS
The Bride / Beatix Kiddo - Kill Bill Series
Sarah Connor - Ther Terminator
Ginger - Ginger Snaps Series
Eowyn -Lord of The Rings Series
Beatrice 'Tris" Prior - Divergent Series
USAF TSgt. Elena Santos - Battle: Los Angeles
Shosanna Dreyfus / Emmanuelle Mimieux - Inglorious Basterds

Victoria Winslow - RED