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Simple Facts About Me

Current Name: Ellis King
Creature Type: Purified
Born: Around 1030
Became Purified: 1066
Accord Status: 3
Pack: needs a name
Cell: Sonoma County, Ca
Faction: I firmly believe there is no need for me to join one of these clubs. Although I might get bored and start my own one day.

Who Am I?

If you're reading this then you should already know a few things. However, for those who wandered in without reading the marquee there are a few simple things you should know. First, I don't believe in wasted moments. I've been around for a very long time and the one thing I have learned above all is that time is precious. So every second you hold back telling your crush how you feel or choosing to accept wallowing in misery over getting out there and grabbing life by the balls is time you will never get back. Do not waste that time, use every moment to the full effect.

Now, the Truth/Enemy/Whatever-the-fuck wants to get in the way of that and that brings me to my second point. If you try to ruin my good time I will ruin your existence. See, I chose a long while back to live forever and be constantly expanding in my knowledge and pool of fantastic experiences. When I found out about the Enemy I realized there was no way around it and that nonsense was just going to keep me, and many others, from our enjoyment of life.

So now you know (or have a further explanation) of my two core beliefs. Now on to a bit about the more physical.

I was originally a nobleman from Wales back about a millennium ago and found myself with a sime conundrum. I enjoy life so much that death was not an option...I needed to make my life keep going. I found my way there through a method my kind call the inner path. The short of it, with enough strength of purpose goddamn anything really is possible. Regardless, since achieving enlightenment I've been traveling and learning about everything in this world (and at least two others). In that time I've been a diplomat, an archeologist, an apothecary, an actual doctor, a soldier, a thief, an explorer of strange lands, a psychologist to thought-form, a scribe and at least a hundred other professions throughout the centuries. During those travels I have been through the Hisil, the Astral, Europe, the Middle East the Underworld and Northern Africa before eventually hopping over to the United States. Eventually I found my most correct calling and have been focused on it for the past couple centuries now. I am attempting to make humanity honest. My thought is to teach them my view and to embrace each moment to make the society as a whole actually honest with it's emotions and actions. Honesty is linked to healthiness according to at least one doctor so it seems in everyone's best interest to embrace that philosophy.

How You Will Know Me

  • I'm fairly tall and broad shouldered. But I get the feeling I am not alone in that descriptor...
  • I tend to dress in a practical fashion. Better to focus on utility, comfort and convenience.
  • For those who can see across the gauntlet I tend to be followed by a spiritual wharf rat that has been with me since the plague.
  • Occasionally I carry a large mace or two if there is to be battle. Because sometimes things need to be hit hard with a heavy metal ball on a stick.

What You've Heard About Me

(Feel free to add any rumors you may have heard or invent some new ones.)

  • I was a part of the Council back before it dropped down to the skeleton crew it has become.
  • I was the inspiration for John Woo's excessive use of doves in gun-fu movies.
  • I may have started the plague by accident.
  • I used to burn down Cheiron Group facilities on principle. I also used to destroy the facilities of their predecessor organization.
    • I still burn down Cheiron Group facilities on principle.
      • Oh, and I killed Edward Barrett in 1921. Fuck him and fuck his company.
  • I left a girl in a trailer in bumfuck nowhere Utah once.
    • There was a damn good reason for it.

Who I Associate With


  • X


  • Sam - One of my packmates. Wacky adventuring partner.
  • Dutchess - A regular working relationship
  • Bailey - More packmates and further adventures.
  • Max - Another packmate. Another lover of the adventure.



  • X


  • Patches - A local recent arrival. I like his straight forward honesty.


  • Silas Magnus - A good connection over the years. We tend to talk about events in the world when we get together every few decades.
  • Chance - Mortal family and also someone I helped bring into this immortal life. She's kinda like a younger version of me.
  • Eustacia - An old friend I bump into occasionally.


  • X


  • Seth Carnahan - Techenically a dhampir but whatever. He seems like fun folk.


Long Standing Grudges

  • Goblins. Annoying as always.
  • Any Changeling who tries to be like the Leprechauns, Poohka and Sidhe of old. Fuck them.

The Shit People Say

What You Said

(Feel free to add quotes)

  • X

When I Speak My Mind

  • "You see most people go through their lives focused on what they should and shouldn’t do, looking to the manners passed down through the generations for a guide on proprietary. The things is, those rules are complete horseshit as fabricated by deranged puritanical masochists who would rather suffer through this life than embrace every last moment, squeezing out the best life has to offer. This is where they went wrong and lives upon lives for centuries have had countless opportunities robbed from them as a result. I’ve lived a long life, I know...I look great for my age, and during that time I have come to the conclusion that every moment is unique and special. The only people who get the privilege of experiencing that exact moment are those directly around and involved. And so, if these moments involve the foulness of restraint as designed by people who would just as well remove their genitals if they thought it meant they got a ticket to heaven then what service are you providing yourself? None. So take each moment and remove that imposition of moral authority and remember what Terence said: ‘Fortis fortuna adiuvat."

Things I Find Applicable

  • "I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it." -Rita Mae Brown
  • "I do not fear death. I resent it. Everything must die, apparently, and I am no exception. But I want to be consulted. You know what I mean? Death is impatient and thoughtless. It barges into your room when you are right in the middle of something, and it doesn’t bother to wipe its boots. I have a new passion, my darlings, a passion for being myself, and for being more than previously has been manifested for a single lifetime. I am determined to die at my own convenience. Therefore, I journey to the east, where, I have been told, there are men who have taught death some manners." -Tim Robbins

Where I Came From

The People I Resemble

  • Aristippus
  • Charlie Crews from the TV show Life
  • The Drifter from the film Bunraku

The Works That Inspired Me

  • The Cyrenaics
  • Zen Buddhism
  • "Long Live Walter Jameson" from the TV show The Twilight Zone

The Soundtrack to My Life

OOC Info

Played By: Jon Grimmer
Location: Rohnert Park, Ca

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