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Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Indianapolis, IN
Player: Brigitte Ames-I go by Dallas
Storyteller: ST IN-014-D

Demeanor: Very very aloof/shy, usually distracted in one form or another.

Physical description:

  • Age: Actual Age 40 (Apperance Age-33)
  • Born: May 15th 1977 (Embrace date 2010 )
  • Height: 4 Foot 11 Inches
  • Eyes: Green(Glasses)
  • Hair: Short Red/Blonde
  • Weight: 115 lbs.
  • Special Features: Right nostril and septum pierced, upper ear pierced, ears pierced.

Character History

This can be known information She is a 10th generation Malkavian. She has an obsession with mirrors and occasional finds herself staring at them for lengths of time. She is addicted to sedatives and usually has a book in her hands. She is in the Order of the Good Death, very introverted and shy, talks in a whisper and is sometimes unresponsive. She also has fragile bones, an addiction to sedatives, low pain threshold and slow healing.

The Beginning: (1977-1988): Ella was born in Cincinnati, Ohio in May 15th 1977, to Richard and Patrice Baker, a couple who thought they were all money and high class but sadly that was not the reality. This did not change how they acted, better than everyone and from old money. They had dinner parties and bridge night every week. Ella alone in her room reading loathing the way her parents acted. Why did they have to act like they were born with a silver spoon stuck up their...?

Middle & High School (1988-1995): Ella kept her nose down, in books. Hardly speaking to anyone and even had a spot in the library that no one else used because she was there so often. Not being able to handle her parents delusional state she happened to run into some party kids and found that she greatly liked sedatives. They were a nice escape from her hoity toity fake parents, the delusion that they came from money and could afford anything. However she went to college on a full scholarship because of the lack of money from her parents. How they ignored that fact.

College (1996-2004): She went to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and studied for a PHD in liberal arts in 1996. Learning many different languages such as; Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin and American Sign Language. She took a special interest in learning about Faeries and Spirits, interested so much she looked for rare or even unpublished works to own.

After graduating (2004): Ella opened a small to medium bookstore named "Stars & Stones Book Store" with a special locked section of rare books in almost every subject. Occult, Religion, Psychology, Fiction...etc. People come in to buy books but vampires come in to either buy books or barter with her for some of the locked up books. When she moved she left her bookstore to her Sire.

Embrace (2010): Emmaline Locke befriended Ella in the stacks, both reading up of faeries and spirits. They became fast friends as they had common interests. A love for books. One night Ella got an invitation to see Emmaline's private collection and was introduced to Contessa Locke. She approved of their friendship and was offered secrets of the supernatural. Ella couldn't pass up an offer like that and so she learned about vampires and Emmaline offered to embrace her. Again Ella couldn't refuse and so in 2010 she became one of the broken. A Malkavian.

Meeting her Patriarch:

  • Aaron Locke:

Broken Mirror: After meeting the Patriarch, Ella was escorted to a room. This room ended up being padded and covered in mirrors. Every once in while a bag of blood would be dropped in by someone. All she could do was stare at herself. Stare at herself for a month. A month. Eventually she became obsessed with mirrors and whenever she saw one she became incapacitated by them, staring until someone jarred her.

Fixing the Mirror: Ella had went to see Quyen Locke to help her get rid of her obsession with mirrors. However mirror lovers fear the world's harsh dog eat dog mantra. They use the mirror as a tool to try and take control of a pretty random/irrational life.The mirror has something in it, something real evil though, and it is trying to get Ella's twin. The glass in the mirror sort of quivered when you touched it. It felt like, like it was sort of possessed. Many years later, I was collecting antiques from a nearby village and I saw the decorated mirror, a book and that box. Quyen took it up and bought it to Ella. Quyen had Ella sit in a darkened room, about a meter (3 ft) away from a mirror, and gaze at the reflection of your face for about 10 minutes. Keep the lighting as dark as Quyen could, while still being able to see Ella's reflection. At first, Ella would find that there are small distortions in her own face in the mirror. Then, gradually, after several minutes, Ella's face will begin to change more dramatically, and look more like a waxwork, like the face doesn’t belong to her. She may see a series of other faces, or even fantastical monsters or beings staring back, and others see animal faces. It is a dissociative state that scientists are studying, in order to try and understand our sense of self and identity. Ella tried to save her, but she failed because Quyen "accidently" broke the mirror and now the twin is lost in the mirror realm somewhere, and everyone knows your failure... They will know she's a monster, because you can not forgive yourself and that makes you angry... until you find each shard of the mirror that Quyen broke.

Meeting some of the family:

  • Ulysses Locke:
  • Contessa Locke:

Moving (2013): She moved to Terre Haute, IN and now owns a second small to medium bookstore named "Stars & Stones Book Store" with a special locked section of rare books in almost every subject. Occult, Religion, Psychology, Fiction...etc. People come in to buy books but vampires come in to either buy books or barter with her for some of the locked up books.

Stars & Stone's Book Store

Ella loving Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, she created her book store in dedication to her favorite book.

Several steps take down patrons into the main room, colored in earth browns and sea greens. Items and structural parts are arranged around the number 13. Thirteen wooden pillars, elaborately carved with scenes out of Old World fairy tales, thirteen tables are scattered in the free spaces. The counter is crooked with thirteen stools, there are thirteen fans overhead and there are thirteen bookshelves one leading to a secret room where valuable books are locked away.

Above the shop is Ella's haven. Her favorite number being seven she set this apartment in sevens. Seven chairs, seven rugs, seven lamps, seven rooms, seven overhead fans and seven mirrors.



  • Lindsey Stirling
  • Janis Joplin
  • Trance/trippy music
  • Earth soundtracks


  • Dresden Files
  • Dystopian Genre
  • The Giver
  • Matched Trilogy
  • The Pledge
  • Wither
  • Viridis
  • Fallen Series
  • The Post Mortal
  • The Long Walk

TV Shows:

  • Bones
  • Sherlock
  • Doctor Who
  • E.R.
  • Grey\'s Anatomy
  • Dexter
  • Dead Like Me


  • Strange Horror
  • Cult Documentaries
  • Queen Mary
  • Hamlet
  • The Duchess


  • Queen Mary
  • Joan of Arch
  • Findings of the oldest skeletons
  • Place that \"Cleans\" Mummies

Time Periods:

  • The Plague
  • Jack the Ripper
  • The 7 plagues
  • Holocaust


  • Gathering knowledge
  • Sedatives
  • Reading


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  • Emmaline Locke
  • Quyen Locke
  • Contessa Locke
  • Aaron Locke
  • Evelyn Locke


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  • In Bloomington there is now a sedative named Ella Baker.

Character Inspiration

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OOC Information

Player Name Brigitte Ames (Dallas)

MES Number US2005106702

Location Crawfordsville, IN