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Everything on here is all OOC unless stated otherwise.

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Birth Name: Tina C. Striegel

Shadow Name: Embeth

Sleeper Alias: Varies

Offices: None yet

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Character Description

Embeth in work mode

Birthday: February 22, 1985 (31 years old)
Blood type: B+
Weight: 164lb (74.389.14 kilograms)
Height: 5' 8" (172 centimeters)


Fire engulfs her when she is forced to use vulgar magic. It looks like the Human Flame.


Christina, or Tina as her parents and then classmates called her, was a typical girl. She was pretty, but there were others in her class that were beautiful. She was smart, but because she didn't flaunt it there were others that received more attention for their intelligence. She attended Plain's Glenoak High School, and graduated in 2003. The family were devote Catholics and attended OLOP, Our Lady of Peace--the local Parish.

Early Years

  • 1985: February 22nd: Birth, Aultman Hospital, Canton, Ohio. Her brother Christopher beat her by 3 minutes.
  • 1990: August 28: First day of school for the twins. They attended Frazier Elementary. Both did very well in school, but Chris was the outgoing twin. Tina was the introvert.
  • 1993: November 30: (Second grade) Tina kept her grades up, matching Chris as each complimented the other, but continued to be shy. Her brother kept coaxing her out as well as he could, but she still preferred to watch and learn rather than be in the spotlight. She often had odd facts or information she learned because people didn't realize she was there. "Children should be seen and not be heard," was her mantra.
  • 1996: May 27: (Memorial Day) Tina and Chris finished out their fifth grade at Frazier. Chris succeeded in his drawing out of his sister; she acted with him in her first community playhouse play. She was a supporting role to his main protagonist, but it was a point of victory for him.
  • 2000: New Years Day: A freshman at Oakwood Junior High, Tina forced herself to spend the night and day alone. She used this time to ponder where she was going and what she wanted. The rest of the world pondered Y2K. She wanted to know what to do after graduation.
  • 2002: June: Tina and Chris were finishing their junior year. Each were decently prepared and had their futures figured out. Chris planned to continue acting--he had a few local leads on joining the Canton Players' Guild, and Tina helped him behind the scenes--makeup, costuming--she'd do all she could to make sure he was a smashing success. Tina found her niche in dance--she used lyrical dancing as an outlet for all her frustrations and was "a fleeting memory of beauty (to quote her dance teacher)". Her more practical calling was medicine--she was planning to be a doctor and had classes planned for post-graduation 2003.
  • 2002: August 26: The twins headed into their senior year on top of the world, and a part of the class of kids that have a bright future and planned out paths.
Tina and Christopher at a school football pep rally
  • 2003: June 1st: Graduation from Glenoak High School. Tina had taken a few extra classes during her high school, and helped during her summers as a candy striper, so she was well prepared to enter Walsh for her pre-med curriculum.

Post Graduation

  • 2003: August 25: Tina started attending Walsh University, a local private Catholic institution. Her class load was about 12 credits--enough to keep her busy, but allowing her to have time free to help with her old dance studio with the younger students. Chris began at Kent University-Stark. This was the first time the twins were separated during their schooling. Tina had a few problems with the disconnection, but she got better the longer time went on. Seeing each other on weekends also helped.
  • 2005: August 16: Chris moved up to the Kent State dorms in Kent, Ohio. This was their first time physically apart. He'd come back about once a month for family dinners.
  • 2007: April 28: Tina graduated with a Bachelor's of Science degree from Walsh. She avoided being Valedictorian, but still was Magna Cum Laude. If asked, she'd respond that she tried to learn, but not let learning consume her every moment of being.
  • 2007: May 12-13: Chris graduated from KSU with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Studies. He planned to spend the summer locally, then head to New York City for stage work. He was good enough that everyone thought he'd end up on Broadway.
  • 2007: June 5 (Tuesday): Her world shattered. Chris was driving from a friend's house and was hit by a car head on as it swerved off the right side of route 30 and killed him on impact at 12:43am. Tina was reading in bed, and felt her heart shriek, and the bright lights overwhelming her eyesight. She felt the mental connection with Christopher break, and turned strangely cold, shivering. Her parents found her that way when they came down to tell her the news--catatonic. When hour after hour slipped by and she didn't twitch, her parents called CRISES. An ambulance came out and escorted her to Mercy Medical Center, admitting her to the psychiatric floor. Day after day she didn't move from where she was laid on the bed, caught in the nightmare of her own mind.

Post Awakening

  • 2007: June 8: Her family didn't know that she had stepped across the threshold and onto the path of Pandemonium. The devils and demons that attacked her following the immediate death bared her mind to the onslaught of the Awakening. Her consciousness was carefully guided by the higher powers that be to the Path of the Iron Watchtower.
    Her awakening was riddled with demons and other creatures out of Faust and Dante's Inferno. She found herself frightened and unsure if she was alive or dead. When she wrote her name in the book, in her own blood, Tina was positive not only had she been somewhere truly demented, but she also had signed away her salvation.
  • 2007: August 27: Coming to herself as the drugs they gave her finally wore down to a null, Tina realized that her discussions on the events of her "dreams" were not helping in this small universe she found herself in. Heartland was better than it had been fifty years ago as [Massillon State] Institution, but her descriptions had persuaded the doctors and staff that she had been suffering from delusions and if she wanted to escape from this she needed to appear sane to them. It was this point that she determined to do what it took to be in control of her entire being.
  • 2007: October 1: A strange man in the corner of the daily room caught her attention. She hadn't ~seen~ him before, but she Knew he had been there. She started watching him closely.
  • 2007: October 2-15: The more that Tina watched the man, the less the others on the floor--staff and patients--seemed to see him. He continued marking in a book, or reading alternate pages of the same book. She got a distinct feeling he was watching her, judging her on things she couldn't see. It made her very uncomfortable.
  • 2007: October 16: The man finally got on her nerves, and Tina approached him. Getting him cornered and as alone as they could, she very quietly asked him, "What are you doing?" Masillon_State_Discussion
  • 2007: December 24: Christmas Eve at the Asylum was peaceful, despite the company. Daryel remained, quietly teaching Tina beyond the basics. She learned not only things Mastigos, but also Guardian. Tonight though was special. Daryel said he wanted her undivided attention tonight. Embeth_Initiation
  • 2008: February 22: Having been released the day earlier, Tina spends her first birthday alone surrounded by her family.
  • 2008: February 29: One week later (Friday), Tina stumbled on the other local mages. It opened a world of instruction and dualism for her.

Post Sacrosanctum Concilium

  • 2008: February 29, 6:30pm: Tina was at Starbucks when she first saw another person with a nimbus. She was careful as she kept the man in her sight, typing on her laptop. Finally, he rose, and came over, settling close to her for conversation, but not too into her personal space. "Hello," he greeted her, and after a brief hesitance, while they decided if it was safe to talk, he invited her to come to the Sacrosanctum Concilium--North Canton Concilium gathering that evening.
  • 2008: March 15: Tina, now called Embeth, trains with Savannah of the Arrow for proper usage of knives and daggers. She's a quick study.
  • 2008: August 12: Embeth moves out of her parents' home and into her own apartment. Having her own space, she is now able to practice more indepthly. She begins lessons with a Mysterium gun bunny Lolita. Despite her bubbly blonde appearance, Lolita is a dead shot with her weapon and takes it very seriously.
  • 2008: August 13: Daryel Anchoor had somehow left the Institution, and continued his teaching her in the "Ways." Her knowledge of the force became fuller.
  • 2008: September 29: Embeth began to take lessons from Walker a Silver Ladder archer. Her skills began at null and slowly increased. She continued to focus on all four of her mentors, and her confidence also increased. The one thing she refused if anyone brought it was Death Magic. Those mages that were Moros seemed to make her nervous until she got comfortable with them. She gave no reasons for her hesitancy.
  • 2009: April 11: Embeth is considered a full-fledged member of the Guardians. She does not share details, nor does Daryel.
  • 2010: October 2: The entire concilium deals with a rather nasty bunch of seers successfully.

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Embeth comfortable


Polyvore Outfits

Massillon State Hospital

Does he watch still? She fears to ask the Moros, and they make her somewhat nervous when they use Death-Arcana

OOC Information

I would like to say a STRONG thank you to Shelby Robinson. She's been amazing and is allowing me to use her photos and her likeness for my Mage persona. Thank you!



Denise Lilly
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Awakening PC

Player: Denise Lilly
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil ••
Legacy: Pending
Position: None
Consilium: Puerto Rico
City: Puerto Rico
Cabal: not currently in one
VST: Kate Pope

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Domain: VIR-EC-D Accord Tabula_Rasa
Denise Lilly
Region: East Central Awakening Embeth
Position(s): Pending Changeling Pending
Pending Forsaken Pending
Pending Garou Cinda
Masquerade-Camarilla Annette
Masquerade-Sabbat Shay Dermett
Requiem Pending