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Changeling NPC

Player: NPC
Character: Ephraim
Seeming: Ogre
Kith: Oni
Court: Summer
Freehold: Terminal City Redoubt, Vancouver BC
VST: Nova Albion


  • Mask
The human Ephraim is a large middle-aged man who has aged well. Though not particularly attractive, there's something about him that tends to draw the eye. He wears his long brown hair tied back and tends to favour loose and comfortable clothing.
  • Mien
As a changeling, Ephraim is even larger (and rather uglier than otherwise), with wicked-looking crooked teeth, rocky-looking red skin, and tufts of hair scattered across his body.
  • Notable Traits: The Summer King is a quietly dignified and inspiring presence. He is also a deeply religious man, who tends to avoid crowds and spend much of his time in solitary prayer.

Known History

  • Ephraim's human identity as the Warden of St. Paul's Anglican Church is well known to anyone who cares to look into it.
  • Ephraim never intended to take the crown, serving his predecessor for many years as loyal knight and confidant.
  • During the Hard Year, he was at the forefront of the fighting. When the king fell, Ephraim's mantle flared as he took up his predecessor's sword, and went berserk. He leveled dozens of the Wyld Hunt's minions, and struck a killing blow against the Fae who had killed the king, almost getting himself killed in the process.
  • As it struck the True Fae, the sword, known as Relic, shattered into 1,000 pieces. These were lost in the turmoil, but rumours of their whereabouts have begun to spread.
  • There are also stories of the Angel who appeared to the new King of Summer during the Freehold's darkest hour, urging him to fight on.
  • At the most recent Summer Solstice, he received the crown from the Spring Queen after she became incensed enough to take a swing at one of his courtiers.

Friends, Allies, Enemies, and Rivals

  • The Summer King leads a surprisingly private and quiet life, keeping to his own court for the most part, unless he's in ascension or the Freehold is under attack.


  • He's a bit of a daft prick.
  • He stopped a zombie bus with his face and needed a bloody pirate to save him...
  • Met Shotgun Awe, and later died that day of a Fangasm.

Quotes & Great Moments

  • "In these troubled times, we must have faith - have faith in ourselves, keep faith with the Freehold, and each other."