Elysian Fields

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The Elysian Fields is the territory of the Pathwalkers and includes the town of Tallassee, Alabama and the surrounding area.

The territory has three areas: The town of Tallassee, the Wyld areas, and the living area for the pack.

Living Area

The pack lives in an assortment of cabins built around a central clearing, which has a large hunting lodge sitting in the middle of it. Each member of the pack has their own small cabin built to their specifications. The lodge is used for general gatherings.


The Lodge living area

The Lodge sits in a clearing in the wooded part of the territory. It's a two-story log building that runs a bit longer than it is tall. On the front door, the glyph for Helena is carved. The downstairs is an open area that includes a kitchen and general living area around a fireplace. The dining area stands to one side of the kitchen and houses a large, wood table with an assortment of mismatched chairs around it.

Upstairs in the Lodge are two rooms, used for guests who are staying with the pack. Each room is outfitted sparsely, but comfortably, with a bed, dresser, and nightstand, on which sits an oil lamp. Quilts are on the beds with another hanging on the wall. There appears to be no central heat or air in the Lodge.

The Fire Pit

In front of the Lodge is a stone fire pit surrounded by carved wooden benches. There are 6 benches, each with a different tribal glyph carved into it (Black Fury, Child of Gaia, Glass Walker, Shadow Lord, Silver Fang, and Uktena). A grate covers part of the pit and a J-hook is affixed next to it, holding a copper kettle and waiting to be swung over the fire.

Pari's Cabin

The cabin furthest from the Lodge belongs to the Alpha of the Pathwalkers. Pari's cabin is almost hidden by the trees in front of it. The door is carved with three glyphs - Helena, Pegasus, and Black Furies. Herbs grow around the entire perimeter of the small building, though no signs or barriers mark what is there. A swing is on the front porch with a quilt usually tossed over it.

The cabin is all one room and the predominant feature is a large stone fireplace, large enough for the cabin's inhabitant to stand in easily. A small kitchen is in one corner and a large carved table is next to it, though it only has one chair. A braided rag rug is in front of the fireplace along with an oversized leather chair. There is no other furniture. To the right of the door, a ladder is built into the wall that leads up to a loft. There is no electricity apparent in the cabin, as the stove in the kitchen is wood-burning, and oil lamps hang around the cabin and sit on tables.

Dylan's Cabin

As near to the water as possible without being 'off the beaten path', the cabin belonging to Thunder's Reason is something of a study in contrasts. Though the traditional glyphs of Grandfather Thunder and Helena adorn the wooden door, the faintest hints of modernity are visible even from the outside. Electric lights, central heating and even the odd panel screen television can be found upon entering...though the primary living area of Dylan's domicile seems to be his screened-in porch.

An avid thunder storm enthusiast, the Stormcrow can often be seen standing quietly in the sheltered elements--almost as though he is listening to some unspoken conversation in the rainfall.

The Wyld Area

The Tallapoosa River which forms the western boundary of the Elysian Fields

The wyld areas of the Elysian Fields are sprawling and large. A river forms the western border of the territory and other water features are present throughout. Shrines can be found dotting the scenery, usually appropriate for the area - water shrine near the river, air shrine at high ground.


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