Emmeline LeBlanc

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Sabbat PC

Player: Sarah Farley
Character: Emmeline LeBlanc
Clan: Samedi
Position: Ductus
Status: Loyalist, Blessed
Domain: PA-015-D
VST: Phil

Character Information

Name: Emmeline LeBlanc

Clan: Samedi

Status: Loyalist, Blessed

Notable Traits: She has stiching that seems to be holding parts of her face and body back together. She is never seen without at least 2 zombies, which she has fondly named Jacques and Henri. People have started calling her Em because her name is "too difficult".

Title or Position: Ductus of Occam's Razor



"Give her a nice big hug. Watch what happens." - James anderson

OOC Information

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Player: Sarah Farley

MES Number: US2010055909

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Credit: Sarah Farley, Rachel Sanks