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Changeling PC

Player: Brigitte Ames
Character: Elsa Calavera
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Gravewright/Pishacha
Court: Autumn
Freehold: Cincy
VST: Drew Biddle

Entitlement lord sages of the unknown reaches.png

Entitlement: The Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches

Demeanor: Elsa can be a friendly person but her personality is a little cold and odd. It takes a little while to get used to her, most people shy away from Elsa, not sure if she is sane or safe.

Physical description:

  • Mask: Elsa is a slender yet curvy woman. Her skin is a darker shade of caramel and her long and brown claiming her as Mexican decent. She tends to dress in a goth/pop culture style. She has a tattoo of the number 13 on her left wrist and the umbrella corporation symbol tattoo on her right wrist. She has red eyes that have a milky film as if she is blind and stitching on her body looking like she has had multiple skin graphs.
  • Mein: Elsa eyes are sunken in and black, her hair is still long and brown but it appears nappy, dirty with leaves and bones hidden within. Her face looks porcelain and polished to the bone. There are decorative markings sunken into her face in the fashion of a Dia De Los Muertos Skull, in particular the Gypsy. She has a barbed tongue, like that of a chinstrap penguin. Where her skin is visible, you can see stitch marks and her skin is almost like different colored swatches of skin, some living, some dead. Her hands and feet are even furry from a Beast Changeling. She appears to be like a patchwork doll of different people's and Changeling's skin.
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Cool Stuff: Striking Looks 2, Gentrified Bearing, Manifest Mein, Autumn Mantle 3( USA-EC-CL-1307-006674 ), From Tzurumutaro, Michoacan Mexico( USA-EC-CL-1307-006673), Dual-Kith Gravewright/Pishacha ( US-EC-CL-1307-6675 ), Lord Sages of the Unknown Reaches( US-EC-CL-1307-007642 )

Character History

This can be known information Elsa Calavera was born Elsa Castillo Ortega to Kemen Castillo and Isi Ortega in Tzurumutaro, Michoacan Mexico on a brisk late August night 1968. She lived in the small town, with her few count of neighbors. Her Mother stayed at home and her Father was a merchant in the market. Life was good, simple, quiet. Elsa was loved my her parents and her favorite holiday was The Dia De Los Muertos. She loved helping her Mother prepare the food to take to the cemetery. She missed her grandparents and her little brother who only lived for three hours. Every Dia De Los Muertos Elsa tells her little brother all the highlights of the year and sang songs with her grandparents.

This is strictly unknown to all! Elsa was the first to be taken from her mid sized Mexican town, the Others came for the rest of her town later. Elsa was taken in 1981 at the young age of 13 while she was walking home from visiting her brother’s grave. Her Keeper saw her walking home wearing her holiday mask and it made it ever harder to resist taking her into Arcadia. Her Keeper forced Elsa to keep her mask on and after time it sunk into her skin and became her face.. All the while the fetch makers used Elsa to practice sewing on. They started off by using changeling they had caged up, but then they needed to practice making actual fetches. So her Keeper sent Elsa back to her home town to lure her dear neighbors into Arcadia, of course she was watched and eventually Elsa went slightly willingly to lure in her neighbors. Elsa did this because she thought that if she did her Keepers bidding he would take her away from the fetch makers. She had the skins of loved ones and neighbors sewn into her skin. Some skin alive, some skin dead she was made to eat the remaining flesh dead or alive of whoever they were using to get "material" this gave her an appetite for dead flesh. She spent what felt like 5 years in Arcadia, but was really 10 years. When the Keeper thought his fetch makers had enough training he allowed Elsa to leave, sending her away.

This was in 1991, Elsa was 23 but because of the effects of time in Arcadia she appeared to be 18. She went back to her home town, but when she got there she knew in her heart that everyone was not real. She knew this because a little piece of everyone in the town was sewn into her skin. So she left, to seek a place where she could be accepted, somewhere there where real people. Not walking piles of straw and sticks.

This can be partionaly known, stories do float about She spent her first 5 years in Texas, after which she decided to go on a cemetery tour. She then spent every year researching a different cemetery. Living just outside the city the cemetery is in. She spent 15 years checking out 15 cemetery based off the list from http://www.hauntedamericatours.com/hauntedcemeteries/toptenhauntedcemeteries/ before settling in Muncie IN. Shes now 38 in 2011. Because of her terrifying mein and her willingness to lure towns people, she has a glimmer of True Fae that carries with her(Gentrified Bearing), because of this her time in graveyards slowly changed and twisted her mein even more. Arcadia still haunting her. Her human eyes became red and took on a milky film, her carmel skin darkened and her tongue grew barbs.

Most Haunted

    1. 1St. Louis Cemetery New Orleans, Louisanna

Visit 1996-1997 'Scene Summery-Approved by NOLA VST David Levkowitz US2005053424'

There is a fellow changeling, Jane of the Shadows, an Autumn courtier like yourself that tends to police and maintain the various burial places in the city.  She would of asked your help in keeping some of the more powerful ghosts appeased. Jane would of had you help out in her hedge garden, a spooky affair of graves and dead weeds, to keep the corpse flowers blooming.  She would then take the flowers, and lay them on the graves with an offering of food.  This tended to keep the ghosts appeased. You would be allowed to have a token part in the ritual for Marie-Laveau, for while the ritual is from normal mortals, you are a visiter and not a practitioner.  

    1. 2 Stull Cemetery Kansas City

(Called The Seven Lost Gates of Hell) Visit 1997-1998

    1. 3 Western Burial Ground, Westerminster Presbyterian Churchyard,Maryland

(Edgar Allen Poe) Visit 1998-1999

    1. 4 Garden of Hope Cemetery, Gautier Mississippi

Visit 1999-2000 Scene Summary-

    1. 5 Resurrection Cemetery, Chicago Illinois

Visit 2000-2001 Scene Summery

    1. 6 Chestnut Hill Cemetery Rhode Island

(Mercy Brown & Daniel Faye) Visit 2001-2002

    1. 7 Bachelors Grove Cemetery Chicago, Ilinois

(Ababdoned Cemetery) Visit 2002-2003 Scene Summery

    1. 8 Greenwood Cemetery, Decatur Illinois

Visit 2003-2004 Scene Summery-Approved by GLRST Marty Bucholz US2002021625 Journal of Elsa 2003, August 4th, 2003 It’s dark in here,

I have been out here for about an hour and have seen less activity then I thought. That was until the witching hour hit. It first started at the Grave of a man named Michael. Their were some rose’s on his Tomb Stone and they flew at me. I got scrapped a little but then I saw the ghostly hand go back into the grave. If I got within seven steps he would always throw something. I was supprised at the things. It would be rocks, watch’s, or other random things. I wondered how he got these things and would watch the grave for hours. At 3am he came out of his grave. He didn’t look at me but went out. I followed him for several hours and I watched him pick up things. He would pick up things he found in the grave yard and then when he had a handful he would go back to his grave. They would always be things from others graves. When I googled him I found that he hand been hanged in 1860 for killing a woman while robbing her. I guess old habits die hard. It took several nights in the Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois to get him to talk to me but he finally did. He screamed that I should leave him alone. It must have been weeks before he gave into talking to me. He talked little at first but when I showed him pictures of his family that he left behind he agreed to talk more. He wanted things from his past. He wanted items like the ring his father gave him, the watch his grand father left him, and to know what happened to his children. He said if I could do these things he could move on. I’m still trying that one.

October 7th, 2003 I found a lady named Maggie Jane. Maggie was a child who died the day before Christmas. I first met Maggie when she yelled at Micheal for stealing a stuffed animal that was left on her grave. She wailed at him and he dropped the stuffed bunny and left. I was quick to put it back and even give her some cookies I had with me and left them on her grave. She talks to me often when I pass by. She asked if I have presents. I give her some toy I pick up in preparation and give it to her. She is a child always stuck at the feeling before Christmas. She just wants a Christmas. It’s December now and I have a full Christmas dinner for her. I even have wrapped presents for her and a local Ling I found named Fat Bob is playing as Santa. It took some work but she moved on that night. It was good to finish up her anchors. She has been waiting for a Christmas for 20 years.

December 31st, 2003 I was chased out of the grave yard last night by Old Witch Hilda. She is a big one. She died a long, long time ago and has many anchors. It took a while and a lot of talking with the other ghosts in the graveyard. Martie Banks the old grave digger who died digging a grave 30 years ago is in the cemetery and is anchored to the cemetery it’s self. He told me that the only way to talk to her is to lay a gold piece on her grave. When you do you can speak or order her to do what you want for one hour. It was because the Old Witch Hilda was a Mid-wife and would commonly take payment for any sort of deed needed. She was hanged as a witch a very long time ago after some children she had been a midwife for had died. She was blamed and harbors hate to those of the Catholic faith now. He say’s she cast me out because I had a cross around my neck. I commonly keep that Cross hidden now. "This background was written and approved by the ARST Lost GL. I also approve further additions as long as they are agreed upon by PC's of the area involved for individual interactions/additions beyond this." Tony Robben US2006047639 Arst Lost GL

    1. 9 Forest Lawn Gardens Cemetery Central, Fort Lauderdale Florida

Visit 2004-2005 Scene Summary

    1. 10 Haunted Salem Cemetery Ridge Road, Egypt Valley Wildlife Hendrysburgh, Ohio

Visit 2005-2006 Scene Summery-Many people have claimed to see Louiza weeping at her grave. She also haunts her murder site. Although the ghost of Louiza Catharine Fox is the most popular haunting at this cemetery, there are also a few other stories. One legend has it that if you walk around the outside of the cemetery six times you will disappear. There are also stories about several old, unmarked graves that belong to witches. The ghost of one witch is said to help reunite broken hearted lovers if an apple is placed on her grave. The other will help you gain quick cash if you sprinkle pennies and sugar water over her head stone. And the last will curse you if you do not bring her sweet chocolates. > Many people claim to see packs of large black and red ghost dogs, hell hounds or devil dogs, running through the Haunted Cemetery area. You can supposedly hear them growling and howling. Others say they guard the many cemeteries in the area from letting the ghost escape. One haunted Ghost story tells of Alvin a lonely young man around 39 years of age who died of a broken heart.Many a tale tells he chases after young woman who visit and has been known to pinch them on the butt. > There is also the interesting haunted story of a truck driver who crashed into the cemetery, when he fell asleep at the wheel. The truck driver was not killed, but he did lose his arm. The arm now haunts this cemetery, and the nails can be heard clicking over the gravestones on quiet nights. And finally, the last story about this Haunted Cemetery has to do with a mysterious Ghost house that appears at night in the middle of the cemetery. There are always seven red candles burning in the windows, but it disappears when people approach it. Visitors to the cemetery are advised to go there at their own risk.)

Largest Cemeteries

  • 11 Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis Indiana - third largest cemetery in the United States (by area) and burial place of John Dillinger, Charles Fairbanks, Dr. Richard Jordan Gatling, President Benjamin Harrison, James Whitcomb Riley, eleven Indiana Governors and fourteen Indiana Mayors.

Visit 2006-2007

  • 12 Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier California - the largest cemetery in the world; resting place of Alvin Ailey, Jr., Haing S. Ngor and others.

Visit 2007-2008

  • 13 Westview Cemetery, Atlanta Georgia- Largest Cemetery in Southeastern United States. Final resting place of Henry W. Grady, Joel Chandler Harris (Author), Asa Candler(businessman) and Rev. Dr. Corneilus L. Henderson (United Methodist Church Minister/Bishop).

Visit 2008-2009

  • 14 Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum, Cincinnati, Ohio - largest non-profit private (second largest overall) cemetery in the United States (725+ acres)

Visit 2009-2010 Scene Summary

  • 15 Wildwood Cemetery, Williamsport, Pennsylvania--one of the largest in the Eastern United States

Visit 2010-2011

[[|thumb|right|One Of Elsa's Reads]]


  • Zombie Movies/Comics/Books/Games
  • House of 1,000 Corpses
  • Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • Jeepers Creepers 1-3
  • Sixth Sense
  • The Village
  • Kill Bill 1 & 2
  • Sin City
  • The Spirit
  • Dark Rock/Goth Rock

Hobbies/Day Job

  • Making Jewelry
  • Bone Reading
  • Cooking
  • Cemetery Caretaker/Grounds Keeper


(Feel free to add yourself)

  • Arcadio, Elsa's guardian Opposum
  • Jerry, a long time friend.

[[|thumb|right|Fortune Telling Bones]]


This can be known (Feel free to add some)

  • "Dude, the woman is just creepy. Simple as that. Creepy."
  • "I can't tell if she's sexy. I mean shes defiantly got some parts worth looking at but her skin is just...wrong."
  • "The Devil's voice is sweet to hear." Stephan King


(Feel free to add some))

  • Looking into her eyes will make you loose your soul.
  • Fell in love with a Vampire in a cemetery. How cliche.

Character Inspiration

(Feel free to add any you think fit)

  • Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls-Holiday Decor
  • The Ghost Whisperer-TV Show
  • Dead Like Me-TV Show
  • GraveDigger by Dave Matthews Band-Song

[[|thumb|right|Ghost Whisperer]]


(More to be added as I review the songs)

OOC Information

Chibi left

Player: | Brigitte Ames

Location: Harrison, OH