Elizabeth R. Hallow

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Accord PC

Character Information

Name: Elizabeth Rosalyn Hallow

Creature Type: Vampire, Tremere

Cell: Lake Charles, LA

Accord Status: 1

Notable Traits: Red coat and hair.

Position and Title:

Known Information

What little is known about Elizabeth is really all that needs to be known about Elizabeth (in her opinion, anyway). She is a Vampire refugee from a dead world and possesses the ability to throw fire. She has also voiced a strong opinion against continuing involvement in Kindred politics.


Elizabeth is now a Journeyman in the Gatekeepers.


Miss Hallow has recently found the need to adapt her personally favorite vintage style to meet more modern standards, though she is usually hiding whatever dress she is wearing under a long, hooded coat. She takes care to make sure her appearance is very groomed, her long hair pulled back in either a tight braid or braided bun. Her appearance seems to reflect her rather quiet, almost harsh personality.


Elizabeth can come off as somewhat of a sociopath. She does her very best to seem emotionally detached from situations and actions. It is hard to tell if this is how she truly is ... or if this is a front that she puts up in some response to having lost everything in her old world.


  • September 2013 -- Crosses into this world in Los Angeles.
  • October 2013 -- Becomes student of Benjamin Barrows, placing her "Under the Veil" of the Gatekeepers.
  • February 11th, 2014 -- Joins the Gatekeepers officially as well as the Un Arbol cell in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
  • April 7th, 2014 -- Participates in Operation Redemption in Redemption, Texas. She is with the Beta Team lead by Smitty that goes to the oil refinery.


Setting things on fire.

Known Associates

Danica Barrows
Benjamin Wallace
Aiden Black

Personal Quotes

  • "I do not drink. Nor is my name Princess. Is this some strange attempt to court me? Such an endeavor will end poorly for you, I can assure you."
  • "Homeless people, not as cute as kittens."
  • "I apologize. The destruction of my world seems to have affected my ability to enjoy myself. I have decided to focus my efforts on keeping the same from happening to yours."



  • She's afraid of bees.
  • One time, she set this guy's eyeball on fire.
  • Set another guy on fire to "save" him


OOC Info

Player: Meaghann LeBleu

MES Number: US2013060196

Location: Lake Charles, LA