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Basic Statistics

  • Subject Name: Elliot Martin

  • Subject Clan: Malkavian

  • Known Aliases: Assorted.

  • Known Factions: Thought Police (Clan Faction); The Paricci (Malkavian Lineage).

  • Known Location: Philadelphia, PA

Physical Description:

Elliot Martin stands at five foot ten inches, and sports his long black hair tied back into a neat ponytail. Slender frames adorn his face in front of calm eyes, a mall tuft of black hair on his chin. Typically, he sports a business casual attire, or more accurately the "I was going to be all done up but I actually have work to do now," look. White dress shirts, purple tie, black pants, black dress shoes. Rinse and repeat. He is caucasian, with a hint of hispanic to his features, an a body of average build.

General Knowledge:

As it stands now, Elliot Martin is the Seneschal of Philadelphia. To those that have met him in person, he has been said to come across as a quietly friendly individual, and efficient in his duties. He has received official recognition due to his resourcefulness and creativity in performing the duties asked of him in service of the sect, and those accolades describe his manner well. On the surface, a perhaps surprisingly coherent Malkavian of a noted lineage with a penchant for turning a phrase.

It is no hidden knowledge that Elliot is a young Kindred, a neonate by the go of things. He will freely speak of his time working as a mortal in the nation's capital and of lessons learned there when asked. A flexible modern Kindred, he shows no shame in taking full advantage of the technologies of the world to accomplish his goals. Ever polite and mindful of the social thrust and riposte of the social dynamic in the sect, Elliot makes it a point to encourage different members of the Tower to work together for the betterment of all. However, for the most part he listens more than speaks, and thus not terribly much is known by those not acquainted with him beyond his title.

Cultural Standing


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  • Elliot is really, really into billiards. -Anonymous

  • He lost his sire in the siege of Philadelphia, saw him ripped to shreds in front of him by a Sabbat pack. If you were ever looking for a way to screw with a Malk's head, that is it right there. - Anonymous

  • "Rumor" - Your name

Quotes & Citations:

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  • So, you must ask yourself a very simple question. What is my humanity worth? Is it worth my life? Your life? Is it worth committing acts deemed inhumane to bring about a brighter tomorrow? It is not a question of emotion, but one of logic. If I surrender my humanity, I lose the ability to continue to serve those who have given me this opportunity, and I lose the ability to take advantage of this opportunity to better myself and the world around me. I am not an idealist, I am merely a realist who knows how to turn a phrase." - Elliot Martin

  • "Elliot is a brilliant mind, his ability to intuit and understand problems while retaining their complexity, that is not reducing an issue to its simplest terms, is a gift. He has been of enormous aid to Philadelphia, and to the Tower, and his future is just beginning. " - Chandra de Soissones

  • "Eliot is objective, unbiased, logic-oriented and most of all, trustworthy. Despite his outward appearance of cold, machine-like expression, I experienced a hint of emotion deeply buried within the Malkavian." - Arthur Blackwell

Allies & Relationships

Eirik Alexson "My prince is a dynamic soul. He watches over the city, and preserves the Traditions in a way that does not breed resentment, but respect for the position and power he holds. He has trusted me with much, and I shall ever seek to prove his trust well placed. "
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Familial Ties

Name: Quote: Song:
Blu "I enjoy seeing Blu when I visit the Princeton court, he is ever a warm soul considering our inherently dead flesh. " Song
Chandra de Soissones "Chandra...what can I say about Chandra that isn't already evident in all that I do? She has looked after me, guided me, even before I lost Him. I consistently rely on her council and experience as I continue to explore and strive to improve Kindred society. I try with every night to make her proud and thank her for all she has done for me. "' Song

Technical Details...

Character Information
Clan: Malkavian
Sect: Camarilla
City: Philadelphia, PA
Player: Jonathan Schneck
Storyteller: Mike Smyrski

Player: Jonathan Schneck
Domain: PA-015-D
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