Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw

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Changeling PC

Player: Cris F. [1]
Character: Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Draconic
Court: Summer
Freehold: Freehold of the Bitten Apple
VST: Abby Estes


Character Information

Name: Elizabeth "Liz" Shaw

Seeming: Fairest

Kith: Draconic

Court: Summer

Title or Position: None

Notable Traits:

Mask: 40-something, brown hair with widening grey streaks, sometimes spectacles, perpetually grumpy expression and strong stocky build. Usually dressed in red and black business casual.

Mein: Similar, but with eyes of red and gold. Hair entirely grey and silver, with black wings curled around her head. Black scales creep from her center back out over her arms. Slightly pointed ears. Not very attractive for a Fairest. Summer Mantle x2, feels like standing next to a seething, hot iron stove. Usually carries hedgespun longsword and dagger, with Jin's makers marks.


-Former history professor. Taken just before she got tenure.

-Students called her "Dragon Lady" (or probably Dragon Bitch) long before she was kidnapped by the Gentry.

-Kidnapped by The Victor as a throwaway piece, but unfortunately became one of his favorite action figures.

-Returned from the hedge in the summer of 2013, but tried to avoid Lost society until Spring 2014.

-Went into the Underworld from Maine during the Ward 16 business. (ooc NERE 2014)

-Private investigator for a day job, trying to get back into University proved... unpleasant for all involved.


- Runa Hall

- Jasmine Sol

- Cormac

- Marcus Yeager

- Doña Catalina (NPC)

- Fawn

- Connor Garvin

- Samantha Holmes (NPC)

- Detective Angie Lee (NPC)

Looking For

-Friends and contacts, any court/kith.

-Those that need a private detective.

-Those that need a history tutor (at your own risk).

-Those with a background in academia.

-Other changelings taken by The Victor.


Liz Shaw (Doctor Who)

Lin Bei-Fong (Legend of Korra)

J'Kar (Babylon 5)

Llewellyn (Ozy & Millie)

A-Through-L, the Wyverary (The Fairyland series by CMV)

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-"Anger is one hundred percent better than indifference. Also I'm learning a hell of a lot." - Fawn

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OOC Information

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Player: Cris F.

MES Number: US2002023878

Location: New York City

Other Characters: Marguerite Muscat Requiem, Naveed Weiss Accord