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Apocalypse PC

Player: Kendra C.
Creature Type: Fera
Domain: MA-003-D
VST: Jed H.


Name: Queen Ella Ashcoat, The ​Coruscation of Lumen, Sable in Obscurity

Breed: Bastet

Tribe: Qualmi

Pryio: Twilight

Rank: Legend

Territory: Caern of Sheltered Whispers, Sept of the Eagle's Talons

Just as the lynx changes its coat to match the season, the Qualmi werelynx adapts to her surroundings. Enigmatic masters of animals and disguise, these Native American Bastet cloak their secrets in misdirection. Riddles fascinate them, and few of their kind offer straight answers to any question.



Like most cats, Ella is quite comfortable on her own, occasionally seeking solitude when the noise of bickering wolves becomes too great. For the most part, she enjoys the peace of the Sept and the opportunities it affords her: protection, socialization on demand, and a tree branch to sit on while she appropriates the secrets of the ignorant Garou below.

The girl speaks in a strange manner, leading many to believe she is Feline born. However this is the nature of a Qualmi, to speak in riddles. After all, being straightforward isn't nearly as much fun as the enigmatic word weavings she leaves in her wake. And how can a cat silently revel in her superiority if her intentions are so obvious? On rare occasions she can be spotted off to the side, speaking silently to the skull of another Qualmi.

By all appearances, Ella is sweet, young, and extremely curious. She offers her assistance to Garou in fair trade and has never been considered less than trustworthy. Perhaps she always keeps her word. Perhaps those Garou have not yet realized how they've been swindled.

Nearly all werelynxes descend from northern tribes like Inuit, Ojibwa, Cree, Mohawks and the occasional Sioux. A few modern Qualmi have white ancestors lovers, but "integration" has been slow among this tribe, if only because of their isolation. Generally, they're a small folk in both Homid and cat-forms, with dark, thick skin, deep-set eyes and wiry builds.


Born on the Watuppa Wampanoag Reservation of Martha's Vineyard, Ella is a daughter of the Aquinnah Tribe. Like most Native American Reservations, conditions were appalling. After escaping the unfortunate circumstances of her upbringing, the lynx child was found and fostered by the Qualmi Clara Queppish. She spends their year ranging New England, imparting the knowledge of the Bastet to her Kit and instructing her in the ways of the world.

As their time together ends, Clara imparts one final lesson to Ella before being brutally murdered. Ella only barely escapes. She is sent to find a Garou known as Victor Dawncrown, bearing a object symbolizing a debt owed between the Dawncrown line and the Qualmi.

Ella appears to defend a dormant Caern after hearing the call to safeguard it is put out by none other than Victor Dawncrown himself. She aligns herself with Jason "Shoots for the Stars" McMahon and retrieves the Fera's key to the Caern, a lost Wendigo klaive. With the promise of protection from the Sept of the Eagle's Talons, Ella returns the weapon to its rightful Tribe and travels to her new home.

After fighting alongside many notable Garou and Fera alike in Nashville, Tennessee, Ella is instrumental in bringing the plight of the Fera to the Nation's attention. Skillfully selecting and maneuvering select Garou into position, she ensures the formation of a council who has the ear of a King among the Silver Fangs. Though it takes months more of work, she is one behind the scenes pulling the strings and moving everything into place.

Now seen as one of the few trustworthy Bastet, Ella is asked to accompany the Pathwalkers Pack in their quest to recover a lost Shadow Lord Grand Klaive. She travels to Lake Victoria in Africa and after a daunting journey, blinds the great Dragon Beneath the Sea, Ayido Hwedo, allowing the Garou to reclaim the artifact.

It is rumored Ella Ashcoat has become a noted friend of the Fae, having done much to aid them in with their troubles. Many see her rainbow coat is seen as a sign of this potent accord and have no cause to doubt that she has traveled with them, learned their secrets, and even exchanged gifts to no apparent harm. Of course this could be a simple cover for something much more complex, but no Garou has yet to prove otherwise. It is believed that, through this allegiance, she found herself formally invited to their Beltane celebration.

Rumors of a forgotten caern reach the ears of the Bastet and Ella sets off to reclaim this place of power, not as a gift to her Garou allies, but as her home. She restores the fallen and names it the Caern of Sheltered Whispers, known to her own as a Bastet Caern, known to mortals as a big cat sanctuary run by the Wampanoag. Few Bastet have proven trustworthy enough to have this particular secret shared with them though, fewer still have been welcomed, but the caern is home to three Bastet and their kin all who are ready to protect the location at all costs.

With the caern left in capable hands, Ella travels to Hong Kong in order to aid in the protection of the Council for Universal Trade. She proves instrumental in providing much needed distractions and information, going so far as to personally track and rescue captured Garou. In thanks for her assistance, she is|marked by Cockroach, denoting she has survived and persevered in the face of overwhelming odds.

Ella then receives a vision and travels to Las Vegas in order to discover that a caern raising pushed out of time in the 1920s was about to return. She contacted the Corax to pass this information along, while keeping the details of such a secret to herself. Furthermore she learned that three keys would be needed to keep control of this caern and its power and found the location of the first key, long before the arriving Garou ever even set foot upon the scene. She led the charge to obtain that key, puzzling out the secrets of the temple where it was stored. While the battle for the other keys took place, and the Garou argued among themselves, Ella led the Fera towards the caern raising, in search of secrets. Once there she assisted in the battle and gained a new fetish housing an ancestral Qualmi from the Umbral Zone. With the caern safely restored and the enemies defeated, Ella remained in Las Vegas, and discovered a way back into the Umbral Zone. After encountering a Pumonca spirit, Thunderbird’s Wake, Ella managed to impress him enough to learn a few new secrets...who knows what she might know now! Her final act in securing the fate of the Las Vegas caern was to serve as a Fera representative on a council guiding the Sept's creation, until permanent leadership could be found.

Next she ventured to Washington D.C. to solve the mystery of a Garou’s, Aims for the Heel, recurring Wyrm taint. She discovered that a Black Spiral Dancer fetish had been hidden within her, shielded by a second fetish tattoo with a Glade Child within. When the Glade Child was freed, Ella passed her patient along to the local Gurahl, Jason “Shoots for the Stars”.

After attending a Wendigo Tribal Moot in Alaska, she openly voiced her opposition that the Native tribes would be better off leaving the Nation. Ultimately the choice to stay was made.

When difficult times fell on the local Gaians, Ella took it upon herself to arrange a meeting and broker a peace treaty between the local Garou and Boston's Ratkin. The peace remains even now and the Ratkin have proven to be helpful allies.

Currently she finds herself deep in the umbra in search of Fenris. In the Battleground realm she determined her group needed to partake in the battle, but die in order to move forward. When they awoke from battle in the realm of the Norns, Ella then summoned a vision from the well of fate, Urðarbrunnr. Though she gained much, she also paid a price, but as a Bastet, it was more than worth it.

While most werewolves find a lynx's riddling ways infuriating, Theurges and Philodox enjoy trying to puzzle out the werecat's true meaning. Many of these riddles find their way into Garou gamecraft.

Even when she's angry, a werelynx always seems to be smiling at some private joke.


Rumor Mill:

Her eyeballs smell sound.

The lynx pictured on Blue Buffalo Wilderness food is actually Ella.

She doesn't talk in riddles. She just learned to speak English from a spirit. Her Wôpanâak is as clear as a swift stream.

She doesn't just talk to that skull, it talks back

Her deed name is "Tastes the Rainbow".

Mastered the art of Bastet War Paint - Magic Markers

Didn't actually start that fire!

Loves to harass Silver Fangs, the stuffier the better

She has a giant metal T.Rex for a pet.

The reason Ella gets so much done is because there are really three of her.

Ella will eat anything.

One time, she farted a firework.

Her rainbow coat is a signal to all Fairies that Ella is a friend.

Hid under the throne during Victor Dawncrown's crowning

Scared off a zombie horde with her laser beams

The Legend of Ella is already in the Silver Record.

One time, she stole a Wendigo Klaive from a Mokole.

She has her own book series

She's actually a Fae Queen.

Ella can't stand other Bastet.

Founded her own Bastet Caern

One time, she threatened to leave the Sept of the Eagle's Talons and the Garou built her a giant cat condo in her likeness out of a tree to get her to stay.

Attended a Stargazer tea ceremony and purposefully knocked over the cups.

Ella fought and killed a Camazotz.

Owns her own Big Cat Sanctuary.

Apparently snuck into Beltane and made deals with the Fae Queens.

She infiltrated the funeral of King Cyrus the Bald. No one even knew she was there.

She didn't steal a Wendigo klaive, she rescued a Shadow Lord one from a dragon

She can eat lightning and crap thunder. Even Grandfather Thunder likes her.

Despite being a cat, she's in tight with Rat. No one knows why.

Leads a raptor pack in Pangaea.

One time she blew up a car full of vampires because they wouldn't give her a lollipop.

Was just so soft and cuddly that she managed to put a Thunderwyrm back to sleep.

Stole a magic skull from the Giovanni and gifted it to Rat, after cleansing it a lot.

Ended a blood curse had been placed upon Dawncrown that would cause his heart to explode!

Didn’t eat an awakened hallucinogenic mushroom, showing great restraint.

Successfully trained the Sept members to trade her magic items for secrets, even if those secrets are still couched in riddles.

Knows how to summon demons, including one named "Killer Of Cats"

Built a network of feline informants who bring her secrets.

Tricked the vampire Prince of New York City into believing she was also a vampire Prince. Attended Elysium. Still hasn’t been found out.

Brokered a massive deal which culminated in her leading an army of Ratkin, Vampires, Mages, and Fae to combat Infernalists

She's accidentally responsible for that whole Lisa Frank craze back in the 90's

Painting with Words:

"Second key of the Long Watch. The Long Watch is over. Ella brings the key and opens the lock, saves the fish. Very important. Cat save fish, you all remember this."

"Rollercoasters are full of screams!"

"The slippers and the woof?"

"Fuzzybutts steal so many arms off the clock."

"Go eat the jello, tell me what flavor it is."

"Ella was the stone water holder when the breath of life was hidden. Maybe Ella does not hold her water next time."

"The message came from the car with eyes that carries rocks."

"If they are not wreaths, are they sunbeams? Or anger?"

"If your mind meats' gears tick to this, that this clock give the book a band aid, Ella will do this."

"Take her to your house. To the house of sand and wisdom, the grandest of graveyards, where the winged king of night roosts and the road all your fathers and mothers have walked begins. Your house."

"Mine is a flashlight, not a spotlight. Held in one hand. Some may follow it's glow, some may wander off into the woods. In the pages of the past, Ella has seen that her flashlight blinks and strobes and casts many colors and sometimes there is a seizure or two."

The Legend Continues:

"Add your quotes here."

"I always like to see Ella. It's good to have someone to talk to who makes sense." - Red Rain

"As the leech fell the Kine scattered and Ella Ashcoat plunged a stick into the Leech making so it would not move anymore." - Throws Out Windows

"Pangaea was fun! Especially loved the locals worshiping Ella when she rainbow dazzled them all with the laser beams from her eyes." - Jason "Shoots for the Stars" McMahon

Qualmi see beyond appearances, and they loath hypocrisy. Most can see right through deceptions, and punish liars with tricks of their own. These Bastet are slow to anger, and their rage takes a slower path than simple violence. Qualmi punish slights by setting magical traps and spirit lures.

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