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Dead This character is dead. Any further communication should be with the VST.

Changeling PC

Player: Joe Curro
Character: Emissary
Seeming: Wizened
Kith: Chatelaine / Thusser
Court: Courtless
Freehold: Freehold of the Bitten Apple, NYC
VST: VST Storyteller Abby Estes

Character Information

Name: Emissary

Seeming: Wizened

Kith: Chatelaine / Thusser

Court: Courtless

Notable Traits: Siren Song, Hedgespun Raiment Cloak, Enchanted Harlequin Mask

Title or Position: Emissary


  • Mask & Mein
In his physical appearance, Emissary is a beaten, brutalized man. Papery skin, emaciated limbs, and unkempt hair are sometimes visible underneath Emissary's ubiquitous cloak. His nose has been broken many times, as have his fingers. Countless small scars around his milky-white eyes give silent testimony to being punched repeatedly in the face, and his cautious shuffling walk indicate similar past traumas to his feet and legs. Speaking softly to minimize the inconveniencing effect of his Siren voice, Emissary is a pitiful creature. Despite all this, however, he maintains a nearly perpetually upbeat attitude, pleased to meet new people and delighting in the smallest kindnesses. His one point of pride - his cloak - is his most recognizable feature. Originally a vibrant green, the cloak has been patched, repaired, and rebuilt over and over, and while it is startling in it's motley appearance, it is still a powerful and oddly beautiful symbol.
  • Mantle (NONE)
Emissary has not manifested a Mantle, and while he has expressed some interesting theories about this, it remains a source of concern for members of New York's Changeling community.


  • Emissary is a philosopher on the nature of Changelings.
  • Emissary might not think he is a real person, using the pronoun "it" to refer to himself.
  • Emissary is afraid to leave the Hedge.
  • Emissary is on a mission he has not yet revealed.
  • Emissary is being guided by prophetic dreams - dreams that others have shared.
  • Emissary's mask, which he made for the Autumn Masquerade, whispers secrets to him.

Quotes by Emissary

  • "It is having a wonderful time."
  • "This is where The Lost belong, here in the Living Garden."

Quotes about Emissary

  • "There is much cause for concern in Emissary's continued presence, particularly considering its lack of Court. However, I feel that at this time it would be unfortunate to make any rash decisions in terms of ejecting it from the city. Is féidir é a úsáid a chruthú go fóill níos mó ná na míbhuntáistí a chruthaíonn a láithreacht." - Ciar
  • "Hey, can we all stop bein' dicks about Emissary for like just one second? The other side fucks you up, that's what it does. Or did you come back from there 100% sane? The answer to that is no, by the way, so lay off and let him get used to bein' himself again." - Fawn
  • "Mistakes were made." - Fawn


  • Love, Love, Love by The Mountain Goats


  • Closer by The Tiny


  • You Don't Know by Mount Moon


  • One Thing by Finger Eleven


  • Haunted by Poe



OOC Information

Player: Joe Curro

MES Number: US2012050078

Location: NY-004-D, New York City, Children of the Lost Eden