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NOTE: All the information and the images on this wiki were entered and uploaded at the player's request by a different player in a different city in order to avoid metagaming--please be mindful of that!



Enigma of the Black Hand

BloodDrop.jpeg Clan: Unknown, though many speculate it is an Assamite antitribu, a Nosferatu antitribu, a Sabbat Daughter of Cacophony, a Tzimisce, or a Caitiff/Pander.

BloodDrop.jpeg Sect: Sabbat

BloodDrop.jpeg Pack: Unknown

BloodDrop.jpeg Embraced: Unknown

BloodDrop.jpeg Generation: Unknown

BloodDrop.jpeg Status: Forsaken amongst the Camarilla and blood hunted by many Princes across the United States.

BloodDrop.jpeg Appearance: Enigma is whispered to be able to mimic anyone in both appearance and voice. Some speculate this is through the use of Vicissitude while others say it is Technique involving Obfuscate and Melpominee. No one among the Ivory Tower can be sure of its true appearance. Its age, gender, and ethnicity are unknown.

BloodDrop.jpeg Overview: It is a warrior and spy for the Sabbat that emerges at night to destabilize Camarilla domains by either committing acts of espionage or through leading the Sword of Caine in crusades against the Ivory Tower. Its weapon of choice is said to be a sword though others report its use of knives, scissors, saws, cleavers, razors, and other implements to slaughter its prey. Rumors also persist of its use of Quietus to bring down its' targets. It has engaged in acts of murder, espionage, and kidnapping. It is believed to be a master in the art of torture. It is further rumored that it eats the heart, liver, and other blood rich tissue of its prey. It also said to be an Elder killer and a diablorist.



The Subjective Truth

BloodDrop.jpeg Sabbat Membership: Although the truth is subjective, the first record of Enigma is of its activity in Mexico City in 1850. Rumored to have been in a pack that included a powerful Lasombra, Enigma began to appear in cities across the United States in 1896. Said to have been involved in every major Sabbat incursion into Camarilla territory, Enigma is known for taking credit for its involvement in one manner or another (in one domain it spelled its name in the ashes of fallen Kindred, in another it left a large question-mark made from human body parts, and in yet another it graphitized the halls of an Elysium with indications of its presence). While it has always alluded capture, it has earned the wrath of many Elders and Princes of the Ivory Tower.

BloodDrop.jpeg Black Hand Membership: It is said that Enigma is a member of the Sabbat's Black Hand, an elite order of soldiers, whose membership consists of the finest and most dangerous combatants in the sect. Rumored to take on only the most dangerous tasks, the Black Hand is whispered to be involved in Kidnapping of Ivory Tower Kindred, assassination of Elders, and espionage againts the Camarilla. Many said it is a Dominion among the Black Hand; a commander with regional authority who serves as the Hand’s primary battlefield tactician and large-scale powerhouse.



Blood Hunts

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BloodDrop.jpeg 1850: The first record of Enigma puts it in Mexico City where it is member of a pack that includes a powerful Lasombra.
BloodDrop.jpeg 1890 to present: Enigma is spotted throughout the United States.
BloodDrop.jpeg Present: Enigma remains at large.




BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma eats the heart, liver, and blood rich tissue of its prey.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma is not real; it is a myth Elders tell to scare neonates into behaving.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma is really an Anarch.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma is currently in California.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma is a woman.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma is an Assamite.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma has left the Sabbat and will work for the highest bidder.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma has met final dead in the retaking of Chicago.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma is the childe of a Justicar.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma has killed the Prince of a northern city and is now impersonating that Prince.
BloodDrop.jpeg Enigma impersonated Prince Fournier of Boston and is responsible for her expulsion from Clan Ventrue.
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NOTE: All the information and the images on this wiki were entered and uploaded at the player's request by a different player in a different city in order to avoid metagaming--please be mindful of that!

Character Information
Clan: Unknown
Sect: Sabbat
City: At large
Player: Enigma
Storyteller: [mailto:]