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Verdant Advocate
DJ Radix
Doug Hund
Sylvan Emissary
Mr. Draco

Vernal Sovereigns
DJ Radix
Dion Getz
Faich O'bryne

DJ Radix

Doug Hund

Sage Escorts

Avant Guard


We, The Emerald Society, work to promote the refined expression of the values of Spring – art, humanities, music and society with a tangible undercurrent of desire. We value not only our own desires but those of the world around us. As part of our core mission, we seek to provide for a variety of charitable interests - most especially those dealing with the arts, humanities and music. It is our ideal that the people of Lost society live to fulfill their every treasured dream together; may that those dreams be for the good of that society. To that end, we will offer ourselves as mediators when our works do not go hand-in-hand; to find roads to fulfill the desires of all, to leave no bridges burned.

It’s Society legend that wealthy Fairest matron Magdalena Ruth wore a necklace featuring an emerald the size of a child’s fist, and never removed it – even to bathe.

Her parties were equally legendary: From New York to San Francisco, Lost of the time claimed to have been involved in the grandest ball, party or soirée ever thrown. In each of these instances, “Maggie Ruth” was there, hosting, networking, drinking, and wearing her storied emerald.

It was on this stone she founded The Emerald Society in the early 20th century. The Institution was founded on the principle that, as the social elite among the Lost, the Spring Court should institute a formalized structure of community and recognition. Gathering a small group of Spring court together, she bestowed on each a single emerald – albeit smaller than her own – and The Society was born.

Shortly after this, Magdalena disappeared completely from high society. Lost turned to that original group of Spring Court for an explanation, for the founders of the Society knew her best. While they each seemed to know something about it, they would - to a person - address it with a polite smile and the dismissive mantra, "These things happen."

While the mysterious nature of her exit raised many questions among Lost, the organization she created endures to this day. Over the years, it has grown from just an organization of high-society members to also encompass philanthropists, club owners, party-goers, artists, and performers of all different backgrounds.

In modern times, the Society still values refinement and sophistication, but its members remember that Maggie wasn't afraid to “cut loose” when the situation demanded it. Some Society affairs can become quite raucous, depending on the nature of its host and intended guests..

Goals of the Society
We currently have no pledge enforcing any sort of requirements of the members. But our goals are:

  • Organizing Spring festivals and other celebrations
  • Philanthropy for mortal and changeling causes
  • Offering 3rd party mediation for Lost in need

The titles and positions of The Emerald Society have been developed over the years under the premise that Society members are all equal – that as long as one embodies and holds true to the values of the Spring season they deserve an equal voice in Society matters.

Voted Titles
These are titles and positions that are limited in number, and carry a level of personal responsibility to the Institution.

Verdant Advocate: Description here
Archivist: Description here
Sylvan Emissary: Description here

Other Titles
These are positions within the organization that can be filled by multiple members. None of these titles are attained by appointment, and may be used as long as the member wishes. Please be aware that while many are self-granted, others may have requirements or be bestowed.

Vernal Sovereign: Description here
Claviger: Description here
Sage Escort: Description here
Avant Guard: Description here
Joyeux: Description here

Any members of the Spring court and those individuals with moderate Spring goodwill can petition to join the Emerald Society. It is typical to be invited to join, but not necessarily required. The next such person could be you! To join, join the mailing list and post and so we can meet you!

As a member, you would be part of discussions for all of our activities and you would have a vote on each measure we put forward and election we hold. You could help decide when and where our celebrations take place--want the Spring Revel to happen in your home town, for instance? Want to be the performer on the stage? This is where you can get involved and make those things happen.

Elections of the Verdant Advocate and Archivist occur just before the Spring equinox each year. Three representatives, one to each of the other Seasonal institutions, are elected near the change to each of those seasons. There are other Titles offered within the society as well, for those who achieve accolades for their efforts.

For further details on the Emerald Society and its positions, please see the Lost Chronicle Player's Guide.

For further details on the society, please see the Lost Chronicle Player's Guide.

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