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Apocalypse PC

[Miranda Rosenblum
Character: Dr. Emma Bailey
Auspice: Theurge
Tribe: Silicon Sentinel
Position: Alpha of Golden Door
Sept: Golden Door, Puerto Rico
Rank: Athro
Glory: ••••
Honor: ••
Wisdom: ••••• ••••
Pure Breed:
Domain: http://wiki.mindseyesociety.org/index.php/Atlanta_Apocalypse
VST: [mailto: apocalypsevst@atlantaworldofdarkness.org]


Character Information

Deed Names: Current: Treads Along the Dragons Spine, Past: Doused the Red Dwarf, Biological Transport Phenomenon, Too Smart For Her Own Good

Homid Name Dr. Emma Bailey, BC, BME PHD

Nickname The Tiniest Mightiest Chemist

Auspice: Theurge

Tribe: Silicon Sentinel

Position: Rite Mistress of the Watchtower

Rank: Athro

Renown: Glory 4, Honor 2, Wisdom 9

Pure Breed: None

Notable Traits: A good portion of Emma's exposed skin is marked with gnarled and ugly scars.
Bears the mark of I'wai, Tasmanian Devil and The Great Trash Heap



Disruption, dedicated to Owl




Specter's Flight
Lio Hastings "Hashtag"
Damian "Stare Decisis" Price
Rosa "Mangamyr's Cry" Quartz-Eyes
Hank "Ghost Writer" Anderson
Markus "Army of One" Jackson
Hawt Garbage
Tundra Stalker
He Who Shines the Way


"We're the complicated end of the family tree. I like it that way, but she's got parents that would make it hard for anyone to contemplate their kin for long. She's pack, she's family, and I'm just as much of a smart ass to her as I am you. Stop complaining. She doesn't..... Much" - Lio Hastings "Hashtag"
"Everyone seems to think her kindness is a sign of some kinda weakness. But it is always the quite, 'harmless' ones who surprise the shit out of you." - Specter's Flight
"Strange Wolf, very gentle. Considerate. Giving. I find myself trusting her quickly, and deeply. Very strange." - Brigid
"Doc's brilliant... she's a loving and kind woman. Too bad all the bleeding-heart bs means she winds up getting in her own way too often." - Damian "Stare Decisis" Price
"I might never be able to pay her back for that thing that we don't talk about, but I'll be damned if I don't at least try. Fera cred. She haz it." - Kat
"When she learns to surmount the exhaustion she feels after being in the public eye, she will go far. Placing her side-by-side with her cousin...my packmate, Ghost...demonstrates exactly what the Sentinels mean when they talk about the evolution of their Tribe." - Howl of Thunder
"We are the same family, the same Auspice and the same Tribe. Yet we're about as different as two people can be. I'm six-shooters and outlaw dusters and my cousin is test tubes and a labcoat. Doesn't mean you'll get your shit blown up any less, though." - Ghost Writer
"She can handle her shit, what? That's a sweet ass compliment!" - Alvarez
"Anyone who can blow up a Malkavian with a handmade bomb after uttering the words 'Stand back, I need to science the shit out of this' has forever earned my respect." - Qena
"Science is her battlecry. Run, don't ask, just run." Amun's Promise
"Earth Shattering Kaboom." *After AP dusted himself off from her bomb going off that destroyed the vampire, the bridge, the door, and several walls." Amun's Promise
"I love my cousin. She's crazier than combining potassium chlorate and gummy gears. And just as amazing. And dangerous. Seriously. Go look that shit up! That's Emma in a nutshell- unconventional, dazzling, and volatile, in all the best ways." Rosa Quartz-Eyes
"For someone who seems to hate violence, she's terrifyingly good at it, in a mad scientist kind of way. Key takeaway from the Canada trip? Piss her off at your own fucking risk." Kat
"She is standing where we should be, doing the job of an elder. She is one of my closest friends, and yes, I would cross several lines to keep her safe. But don't tell her I said that." Hawt Garbage
"She's an Orphan and a Shield-Sister... and for that, we will always have a bond. But she rode on the back of Anthelios for over a decade, what more can you say?" - He Who Shines the Way
"She's my wife, and for everything she has endured for my sake, I'll be dammed if anyone is going to take her away from me. Of course they would have to get through her first... " - Specter's Flight

A Bit of History

1986 Born Emma Bailey in Jackson, Mississippi to kinfolk parents Eric Bailey and Francis Dent-Bailey. She has an older brother Jeremy.

Emma is always a tender and sweet child she seems to feel her emotions intensely and does not like to see others in pain.

1992 While at a Dent family get together, Emma accidentally witnesses the death of one of her uncles by a pack of the shifter members of the family attacking him. Eric and Francis decide that their family needs to separate from the nation and to an extent, their extended families.

2001 Jeremy’s best friend enlists in the Army and is deployed

2002 The best friend is injured in an IED explosion and loses an arm. Emma sees how much he struggles to utilize a poorly developed prosthetic device and decides to enter the field of Biomedical Engineering.

2004 Emma graduates high school and begins attending Mississippi State University, double majoring in Biomedical Engineering and Biochemistry

Spring of 2005 Eric and Francis force Emma to go to Panama City on spring break with some of her extended cousins. It is there she meets a unique individual that calls himself Specter. He ignores all of her less uptight companions and sticks with Emma the entire week. She gives him her phone number and tells him if he is ever in Jackson, to come see her.

Specter and Emma spend the summer chatting on the phone and going on a few casual dates, during the last week of summer, Emma meets Specter in PCB for a few days alone. They admit that even though they come from opposite sides of the spectrum, him being dirt poor and her being well off, that they are very interested in each other and they begin dating seriously. He doesn’t seem to mind Emma’s introverted personality or her other quirks.

2008 During her finals week, Emma shifts for the first time. Emma has an extraordinarily hard time with her den parent as she is not only the granddaughter of Erika Nylund, but she is a very gentle and tenderhearted garou that is dating a member of the fera. Emma spends much of her time as a cub being forced into submission and tormented in an effort to make her ready to be a Get of Fenris Cliath. She graduates, spends the summer going through her rite of passage with Rosa Quartz-Eyes, she is chosen by Cockroach, not Fenris earning the deed name “Too Smart for her Own Good” and then enters the Doctoral program for BME and Biochemistry at MSU.

The next two and a half years are pure hell for Emma. Her cousin and closest ally at the sept, Rosa, has left and the den parent continues to torment her but now it is because she won’t give up her relationship with Specter and because she was taken by cockroach and not Fenris. He doesn’t allow any of her tales to be sung and she continues to languish as a cliath.

2011 The den parent finally threatens to put Emma through the Rite of the Stolen Wolf and cast her out with no protection to see how well she survived with just her feathered boyfriend as protection. Emma finally agrees to break things off with Specter and shortly after she does, Rosa returns to the Sept as a Fostern and challenges the Den parent to leave Emma alone and allow her to advance in rank. She succeeds but is forced to leave shortly after due to mounting pressure from the packmates of the den parent. Emma’s cousin Lio arrives at the sept to see why his cousin was still a cliath, almost three years after she shifted. He convinces his father, Lionel Hastings, II to allow her to join their pack “Disruption” so that they can better keep an eye on her and what was happening with her.

2012 Emma challenges for and achieves the rank of Fostern, retaining the same deed name.

Late 2014 Emma is visited by a cousin from her father’s side, Hank “Ghost Writer” Anderson, he has watched her develop as a theurge and believes that she is now worth the notice. Emma quietly challenges him for Adren. He tasks her with cleansing a small community of about 500 in rural Mississippi. Emma convinces enough spirits to let her bind them all at once into the towns water tower turning it in to one giant Clearwater talen. She is quietly named Adren and named “Biological Transport Phenomenon”

2015 Emma graduates with a double PHD and accepts a job at Emory’s BME lab

2016 April of 2016, Emma challenges Markus Jackson for Athro and then almost immediately leaves on a recon mission to the Legendary Realm. During that mission, Emma gets taken to a pocket realm that happens to be atop Anthelios. For the next month and a half in the tellurian, which equated to 9 years for Emma, she and her companion Specter's Flight fight to stay alive, and to buy the nation time to defeat Anthelios and save the world. When Anthelios is defeated and Emma returns to the tellurian, she is named Athro and deeded "Doused the Red Dwarf"

Emma's Sayings

"Those that live in silicate houses should not throw stones."



Dr. Bailey has a wide ranging creativity in the scientific papers published in the human world but her work inside Sentinel circles is conspicuously ethical and always addresses the deep and last implications of misapplication a of Cyber Technology. Some wonder if she is putting up a good public face to cover transgressions while others see it as a clear and irrefutable warning to those who are less restrained by consequence.

Battle Scars

Emma has several large scars on her body, many of them connect into larger scars. They were present when she returned from her time battling Anthelios in his pocket realm. She also has a large battle scar across her lower abdomen.


Bears the mark of I'wai, Tasmanian Devil and The Great Trash Heap

Homid Form

Emma is a small woman, standing at about 5 feet tall. She is fairly pale with dark hair, now streaked with white, that is often pulled back into a ponytail with one or two pencils stuck in it. A good portion of her exposed skin is marked with gnarled and ugly scars. She always wears her purple framed glasses that she constantly pushes back up her nose, and is often dressed in a nerdy/geeky t-shirt, jeans and her lab coat with "Dr. Emma Bailey" embroidered on it in blue.

OOC Information

Player: Miranda Rosenblum

MES Number US2002022650:

Location Atlanta:

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