Elizabeth Flannery

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Masquerade PC

Player: [1]Tarrah Bogart
Character: Elizabeth Flannery
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Primogen
Social Class: Ancilla
Domain: CA-053-D
VST: [2]Michael Jackson

This PC is now deceased

Elizabeth Flannery

Name: Elizabeth Flannery
AKA: Lizzy to certain parties but Ms. Flannery or Primogen Flannery will do just fine for you
Clan: Ventrue
Social Class: Ancilla
Status: 4: Acknowledged in Los Angeles, Established as an Ancilla, Revered as Primogen, Inspiring by Prince Longhena
Dignitas (Known by Ventrue only): 5
City: Los Angeles, California
Camarilla Position: Primogen
Clan Position: Praetor


Age: 150
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Place of Birth: Barefield, Ireland
Date of Birth: April 14, 1863
Hair: Auburn
Eyes: Blue/Gray
Nationality: American
Notable Traits: Paraplegic, never seen in person outside her wheelchair
Physical Description: White, Female,Early 20's, maybe around 5'3" (it's hard to tell when she's always sitting), 130 lbs with a curvy build.
Attire: Is usually seen with some sort of black and white theme to her attire (at least on the upper half) and her high-backed wicker wheelchair.

Like such.

Ventrue Lineage

Elizabeth Flannery Childe of,
NPC Childe of,
NPC Childe of,
NPC Childe of,
NPC Childe of,
Duke Amber

Information known to the Camarilla ICly

She has had her hands in the music industry for quite some time, in fact she owns and operates out of Capital Records.

Rumors- Valid ICly
She used to be a prostitute.
She doesn't actually need that wheelchair, it's all a farce.
-Have you seen those gams of hers? No way she's Ventrue with that mess going on. Clearly she's a Nos infiltrator.
There's no brains in that head of hers, the only reason she's still alive is that other Ventrue that's always hanging around.
Her taste in possessed bodies is...interesting to say the least.

IC Quotes
"Should it come to a vote between the Colonel and a less qualified individual, who better to understand the heavy burden of a crown than a King?"
"Each King may wear a crown but not all such crowns are something so tangible and heady as Praxis."
"I have known Primogen Flannery for but the briefest of moments. yet I find myself comfortable in saying that she is a beacon which all young Ventrue should follow. Her example of poise and constant dedication to decorum makes my duties in Los Angeles all the more pleasurable." - Gawain Croy

Timeline- For OOC tie making purposes only

April 14, 1863- Born in County Clare, Ireland
1872- Traveled to New York with family
1879- Contracted polio, leaving her legs atrophied
1884 - Embraced by NPC because of a life boon owed to a Nosferatu
1885- Moved to North Caroline to establish herself
1886-1945- Traveled throughout the south on business
1946- Took up residence in Los Angeles.

Character Inspirations

Annie from BBC's Copper


Inspiring Quotes

OOC Information

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Character Information
Clan: Ventrue
Sect: Camarilla
City: Los Angeles, CA
Player: Tarrah Bogart
Storyteller: Michael Jackson

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