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Name: Emma Klein
Aliases: None
Clan: Gangrel
Court: New York
Titles: Steward to Clan Gangrel in the United States, Whip to the Gangrel Primogen of New York City, Talon to Master Harpy Toby Dior

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Player: Abby E.
ST: Nate K.
DC: Ephraim
Domain: NY-004-D



A young woman of no particular presence, Emma has dark hair, blue eyes, freckles and build designed more for strength than beauty. All the same, she dresses to impress as much as her taste and budget will allow. The taste is a bigger problem than the budget.


A passionate advocate of environmental and animal cruelty causes, Emma dedicated her life (and, thus far, her death) to calling attention to the impact humanity has had on the world around it. The precocious child of a lower middle class family, she attended college on scholarships and student loans, marched to save rainforests, and volunteered at animal shelters.

It would be kind to say that Emma tries to compensate for her naivete with enthusiasm. Try as she might to mimic the cool, unflappable demeanor of her elders, the passionate and inquisitive nature that one presumes drew her sire to her still infuses Emma, and she has not yet learned to navigate the divide between her temper, her ambition and her beast. Her pride in herself and her desire to impress keep the civilized human within her front and center as much as possible. That she is eager to learn, however, is quite obvious.


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Tulip is the handsomest boy <3

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Known to be a member of the Merrick line.

Contacts and Allies

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Known Information

  • Has a ghouled sulfur-crested cockatoo named Tulip. Tulip is arguably the smartest member of her coterie.
  • Has any number of other ghouled animals, mostly abandoned pets.



  • 1999 - Embraced, participated in the Battle of New York
  • 2013 - Became Talon to Harpy Toby Dior



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  • "Emma has an innocence that is matched by her ferocity." -Rags
  • "Shakespare was wrong. All of life is not a stage. It is an adventure. And in mine, Emma is my faithful friend through the good and the bad. Not that we've ever had any bad times. No really. Here, look into my eyes..." - Toby Dior
  • ENTHUSIASM and such a sense of wonder. She'll make the family and clan proud if we can keep her from getting herself killed trying to save a lost puppy or some such nonsense. -Bridgette
  • "Her heart is so big, and at times I worry about what will become of her. Then I look at all those she has raised up around her and know that through loyalty she will be safe. -Clarence Charles Merrick
  • "I met Emma barely 24 hours ago and I can already see why people like her so much. She's incredibly passionate, a strong believer and an all around good person who wants to do what's right. I like her, too." -Leonardo "Leon" Finch
  • "So young and full of life." -Ida Jane Cochrane
  • "Apparently I have a twin in New York? Which is *awesome*! I'm so glad to have met and gotten to do rescue work with Emma, and I look forward to more shenanigans in the future." - Kylie Landry
  • "Yes. The young Gangrel there pleases me. It will be sad. When her youthful enthusiasm. And naive understanding.of what mercy truly is. Erodes. Under the ever-crashing waves. Of time." - Faruq
  • "This young one has sparked my interest, she is helpful, but not a toady and more importantly, she is competent when she helps out, a trait I wish more Neonates possessed." - Drake
  • "She drew my attention when she spoke for her Clan Head, but it was a gift she gave me that has truly sparked my interest in her. Does she even know the value of hope to one such as me?" - Viveka Josephina Von Daun
  • "I honestly haven't the faintest clue what to make of her. She is absolutely nothing that might be expected, and so I suppose that that endears her to me. Still, I have lived through too many wars to believe that there is aught but a predator living behind that beautifully sculpted and masterfully worn mask of hers. To some extent, while I treasure her as she is, I want to see what happens when it comes off. The question remains, though...whether I will like her better, afterward, or not?" - M. Charpentier
  • "Aw, you're sweet, but you don't need to worry about Ms Klein. No, seriously, put your hands in your pockets and walk away." ~Marshall Merrick


  • Her sire died before he had finished her accounting, this is why she is so naive.
    • Her accounting was completed by Lark, which explains...everything else.
  • Emma became as passionate as she is about animal cruelty because of the time she accidentally killed a pet mouse of hers. She's been unable to forgive herself ever since.
  • She's been spending an awful lot of time with a certain Brujah, don't you think?


Out of Character


  • Toni - HinaBN
  • Pam - Prague Race
  • Dewshine & Shenshen - ElfQuest

Ties Sought

  • Friends, enemies, elders who totally looked right at her that one time at Court...

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